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Tinkeepie's tama log

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Posted 22 September 2013 - 02:07 PM ( #1 )

Hello everyone! I am going to try to make yet another tamagotchi log. I've tried many other tamagotchi logs, but it tended

to get very hard to manage because of taking pictures, cropping them, editing them, and uploading them. Since pictures

were such an encumbrance, I've decided to make this log without pictures, so it could be less manageable and may last longer

than the other ones. I hope you enjoy my new log!


Tamagotchi iD l

I will start with two tamagotchis in my log. The first one is my iD l. After spending half an our digging it out of my box filled with old

tamagotchis, I popped two triple-A batteries in the iD l and there was a beep. The screen lit up, and a colorful egg appeared in the

center of the bright screen. After setting the time and date, the egg hatched into a pink square with a large, peach bow on its head.


The time was 10:52 AM

I named her Marzia, after a famous You-tuber by the name of CutiePieMarzia. For an hour, I took care of Marzia until at 11:52, she

evolved into a painter pallet with a fave and brush. She looked very odd, I think she was a Paletchi, though I might be wrong. Anyway,

We went to the store and got several items. These items were:

  • Vacuum
  • 2 packets of seeds
  • Diary
  • Jump Rope

When we came home, Marzia planted the seeds outside in her backyard. Though, she didn't really like planting them because it was

raining cats and dogs outside. Luckily, the rain had stopped an hour later when Marzia came back outside to play with her jump rope.



Tamagotchi  V4

My next tamagotchi is my V4. I am on my 5th generation right now, and I've actually had the same generation in my last log. (Gens 1-2)

Right now, his name is Dojo, and he is a Gozurotchi (I'm not sure if I spelled that right). He looks like a ninja. He has a son named Mochi, 

and tonight he will leave. So, tomorrow, Mochi will be on his own, and will be the 6th generation. I'm actually aiming for at least 15 generations,

a personal record.


I will be updating this several times a week, possibly once a day, but sometimes I may be too busy to update.

That is all for now, I hope you liked my first log entry!



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22 Sep 2013

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Posted 23 September 2013 - 03:27 PM ( #2 )

September 23 2013

Hey guys! I'd first like to start off the log with a very sad note. I'm afraid that yesterday, a few minutes after

I finished my log, I went upstairs to my room to complete some homework. I came back downstairs and

heard the sound of a tamagotchi dying. I realized it was my V4 and quickly looked for a pen. I tried every-

thing I could find- a knife, a screw, even a paperclip, but I had covered up the hole with tape because there

weren't any screws on the back of my V4. I wasn't fast enough, and Dojo and Mochi didn't make it. I was

incredibly sad because I'd come so far, only to have the father and son die tragically. I don't think I will be

restarting the V4 again, maybe for a while because with all my schoolwork, it is hard to manage even only

two tamagotchis.


Rest In Peace Dojo and Mochi. You will be remembered.


Tamagotchi iD l

On a lighter note, Marzia has evolved into a beautiful teenager. I've decided to order this log by time, so it

is easier to read and less messy. Note: the time zone I am using is Eastern Daylight Time (ETD)


2:57 PM- Marzia evolves into a teenager and gets 500 points. She looks like a girl with a yellow dress,

short yellow hair, and half of a watermelon on her head!


2:58 PM- I pick up some poop Marzia has left on the floor...gross


3:10 PM- Marzia grows hungry, so I take her to the Bakery


4:02 PM- I pick up some more poop


4:08 PM- Marzia goes to the store, and buys a new wallpaper for the house. Her house now has green

grass with tree  stumps as tables and chairs, flowers in the ground, and hot air balloons painted on the walls


4:10 PM- Marzia is looking a little chubby, so we go to the arcade where she plays some games and loses a couple of pounds


4:14 PM- Marzia goes to the backyard outside to play in the grass and check on her plant. Unfortunately, it has not grown yet


4:25 PM- We go to the market and get a diary that is discounted


4:37 PM- Marzia is looking hungry, so I feed her some rice from the fridge


5:00 PM- Marzia goes to the park and plays with a mimitchi


Anyway, Marzia and I are just sitting on the couch, finishing up homework right now.

That's all!

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 03:29 PM ( #3 )

September 24 2013

Hello everyone! I've been waiting to write this log ever since this morning, this whole

day has been so boring and stressful. Since I'm still new to this log, I'm not sure if I'll

being doing the format with the times I did like last time. I'm still unsure of how my log

is going to be like. I just want it to be different from some of my past logs, so it can feel

like a new experience.


Tamagotchi iD L

Marzia evolved into the best character ever: Lovelitchi! (Am I saying that right?)I know some

people say that character is overrated, but I don't care! I've never had a Lovelitchi before

and I can't believe how cute it is!

Weather on the iD L: very cloudy day, looks like it is about to storm

Note: the time zone I am using is Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


12:09 PM- I'm still at school, but the day so far is incredibly boring, so I get Marzia from my locker

and wake her up. When I do, she immediately evolves into the beautiful Lovelitchi


12:36 PM- I'm in Spanish class, and I just finished a test, (which, unfortunately, I got a C on) so

I have some spare time to check on Marzia. She is hungry, so I take her to the bakery and get

her a baguette, which she ends up hating


2:43 PM- school has ended, and I'm sitting in the bus. I make Marzia go to the park like 20 times

until she finally finds a really cute blue dog which Marzia names Lacey


3:02 PM- I finally arrive home from school and I pick up some poop Marzia has left on the ground


3:11 PM- Marzia is feeling like a fashionista so she goes to the store and gets a white lace top

with frilly, pink sleeves and a fluffy, hot pink skirt


4:33 PM- After spending and hour and a half on my homework, I finally finish it! I check on Marzia

and notice she weighs a bit more than she should, so we go out and play games


4:36 PM- Marzia finishes playing games and notices she had a lot of money, so she goes to the

store and buys a very fancy tiara


4:43 PM- Marzia decides the tiara doesn't look good on her, so she goes to the store and instead,

buys a blue, cloud-shaped hair clip with a star and heart on it. She puts it on her rights ear and

immediately loves it


4:42 PM- Marzia is feeling hungry again and goes to the bakery. She orders a rice bowl, and likes it

much better than the baguette


5:04 PM- Even though it looks like it is about to storm, Marzia goes outside to check on her plant, but

she finds that it still hasn't grown yet...


That's all for now!


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Posted 25 September 2013 - 04:07 PM ( #4 )

September 25 2013

Hey peoples! I'm feeling much more cheery than I was yesterday! I'm also very excited

to post another entry in this tama log! Anyway, before we start, I'm pretty sure I'm

gonna stick with the times format. If you guys don't really like the format, or have any

other suggestions, please PM me. I'm always up for feedback, just make sure if you

do, it's constructive criticism, and not just plain negativity. If it is, I will simply ignore you.


Tamagotchi iD L

Before I start anything, yesterday Marzia got her happy stamp when she was playing

with her microphone.

For me, today was gorgeous. This morning, as me and Marzia went to my bus stop

(Marzia was in my backpack), the whole sky was a pretty shade of orange, and the

clouds were pink. However, on the iD L, it was still murky and cloudy, like it was

yesterday and the day before. When I came home and woke Marzia up at 3:00, 

I saw she had turned 3! Anyway, here's the times now.

Note: the time zone I am using is Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


3:06 PM- I get home from school and wake up Marzia. She goes outside to check her

plant, but sees that it still has not grown. I think the reason why this plant is taking much

longer than it should to grow is because is is cloudy outside, but not raining, so the plant

isn't getting any water


3:09 PM- I pick up some poop


3:32 PM- I finish homework and feed Marzia


4:03 PM- Marzia goes to the park and sees that the tama market is open, but she doesn't

buy anything


4:09 PM- I take Marzia to the arcade where she plays games for five minutes


5:18 PM- Marzia is looking a little hungry again, so we go out to the bakery, and she gets

what looks like some type of fish or sushi. Whatever it is, she really likes it


5:34 PM- Marzia goes to the park again, and plays soccer with a very cute white dog


5:42 PM- Marzia goes outside again to check her plant (still not grown), and plays

with Lacey, her pet


Anyway, I actually just picked up some poop from Marzia right now. I'm checking to see if

the date place is open regularly, though I wasn't surprised to see it hasn't opened yet.

Tomorrow, though, it is possible the date place will open. That's all for now!



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Posted 27 September 2013 - 03:36 PM ( #5 )

September 27 2013

Hello everyone! First, I'd like to start this log by thanking Tamacass for following my log, and

also to the random person who rated it! Anyway, so much stuff happened, I figured writing all

the times would take too long, so I'm just going to tell you what happened.


Tamagotchi iD L

Yeah, a lot of stuff happened. First, yesterday I managed to get Marzia to get all her happy badge,

and unlock this special place to go to. Marzia can now go visit the king, and when she does,

Melodytchi performs the violin. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm very glad. Anyway, Marzia married

and had a baby boy, who I named Jace. Anyway, today Jace grew into a teen already when I came

home. He evolved into a blue boy with a fancy orange scarf and a giant, dark blue star as a head.

Anyway, nothing much has happened, except he went to the park a few times, and it was still

cloudy. I also really want to change the wallpaper, but I don't have much money to buy a decent

looking one. So yeah, that's it for now!


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Posted 29 September 2013 - 12:44 PM ( #6 )

September 29 2013

Hello everyone! I'm really excited to do my log again!

A lot of stuff happened.


Tamagotchi iD L

First of all, Jace evolved into a blue penguin with a brown scarf and

a green pilot's hat. Sure, he is wearing a very odd assortment of clothes,

but nevertheless he looks really cute. I've managed to get a picture off

the internet of what he looks like.


So cute!
Anyway, Jace also got a very cute pet at the park.

The pet is a flying, pink dog with a heart on its head and has a very small

body. Apart from that, Jace got a new wallpaper. The background is a light

blue with white polka-dots. The whole room is filled with pink and white cabinets,

pillows, presents, a window, mirror, potted plant, and a wooden floor with a

giant, salmon colored rug. Jace didn't like it that much because it looked

pretty girly, but I didn't really want to change it because it was very


After so many days with that stupid plant growing in the backyard, it

finally disappeared. Jace planted another plant there.

Alright, now I've caught you up to this morning. I didn't check on Jace

until 10:00, and I saw that everything was dirty: the bathroom, kitchen,

living room, and even Jace. First, he took a bath. Then, he mopped up

the bathroom. Finally, he used the vacuum to clean the living room and

the kitchen.

At around noon, Jace went to visit the king, and Melodytchi played her

violin, like she always did.

Anyway, at 2:15 I noticed Jace was looking pretty hungry. I knew he didn't

like what we had in the fridge, so I decided to look through the list of stores

for Jace to go to. I noticed there was an extra store; a new one. Jace went there,

and Marzia was there! He was at his mother's house! She made him this sort

of candy, and he ate it: he really liked it.


Anyway, that's all for now!



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Posted 30 September 2013 - 05:23 PM ( #7 )

September 30 2013

Hey guys! I've had an okay day, considering it's a Monday... I didn't wake up Jace until an hour or two ago, I've been so

busy. Anyway, here's the log!


Tamagotchi iD L

At this moment, Jace is getting married! He got married to...a really cute tamagotchi that looks like a bunny

with blue ears. They had a boy! The boy is a little blue blob with a cute, yellow night hat. Jace isn't sure what he will name

him yet. Anyway, they've been playing ball, and now Jace has left. His boy has waken up and is really sad to see that his

dad is gone. Anyway, I guess I'll name him Harley. I've just fed Harley some rice, and he really likes it. Anyway, I'm going to

pause this and come back when Harley evolves. For now, though, I'll keep a log with times of what Harley has been doing.

I'm going to use different colors for the times, too.


6:50 PM- Harley goes outside to check on his plant

6:52 PM- Harley runs out of happiness, so I play games with him at the arcade. I also feed him and pick up 1 poop

6:55 PM- Harley gets sick, I give him some medicine and he feels better

6:57 PM- I feed Harley rice and play more games

7:00 PM- Harley goes outside again and sees that it is dark! He also poops...he poops a LOT.

7:06 PM- I play more games with Harley and pick more even MORE poop

7:11 PM- I feed Harley

7:19 PM- Harley falls asleep. I notice his room is dirty, so when he wakes up, I'll need to vacuum his room.

7:25 PM- Harley wakes up (he had a quick nap) He vacuums his room and it's now sparkly clean!

7:27 PM- I catch Harley about to go to the bathroom, then I feed him two rice


I'm really sorry, but I don't have enough time on the computer to wait until Harley evolves to tell you guys. I might

be able to update you today, though, if not, I'll tell you guys tomorrow. That's all for now!


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Posted 01 October 2013 - 03:21 PM ( #8 )

October 1 2013

October already?!?! Anyway, hey everyone! Here's my log!


Tamagotchi iD L

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get on the computer yesterday to tell you guys what

Harley evolved into. So, I'll just tell you now. He evolved into this orange person inside

a bowl filled with fruit. Yeah, kinda weird. I couldn't really visualize this for you guys that

well, so I'll just post a picture of what he evolved into that I grabbed from Google Images.


Like I said before, this is not my picture. This is someone else's I just got it randomly.

(The one I was explaining is the one one the right, not Mimitchi)

Also, last night Harley got two things changed: his main room (where he always stands),

and his bedroom. Harley changed the main room's paper back to that outdoors one with

tree stumps and hot air balloons because he thought the other one was too girly. Harley

also changed his bedroom to a cloud wallpaper. It looked like you were in some sort of

dream when you saw it: like seriously, clouds EVERYWHERE. Even the bed was a cloud.


So, this morning, I was feeling pretty rushed, and I forgot to change my tamagotchi's

time. I didn't realize this until I got on the bus, and by then, it was too late. I worried

about Harley all day, and I knew I'd never forgive myself if he died. Luckily, when I

rushed to my house and found Harley, he was alive-but only just. He was sick, starving,

and filthy. I felt so bad for poor Harley. I gave him a bath, fed him, and gave him some

medicine. After that, he was feeling better.

At around 3:28, Harley went outside, and FINALLY, that freaking plant grew. 3 genera-

tions, and it FINALLY GREW! It grew to what looked like a cucumber(or a pickle). The

cucumber/pickle was added to Harley's fridge. Harley planted these red star-looking seeds

in the ground and watered them. Hopefully these seeds will grow faster.


Harley hasn't evolved into a teen yet, but he should at around 6:30 PM today(EDT time zone).

That's all for now!

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Posted 02 October 2013 - 02:53 PM ( #9 )

October 2 2013

Hello everybody! Before I start with my log, I've an announcement. I'm thinking of

adding another tamagotchi to the log. The more the better, right? Anyway, it's been

really hard for me to raise more than one tamagotchi, so I usually just take care of

one, but since I'm doing a log, another tamagotchi would be better. Of course, I had

been planning on having my v4 in the log, but that didn't end well...

Anyway, if I were to add a tamagotchi to the log, it would probably be a v2 that me and

by brother share. It's in okay condition, there's no back, but I've always liked the v2.


Tamagotchi iD L

For some weird reason, Harley didn't evolve into a teenager until I woke him up after

school. I guess for the iD L, tamagotchis don't evolve until they wake up, because

Harley fell asleep pretty early last night. Anyway, I guess he won't be able to evolve

into an adult until tomorrow, which kinda sucks. He evolved into a boy with a light green

face, but the rest of him is dark green. He also has a giant, dark green leaf on his

head. Also, when he evolved, there was this weird icon with a king and a queen in

the corner. I can't really explain it well to you guys, so I just decided to post a pic of



The icon is in the bottom left corner. If anyone knows what this is, it would be awesome

if you could PM me, thanks. You can also see Harley in the pic, and the background I

described before with the hot air balloons and clouds with the grass.

Anyway, here's the times now.

Note, I am using Eastern Daylight Time (ETD)


2:50 PM- I get home from school and wake Harley up. He evolves into a teen and gets

500 points as a reward


2:55 PM- Harley is hungry, so I let him go to a restaurant where he spends his 500 point

reward on his meal. He really likes it


2:57 PM- Harley goes outside to check on his plant, but he finds that it has not yet grown


3:02 PM- Harley goes to the King's Palace again, where Melodytchi plays her violin


3:05 PM- Harley decides to take a stroll at the park and sees that the Market is open. He

is offered a women's wig, but he doesn't want it so he declines


3:23 PM- I take Harley to the store, where he gets this really weird toy that looks like a planet


3:25 PM- Harley plays with this weird, floating candy-shaped cloud outside in the backyard,

then jumps on it and starts flying. Yea I know. Pretty weird. I don't even know how I got it...


3:43 PM- I pick up some yucky poop, then feed Harley candy because he is feeling really




That's all for now!

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 02:38 PM ( #10 )

October 3 2013

Hey guys! Currently, I am typing this from a different computer because

my brother is doing homework on the better one, this one is really old

so some stuff like pictures might not turn out. Sorry if that happens, but

anyway, here's my log! I'm also still decdiding about adding another

tamagotchi to add but I'm still not sure which one yet.


Tamagotchi iD L-Princess Spacy

(Just so I don't cause any confusion, I added the full name)

Alright, yesterday was a little crazy. At 7:00 PM, Harley fell asleep. I was

mad because he went to sleep so early, so I decided to change the time

so he would go to bed at 9:00 instead of 7:00. I guess that messed with

the evolution function or something, because at around 8:00 he evolved.

Into a freaking Kuromametchi.


AHMEGAWD. I was soooo happy. Harley went to the park shortly after

and got a really cute dog-thing. Imagine a green scoop of ice cream

with a face, stubby legs, and a tiny tail. That's exactly what it looked like.

Then, he went to a fancy shmancy restaurant and got these honey balls

with sugar sprinkled on top of them. He then went to the clothes store,

but didn't really like anything there,so instead he got a car at the tama

depa. He rode around in it too, but just in the backyard.

Harley also got some seeds and then took a bath right before he went

to sleep.


Now, to this morning. I decided that since Harley was an adult now, I would

take him to school, cause why not. Right when I got on the bus at 7:00 AM,

he woke up. He also still had that weird icon with the prince and princess. I

have yet to find out what that means, I guess I'll post a topic about it on Help

For New Tamagotchi Owners and hopefully will get some responses. Anyway,

while I was at school I just fed him, picked up poop, et cetera. When I got

home, I saw that poor Harley was sick, so I gave him some medicine, and he

was feeling much better. Harley also had a lot of money, so he went to the

interior store and got the bathroom and kitchen redecorated. In total, he spent

4000 points, but I think it was worth it. Anyway, I know I said I wasn't gonna

post pictures but....I couldn't help it.


This is the redecorated bathroom. As you can see, Harley is taking a bath, and I

really like the bathtub. The rainbow tiles are awesome, and I love the whole thing

with the crystals. Looks pretty.



So yeah, as you can see, Harley doesn't like rice, as most adults don't. I'm afraid I

had to make him eat it, though, in order for you to see the kitchen. Sorry Harley!

Anyway, this looks a lot like his room, with the whole clouds thing. Cloud table,

cloud rug, even the freaking fridge is a cloud.



I actually took this picture yesterday, when Harley was still a teenager, and he went to

sleep, but he only did for a short time before I woke him up. I really like the bedroom,

especially the drapes which are revealing a balcony, and the little sheep plush in the

corner of the room. I also like how the bed looks like a sheep because of the face on it.


Well, that's all for now! I hope you liked my log!

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 02:34 PM ( #11 )

October 4 2013

Hey guys! SOooooo much happened!

Tamagotchi iD L- Princess Spacy

A lot happened, but I guess I should start with this morning. I took

Harley to school again. Today at school, I was pretty busy, so I didn't

get a lot of time to check on Harley. So, by the end of the day, poor

Harley felt neglected. Luckily, I quickly took care of him and he felt better.

At 2:50, I was on the bus. I saw that the dating place was open, woohoo!

So Harley went there, and he decided to marry the very beautiful

Chamametchi. At first, I honestly thought they had a girl. For an hour, I

thought I was raising a girl, but when he evolved into a toddler, I realized

that he was a boy. Sorry, little guy, I thought you were a girl. Anyway, I still

didn't really know what to name him when he evolved into a todder. BTW,

I grabbed a pic of what he looks like off the internet. Note, this isn't my

picture, I'm only posting it so you guys know what he looks like.


Okay, there you go. I decided to name him Flare, after team Flare in

Pokemon X&Y, since the game is coming out next week. Anyway, that's

pretty much it, Flare has just went to the park a few times. This generation,

I really want to get Flare all his happy symbolls when he is an adult

so he can unlock new places.


So yeah, that's it, I also almost forgot about the symboll of a king and queen I was

confused about. Anyway, I asked about it, and it turns out it's for this holiday in

March. The reason the symboll was here in October was because I was stupid

and I had the date set to March. Oops! I fixed it, though, so everything's good.


That's all for now!



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Posted 05 October 2013 - 02:51 PM ( #12 )

October 5 2013

Hello everybody!

I have a very exciting announcement today. I've added my v2 to

the log! So, now I'll have a log on my v3, as well as my Princess

Spacy. I'm even thinking about adding another, but I know I should

n't because I couldn't keep up with 3 during the school year.


Tamagotchi v2

I started it up as an egg this morning, and it hatched into

a baby girl. I named her Elody. An hour later, Elody evolved into

a Hidodetchi (I think it's spelled differently, but whatever). Here's

what Hidotetchi looks like--> :hitodetchi: I'm also gonna post pics of my v2



This is my brothers, and as you can see, he did his best to make sure

it wasn't in good condition -_- . There are marks from where the stickers

used to be, and the screen had a small scratch. The stickers marks

really irk me for some reason, I'm hoping I could get it off with water or

maybe rubbing alcohol when I get the chance.


My brother also made sure to lose the back of the v3, but I can't blame him,

for that always happens to me. The battery is so shiny, you can see the re-

flection of my phone! Hehe


Anyway, I managed to already get 2 training points for Elody by scolding her

once for acting up and praising her once when she was crying. I also got her

a lolipop and a muffin from the store.


Several times as I glanced over to Elody to see if she's okay, I've noticed she is

always rolling around. The one thing that makes the v2 my favorite tamagotchi

is all of the cute animations! I always get nostalgic when I remember seeing my

tamagotchi making a christmas tree near Christmas, or a turkey chasing my

tama around when it's close to Thanksgiving. Even checking on my tama

when it's an adult and seeing them up close to the screen, flashing me a



Tamagotchi iD L- Princess Spacy

So this morning, I slept in(of course, it's the weekend) and saw that poor Flare was

sick, dirty, and hungry. His living room was also incredibly dirty. Everything was

brown! Anyway, I fed him, gave him medicine, and made him take a bath. Then,

he got out the vacuum and cleaned the living room. After that, everything was

fine. I just feel really bad for leaving him like that!

Flare just evolved like 15 minutes ago. I wanted to do this log earlier, but I knew

I should wait until he evolves, and he has! In celebration, I bought him a new wall-

paper. I know I just got the other one, but I'd used that same hot air balloon wall-

paper on my first gen, and it was starting to get boring. So, yeah. I really like his

new wallpaper now.


So yeah, in the picture you can see Flare in his new evolved form, and his new

wallpaper behind him. I love how nearly everything has a derpy face on it, even

the freaking sun.


Apart from that, nothing much has happened with Flare except for he played tons

of games and got around 9000 points. Woah, that's a lot. Anyway, he spent half

of it on seeds, a phone, and some other toys.

Flare also had a plant in his garden that  grew into this weird

cloud-candy thing this morning. He then planted some more seeds.



Since I now have 2 tamas in my log, I've decided to add a new feature to the log

called Tamachat, where I will let my tamas talk to each other.

Flare: Purple

Elody: Blue

Yay, we actually get to write in Lauren's log!

Wat ar yu taking aboot

Oh, I forgot, you can really spell that well because you're just a toddler...


Don't worry, you will evolve into a teenager tomorrow! Aren't you excited, Elody?
Yay!!! Tank yu big broter!

You're welcome, Elody :)


Well, that's all for now!

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October 6 2013

Hey guys!


Tamagotchi v2

Elody evolved into....a young Mametchi *sigh*. The reason I really don't like

young Mametchi is because my tamagotchis ALWAYS evolve into a young

Mametchi, especially on the v2. Seriously, I can't remember a time when I

haven't had a young mametchi as a teen on my v2, it's that ridiculous.

Oh, and if you don't know what a young mametchi is, here ya go:

On the left is the Anime character, and the right one is what Elody actually looks like

on the pixelated screen (obviously)

Other than that, nothing has really happened with Elody. I've fed her, picked up poop,

played games, etc. Right now, I have managed to get Elody 6 training points, woohoo!

I've also gotten a lot of food (but no items :( ) at the store, so I'll give you guys a list of

all the food Elody has right now:

lollipop, muffin, tea, fruit drink, apple pie, drumstick, cracker, chicken

Also an update on the condition of the v2, I've tried scrubbing really hard with water and

soup to get the sticker marks, but with no avail. My v2 is also really loud because it has

no back, so I'm hoping to do what I did with my v4 that had no back-find an old, unused

back and tape or screw it on my v2.


Tamagotchi iD L- Princess Spacy

Okay, as I'm typing this log, it's 3:35, and Flare is supposed to evolve at 3:50....

I guess I'll just update you guys until he evolves...any minute now...

First of all, I'm super obsessed with changing the wallpaper until they all look

perfect, so I wallpapered the kitchen and the other bathroom.

First of all, I thought the kitchen wallpaper looked really werid. I don't know why, I

just didn't like it. So, I changed it to this really expensive wallpaper that was 5000 P.


I'm really happy with the outcome of the new kitchen. I love the fridge and table, and the

star ceiling looks amazing. The pots on the shelves and the window also have another cute

touch on the whole thing. I'll probably keep this wallpaper for a while.


Anyway, the other wallpaper is for the other bathroom-what I mean by this is it isn't the room

where Flare washes, it's this other small one with a small sink and a tiolet. It's a very unimpor-

tant room, considering the only time I'll be able to see it is when I catch Flare about to go to

the bathroom, and send him to the tiolet. I only spent 3000 P on it, considering the unimporta-

nce of the room. Still, it was one of the rooms in the house, and I felt it deserved to be wall-



The only way I could've captured this photo for you guys is right after the builders remodeled

it, or if I managed to catch Flare about to go. So that's why there's those two builders there,

just ignore them. Anyway, this bathroom is a lot like the other bathroom, with the fancy mirrors

and the crystals. I'm really glad it does, because then the two bathrooms are similar.


Okay, FINALLY Flare evolved! He evolved into a......Mametchi! Wooh!



Yes! Now I really want to get all the Happy Symbolls because I heard

when you do, you unlock this place that enables certain characters

like Mametchi turn into another slightly different form.



Flare: Purple

Elody: Blue

Holy crap I evolved into a freaking Mametchi! Look how awesome I look!
I evolved into the same character as you except younger! How cool is


Very cool, and kinda ironic and weird. Whatever, we shouldn't complain.

Yeah. The only thing I don't like about it is now I look like a boy....

Hey, c'mon, you'll grow out of it when you turn into an adult!


Yeah, sure.

Yay! Thank you, Flare. You're the best big brother ever! Wanna connect?



Well, we can't. Our versions won't let us.

What? I don't get it....

Don't worry. You may not understand now.

Oh. okay....

Don't be sad, Elody, we can watch Harry Potter later, how bout that?

Ohhh yay! Thank you, big brother!


Anyway, that's all for now!

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October 8 2013



Tamagotchi v2

Elody still hasn't evolved into an adult yet.......*sigh*

I'm not sure when she will. I guess it kinda got messed

up because I changed her time when I went to school,

which kinda sucks. Anyway, at least now Elody has a

full training bar! Yay! She also turned 3, wow. Right now,

in her inventory, she has a shovel and a plant........


Tamagotchi iD L - Princess Spacy

First of all, Flare left :(. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough

time to get all of his happy stamps. Anyway, he married a

beautiful lovelitchi and they had a girl named Bellona, named

after the Roman goddess of war. Anyway, right now Bellona

still has not evolved. I'll try to update you again today, as

nothing much has happened. Here's some pics, though!


Here's Bellona when she was about to be born. There's Flare,

wearing a very fancy king's crown. He actually got one of

his happy badges with that.


This is right when Flare left......

Anyway, Bellona just went out to the park, played some games

and got a bath. I'm actually really glad I got a girl, because I've

had a boy three generations in a row. I wonder what she will

evolve into when she's a toddler!



Bellona: Orange

Elody: Blue

Noooooooo I'm so sad, Flare left!

What the-who are you? Oh, you're Flare's daughter! Bellona is a pretty name!

Oh, you're still a baby....I guess you can't type.


Oh, well...this is awkward, I guess I'll teach you how to type. Wow, I'm an aunt now! Am I? I don't know.....


Man, I really hope I'll evolve soon! Being a teen sucks!



Well, that's all for now!

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October 8 2013 - Mini Update

Hey guys! This is just a small update. I did some research, and found out that Elody

won't evolve until she turns 4. Right now, she's 3 years old, so tomorrow I guess I'll

take her to school and wait until she evolves. I don't want to wait until after school,

I'm too anxious. So yeah, she's still a cute young Mametchi. 

Bellona has also evolved into a cute toddler! I honestly adore her character, though.

Here's a pic of her character:


So yeah, as you can see, she has a yellow hat with fish on it, and a

light blue dress. That's all for now!

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