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nail polish tamagotchi or tamago craft

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 05:38 PM ( #1 )


Sorry if someone already posted this!


Today i will be showing you how to sorta decorate your tamagotchi/tamago.

P.S Sorry i don't have pictures!!

:ichigotchi: so to get started you need:

Sparkle nail polish ( Or any kind of nail polish that is see through )

pink, purple and gold nail polish

fake plastic jewels



wax fabiric ( Like the fabric that has sticky wax at the bottom )

cotten swabs

and water


first take the the top off your tamago ( So skip this tamagotchi not tamago users! )

put it on newspaper and then first start putting purple circles of nail polish on where you want the jewels to be.

then put the cotten swab in the water and stick the colour of your choice jewel on the cotten swab and then place it on the purple spots.

paint around of the tama go top with gold glitter and let it dry.

when it dries, put on another round of sparkle nail polish and your done!! just don't forget the first craft says cotten swabs and water? just use your finger if you don't have cottens swabs!


for the tamagotchi you just paint on pink and then gold and pink and gold all around the tamagotchi.

then add jewels on the pink spots and your done!



leave a space in the middle of your tamago top and cut out a t for tama and peel off the backing and stick it on the middle of the tamago top and then cut out two hearts and place it on the side of your tamagotchi( not tamago top )


HAPPY CRAFTING!!! :D :wub: :newmametchi: :ichigotchi:

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 11:31 AM ( #2 )

Nice tutorial! ^^
The thing is, I've heard that the acid in nail polish is bad for your tamagotchi... maybe paint markers or spray paint is a better option? :/