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TamaTalk University: Chemistry Class

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Posted 02 September 2013 - 10:13 AM ( #18 )

Sparkles team sparkles is so sparkly spark!

Amat Gotchi

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Posted 02 September 2013 - 06:15 PM ( #19 )

Team rainbows!

Thanks for putting me in the story. :)

I get the feeling that some kind of disaster would happen at a real-life TamaTalk convention. lol


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Posted 17 September 2013 - 06:45 AM ( #20 )

"Okay Team Unicorn. I will be observing you first." Ra said.

"WAIT WHAT?!" Story shouted while screaming and running around the lab.

"If you say so..." Tamacass sighed.

"Then let's get starte-" Ra said but got interrupted.


A running EMF appeared out of nowhere.


"RAAAAAAAAAA! I went to see Baloney Pie so I forgot we still have classes. Sorry." EMF said.

"Okay. But you will be in Team Unicorns." Ra said.

"Yay! Team Unicorns! With Katy-Sama!" EMF said.


"Katy-Sama, you alright?" Tamacass asked.

"Huh? What? Oh right. I was sketching Ra's face." Katy said while pointing her drawing.

"Katy-Sama! You're so good!" EMF said to Katy.

"I must say, that is really magnificent. Good job Katy. This isn't Art Class though. Haha." Ra said.

"Oh sorry!" Katy apologized.

"I guess we shall start! But wait. Where's Story?" Ra asked.

"Oh you know..." Tamacass said.

"Running around and screaming" Katy, EMF and Tamacass said.


"I shall be care-free so do whatever you want. Not something dangerous though. Best of luck." Ra said.


Katy pours in 7 kilograms of cheese.

"Mmm... Cheese... Sal..." Katy muttered to herself.

"Katy-Sama! Stop day dreaming!" EMF said.

"Oh right!" Katy said while pouring down the cheese.


"I'll add my Mametchi plush! I wish Ikemen Mametchi would come out of that giant beaker!" EMF said excitingly.

EMF kissed her Mametchi plush then dropped it in the beaker.


Tamacass started throwing her Littlest Pet Shop toys in the beaker.

"THEY NEED TO COME TO LIFE!" Tamacass said.

"Or maybe a real life Melodytchi!" Tamacass continued.


“Once you finish your experiment, I’ll come back to your group okay?” Ra said to Team Unicorn.


“Aye-Aye cap’n!” said Tamacass.



And that's for Team Unicorns :D

Sorry for no updates XD Really lazy busy. Next is Team Sparkles!~ :)

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 05:14 PM ( #21 )

                                                 YAY TEAM SPARKLES!

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Posted 18 September 2013 - 02:27 AM ( #22 )


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Posted 25 October 2013 - 12:51 PM ( #23 )

this is a great story!!! :D