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My Tamatalk Story


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Posted 08 September 2013 - 11:08 PM ( #1 )

Hey so I kinda just want to share my Tamatalk story of over the years because it's humorous, sad, stupid, inspiring, but most of all, true. It's a story of finding where you belong. Realizing that your life isn't a simple blueprint. Knowing that it's okay to be yourself. Even though this won't be controversial in the least, I have a feeling that this will get locked because the guides love me. But I will share anyways.

Ready? Here we go.

Once upon a time, I was a little baby eleven year old who was obsessed with Tamagotchis. There were so many characters with varying personalities, and you could bring them with you wherever you went. Unfortunately, I was bullied for liking these toys, and had no one to talk about it with.

Then one day I stumbled across Tamatalk. So many people from all over the world loved the same thing I did and even talked about it. I gladly signed up and talked all about Tamagotchi. It felt pretty awesome.

After chatting often for a few weeks, I was noticing that certain members had some sort of badge under their icon that said "Tamatalk Guide". I quickly looked up what it meant, and found out that they were the people who make Tamatalk a wonderful environment for everyone. They were always there to help when there was a problem. I looked up to them so much. It was then that I made it my goal to become a Tamatalk Guide.

I read the requirements everyday, making sure that I was on track to meet them. Good karma, helping others, reporting what needs to be reported...Piece of cake, yeah? Easier said than done. I helped well over one hundred people by answering their questions about their Tamagotchi. Not one bit of Karma. I even talked differently in my typing, something I would never do. I tried to talk fancyish, which felt odd and uncomfortable to do. I wasn't even close to my goal. It was a terrible feeling.

I took a bit of a break on chasing my dream of being a TT Guide and instead stopped to smell the roses, or rather, make new friends. It was the summer of 2008 that I made the most wonderful friends. We chatted all the time. We were inseparable. Maybe being a Guide wasn't what I came to TT for. Maybe I should just chill and meet new people.

But as time passed, my friends left TT little by little. For good. I started to chat at Non Tamatalk more often, and saw that so many people had the greatest friends in the world there. My phase in life of longing for popularity started to kick in. I wanted to have cool friends that everyone liked. I chatted all the time at Non TT, but never received a single message from a potential friend. I felt like a failure.

One day, someone whose username I saw a lot sent me a message. I was estatic. But in the message, they simply said that if I want friends, I have to chat at Non TT. I was crushed. That was exactly what I was doing. They then asked if I was nine years old. Excuse me, I was most definitely thirteen. They replied saying, "you sure you're not nine? You certainly act like it."

I felt so terrible. First I lost my chance at becoming a Guide, then all of my friends left which led to me getting frustrated over not being able to find new ones. I quit Tamatalk for a couple years, unsure of what I would even do there. I had no place. I had no purpose for it.

But eventually, I realized something. When I was trying to be a Guide, I was talking in well structured sentences which I struggled to form. When I tried to make new friends, I was trying to seem cool and likable which I hated. This whole time, I was pretending to be someone I was not. I wasn't enjoying Tamatalk at all.

This was the phase in life when I realized that it was okay to be myself.

And to my surprise, people actually liked my random, dorky self.

I may not have as many friends as I'd like, and I may not be in a status position, but that didn't mean that I wasn't happy.

I am absolutely happy at Tamatalk. Ironically, it's the only website I feel like I can be myself at now.

Moral of the story: Anyone who can't see your epicness sucks.

Or as Dr. Suess once said, "Be who you are and say what you will, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

I hope y'all enjoyed my Tamatalk story. I'm making it a competition for whichever mod comes to do something to this in some sort of way first. I already know who's going to win 'cause I'm they're favorite. They know who they are. Ugh. I'm rambling. It's bedtime. Goodnight.
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Posted 10 September 2013 - 08:53 AM ( #2 )

This is so relatable to me, thanks so much for writing this! :)


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Posted 11 September 2013 - 02:22 AM ( #3 )

Aw... I feel so sorry for you! That must've been stressful. :(


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Posted 12 September 2013 - 05:28 PM ( #4 )

If you want someone to talk to, you need only ask :lol: