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Debug FAQ: V3

debug v3 debug

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Posted 20 August 2013 - 10:32 AM ( #1 )

This is part of a "complete" V3 guide I'm working on, and I thought I'd share it while I was working on the rest of it.


I bought a V3 way back when it was still in stores. One day, I opened it up, and saw a couple of semi-circles with "DEBUG" written over them. I put two and two together and used some pencil graphite to connect them. Put the battery back in, thought the hyperspeed was neat, and opened it back up again to remove the pencil markings..

     Later, I read about others who had done this, and there were so many questions I had that went unanswered. I didn't have a V3 anymore, so I bought another one. I did some more experimenting, and answered pretty much all of the questions I'd been asking.


Today, I'll be posting some of those questions and answers.


Q: Will it break my Tamagotchi?

A: No. Just make sure you don't rip off the sound wires (they're to the left, the side where the keychain loop is, so unless you're ripping through it like a barbarian, you're very unlikely to break anything).


Q: Can I use a mechanical pencil?
A: Yes.
I usually prefer using a regular pencil, but that's just me.


Q: Will I be able to select a character after running through a generation debugged? You know, when the parents leave?

A: No. qq


Q: Do the NPCs turn into Oldies?
Yep! They do turn into Oldies at age 7, though. Matchmaker visits start at age 3.


Q: How fast is hyperspee--
A: 15 minutes a second, though it feels much longer than that =P

Q: How do I stop hyperspeed?

A: C button (button to the right).


Q: What if I press the C button (when on the homescreen) by accident? Will it continue running (and die)?

A: No. Actually, it stops whenever your Tamagotchi does something (those cute animations, brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, taking baths, attention calls, et cetera).


Q: How do I reverse it?

A: Gently use an eraser (or rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip--whatever floats your boat) to rub off the graphite.

Q: What are all the characters available through a debug (on the V3)? How do I select one?

A: You scroll through by pressing select.

You can find a picture of each character here: http://www.tamenagerie.com/v3.html

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Posted 27 August 2013 - 11:21 PM ( #2 )

Thanks for creating this guide. I cant wait to see what other guides for the V3 you have instore. This one is really helpful.

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