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EMF Does Boring Things!

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 09:49 PM ( #1 )

Here is a REMAKE of my popular third-person blog, EMF Does Boring Things!


It was 10:00AM and EMF had been lying in her bed staring off into space for an hour. She was mad that her dream about a shop FULL of Tamagotchis had ended, and she was too lazy to get up. She tried to think of something, ANYTHING epic that could possibly happen today and encourage her to wake up. But no, nothing seemed interesting. If she woke up she could talk to her friends online...meeh...


Then she suddenly gasped out loud. THE FINAL EPISODE OF YUME KIRA DREAM WAS OUT TODAY! EMF jumped out of her bed instantly and gave herself a leg cramp. She plugged in her laptop, opened it, and turned it on in 3 seconds and rushed into the kitchen to turn on the WiFi modem. She was at her computer within moments and the first web site she went to was Nosub. She almost died as she waited for it to load in. While watching it, she left a nasty message for one of her friends. Boy would he be surprised when he watched the episode!


Afterwards, EMF wished she hadn't watched it because it had a NEW PREVIEW for Miracle Friends and it made her even more excited and impatient than ever. She watched the preview at least 15 times with eyes like this: O.O She was also infatuated because Sumatotchi. It didn't even show him properly; just a shadow, but it still made EMF's heart go DOKIDOKI!




Later, after EMF had finished ranting to everyone about the episode, she went to the Tamagotchi LIFE web site and voted for the best shirt design in the latest set. They were all hideous but she could tolerate shirt B. Then she started a topic on TamaTalk called EMF Does Boring Things.


To be continued...

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29 Aug 2013

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Posted 30 August 2013 - 06:16 AM ( #2 )



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Posted 31 August 2013 - 08:02 AM ( #4 )


At first she thought they were left behind by alien lifeforms but eventually discovered that SOMEONE on TamaTalk had sent them to her.


Anyway EMF had ants crawling all over her. She was at her desk using her computer and ants were crawling up her legs but she didn't care. She was too busy talking to her friends in private chat about stuff too inappropriate to mention. Well not inappropriate; it was girl talk. Not for guys to know about.


EMF though she should do something interesting so that her EMF Does Boring Things blog could be interesting, but no, EMF was too lazy and boring. So she just continued to let ants crawl into her pants.

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Posted 13 December 2013 - 11:06 PM ( #5 )

:o -claps hands- i am very fond of this story please tell more.