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IchigoHanabi's Tama Log!

v4.5 tamagotchi funny

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 10:01 PM ( #1 )

Hey, everyone. It's been FOREVER since I BLOGGED ANYTHING. I know, I know. Most of you probably don't even remember me, but not that that bothers me all that much :) Oh, and since I don't know how to change my screen name, I'm just going to refer to myself as IchigoHanabi (strawberry fireworks in Japanese) in my blogs till someone either lets me know how to change the screen name and such!


Sooooo, today, was a VERY GOOD DAY. For one, my tamagotchi that I have been waiting for for AGES (8 days) showed up. Butttt, I had to walk all the way to the post office to pick it up because the amazon sender didn't put my apartment number on the box...So I called right BEFORE they posted a little "return to sender" sticker thingy on it and shipped it back. Thank goodness I called when I did. Otherwise I would be tamagotchi-less right now. And I would have cried. Also, the post office isn't all that far. I live in a fairly small town in Oregon called Shady Cove. You can see where the town ends, and where the town begins. That's literally how small it is. I love it though.


Anywho-dy-who, I got a v4.5 tamagotchi PC pack! Pretty shweet, huh? It's got a neat little globe designed shell, with yellow buttons and a yellow star antenae. And, let me say, I AM IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. Bahaha. I also have the microphone/tamagotchi cradle thingy that you plug in your computer so you can speak to your desktop tamagotchi. ANYONE KNOW HOW IT WORKS? Bc I don't have a clue. PM me if you know, thank ya!


Sooo, to get to the basics about my tama. My first egg ever on this brand new tama hatched out to be a bouncing baby boy. I was filled with joy seeing a little black blob dance around the screen. His (!) thingy showed up and I quickly fed him, played "Climb" and gave him a snack or two. He was content. He poo'd and I cleaned it up. Other than that he was a pretty well behaved baby! Then he took a little nap while I cleaned the kitchen, then woke up and EVOLVED. He's that little cookie, turd, cupcake looking thing? I don't know. I promise I will brush up on my tama-nology quickly after I post this. In my next post I will say what he exactly is (or was, if he evolves by then.)


After he evolved, he was even more laid back. He only needed fed/played with a few times. He was a pretty chill dude today. I haven't had tamas in forever now, so I don't quite remember what and what it all means but, like I said, I'll brush up. I had bought him a few things today, too. Bc I played so many dang games with him just for the heck of it. He had quite a few gotchi points, so I bought him a mirror and a shovel and a few food items. When he used the shovel, poor thing dug up a snake. The snake was like "BWAHH" And he was like, "NO, NO PLEASE!" Then he was kinda frustrated so I had to play more games with him. And I really have no clue as to why I bought a mirror since he's a boy....But you never know, maybe he will dig that kinda stuff.


Well, anyways, I've made this post long enough SO, I'll end it with some stats from today.


Hunger: 4/4      Smarts: 10     Age: 0

Happy: 4/4       Beauty: 18     Weight: 12

Training: 2       Strength: 32   GP: 190


Gen 1, Name Liam.


Well! That's it. Rate it if ya wanna. PM if you wanna talk too! Buh-bye.







29 Aug 2013

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