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Welcome to my sweet little corner of the vast Tamagotchi universe! Thank you so much for stopping by; I appreciate your interest in my Tama life. :furawatchi:


My name is Lauren and I've been a Tama collector since 1997. My collection started with a purple and hot pink P1 and my love for virtual pets only grew from there. I've continued adding to my collection little by little over the years, and while I love getting new Tamas, my ultimate goal is to keep my Tama family small. I like knowing that I can play with and manage each Tama by giving it the attention it needs when it's in play. That said, I usually only focus on caring for one Tama at a time.


I'm very picky about the Tamas I buy, so when I get a new one, it's a very special and meaningful experience. Just as my username suggests, I tend to be drawn to Tamas that reflect sugary sweetness (i.e., dessert themes, candy-like color palettes) and/or are primarily pink, as you can see from a peek at part of my collection below. (I'm not listing off all of my Tamas in this introductory post since the forums disable post edits 24 hours after a post is made. The list would prove to be inaccurate whenever Tamas enter or leave my collection.)






I plan to have my Tama log display the most current progress my Tamas have made. I'll be keeping the progress of all my Tamas in this one thread. Because my life can be pretty chaotic at times, I, unfortunately, won't always be able to keep my log up-to-date. That means that my posts, especially posts that include photos, will be somewhat erratic. I might not be able to capture and post every single evolution. I'd like to apologize for that in advance! I'll do my best to post photos of evolutions and other fun info about my Tamas whenever I get the chance to do so. ^_^ If anything, my photos will at least serve as eye candy for anyone who likes cute pops of color!




Again, thanks for viewing my log. Please refer to my profile for more info about me and my life, and feel free to leave a comment in my profile or send me a PM if you want to chat! From me to you: Have a sugary sweet day filled to the brim with cupcakes, macarons and cookies! :wub:

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20 Sep 2013

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20 Sep 2013

Happily Candied

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Tamagotchi in play: Pink ID L-English

Name: Sugar

Tama character: Perotchi

Gender: Female

Current age: 3 years old

Generation: 1






Sugar just turned three yesterday! She evolved from Paletchi to Sabosabotchi to Perotchi, which I found to be perfect. Her dessert-covered head and overall appearance reflects her name in a really adorable way. ^_^ Also, I was excited to see her reach an age when she could start wearing the cute clothes from the Dressmaker. One of the first things I did when Sugar evolved was go to the shop to buy her the Princess Dress.


I also changed Sugar's living room background to one of my favorite designs, yay.

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