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TamaTalk University: Lunch Break

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Posted 14 September 2013 - 10:36 PM ( #1 )

PLEASE READ! This story is written by Puffy Snivy, she asked me to post it because she has Driver Error. All of this story is by her. THANK YOU.


"Oh no. It's lunch break. Save us all." Ra disheartenedly muttered. "Team Dinosaurs, get up and leave and go eat." Jade, Jino, and Rachel leaped out the door and got their food. Rachel got Rachel Ray's low calorie and carbs pizza, Jino got purple yam ice cream and a 4 pound bag of sugar, and Jade got french fries. "Team Sparkles, go eat." Vitto, Tamastar, and Doomer got out of their seats and got their food. Vitto got ramen, Tamastar got some bananas and Doomer got a healthy salad. "Everyone else, go eat. Hayden, Mystery, Tamafan, Amat and Flare had brought their own lunches. Hayden got eggplants, Mystery had a potato sack, Amat got some carrots and Flare ate some lettuce heads. Tamafan stood in the corner with 57 peanut bags and gulped them all down. Katy didn't really eat, she was there drawing a picture for Tamacass, and Tamacass wasn't eating either because she was watching Katy. Story stood there, screaming opera.
All of a sudden, Jino splashed the sugar around Tamafan's peanuts on accident and Tamafan didn't take it lighty. So he threw 10 of his saltiest peanuts at Jino...

*cough cough*
Flare threw a lettuce head at Tamacass and Tamacass threw one of Katy's sharp pencils. "Um Tamacass, could you not do that? I only have 4 pencils left. One HB, 2 AB and 2 broken ones." Tamacass stared at Katy with puppy dog eyes. Tamacass didn't have much time before she got hit in the back with a purple yam ice cream scoop. Tamacass started screaming and then she noticed Story was gone. What was she doing?
But the principal was coming!
Everyone stopped when they heard Principal Admin speak. "Do I need to suspend any of you from this wonderous school?" he seriously said. Everyone went back to eating. After Rachel stopped eating, she started drawing Memetchi and Kikitchi eating bananas. Then she became Spider Woman. Jino took out his school laptop, opened MS Paint and started spriting. Jade took out her 3DS and started playing Animal Crossing and so did Vitto, and they visited each other's towns. Doomer started complaining how bad Sonic 2006 was, and EMF took out 56 Tamagotchi's and cared for them. Tamastar and Tamacass started conversing about how ugly Coffretchi is. Story came back and started screaming opera. Sadly, all good things came to an end...
And the end of lunch bell rang. It was time for art class.

To be continued. ifanyonewillwritethat.






14 Sep 2013

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Posted 18 September 2013 - 08:19 AM ( #2 )

 The next day, time flew so fast, no one realized it was lunch time again!

 “So we can say that dinosaurs existed and huma-“ Ra got interrupted by the school bell.

( bell rings )

“FREEDOM” Tamacass, Story and Tamastar shouted.


“Aww… Chemistry Class is over…” Jino said.

“Finally…” Vitto sighed while walking with Tamafan and Jino.

“Guess what I got?!” Tamafan asked the two.

“Let me guess, Peanuts?” Vitto said.

“How did you know?!” Tamafan said in a sarcastic manner.

Tamafan started throwing peanuts at everyone. Jade and Rachel stood up from their chairs and went to Tamafan.

“That’s it. I had enough.” Jade said.

“Wait what’s happening?” Tamafan asked.

“Let’s do this.” Rachel said.

Vitto opened the bathroom door while Rachel and Jade pulled the struggling Tamafan.

“WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP!” Tamafan shouted.

Hayden appeared out of nowhere and had 13 locks with him. He locked it immediately and then threw the keys to the canal.

“That should do it.” Hayden said.


Mystery pulled out a sack of potatoes out of her lunch box.

“Wait. How did that fit in your lunch box?” Flare asked.

“That’s the magic of my potatoes! You want to know how it works?” Mystery asked her friends.

“How?” Dazz asked.

“Why?” Flare asked.

“Secret! You have to join my Potato club! You can be my first members!” Mystery replied happily.

“I think I’m giving birth…” Amat lied.

“Aah! I broke my hip bone! Looks like I can’t join hehe…” Flare said while walking backwards.

“Umm…” Dazz murmured.

“I need a good excuse…” Dazz said to herself.

“I got attacked by green gorillas yesterday and I was traumatized.” Dazz lied as well.

“Well that’s sad… Oh well, I’ll just ask Tamacass and Tamastar to join!” Mystery walked out happily while jumping around.


“KATY SAMA!!!” EMF shouted while searching for Katy.


“KATY SAMA?” EMF stated in shock.

“What are you doing with a bunch of cheese and pencils here in the middle of the track and field?” EMF asked.

“Huh?” Katy said.

“Oh I was thinking of Sal and I think he requested a bunch of cheese so here it is…” Katy said.

“I’m… broken…” Doomer said in the corner.

“Aww, Big bro, show her this pic!” EMF said while pointing to a cat picture.

"Katy sama! When will you ever finish my requested picture?!" Tamacass shouted out of the blue.


Suddenly, a group of students who are protesting appeared out of nowhere.

“WE WILL SACRIFICE OUR FOOD JUST REMOVE COFFRETCHI!” Hayden said while leading the group of students.

“I’m getting kinda hungry now so I’ll go eat…” Tamastar said.


“WE WANT HIMESPETCHI BACK!” Tamacass shouted with the top of her lungs.

“I WANT IKEMEN MAMETCHI BACK!” EMF shouted while going ballistic.


Story appeared out of nowhere as well while singing.

“May I know where my king is? La la laaa~” Story sang operatically.

“Oh your peanut king?” Vitto asked.

“Yes-yes-yeeees~” Story sang once more.

“Uhmm…” Vitto, Jade and Rachel said.

“Wait where’s Jino?” Rachel stated.

“Oh that little…” Jade said.

“I’m waiti-i-i-i-ing!~” Story sang again.

“He thought he was a elephant so umm… he went to Africa to see his family.” Vitto said.

“Uh… Yeah! That’s right! He went to where he belongs.” Rachel said.

“Okay then~ See you later~” Story sang once more.

“Maybe we should target her next…” Jade murmured to herself.



And just like that, Lunch was once again, over.


“Everyone is present except for…” Graficks said.

“Tamafan.” Graficks continued.

“Oops” Vitto, Jade, Jino and Rachel said.



So I continued it :D I got TT's permission again if anyone's wondering. 

Comments? :3

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