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TamaTalk University: Literature Class

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Posted 28 September 2013 - 11:34 PM ( #1 )

Rachel said I could write a TamaTalk University Story so I did. :) Sorry if I didn't include everyone who wanted to be in the story :<



It was another day at TamaTalk University, and everyone was getting ready for literature class. All the students were in the classroom, waiting to see who the teacher would be.

"I wonder what this class will be like?" said EMF, playing Shoot the Bug on her Tama-Go for the millionth time.

"We have to write poems and stories I guess," Rachel replied.

"Oh, that's boring. I only like writing stories about PURPLE DOLPHINS!" Dazzmina screamed.

"I'm broken," said Doomer.


Just then Ichiro Malfoy came in. "I will be the teacher of literature class! Students, you all must write a story or a poem about something you love. Whoever writes the most creative poem or story will get a 15TH ANNIVERSARY ID L!" he declared.


Instantly, everyone was scribbling their stories and poems on paper.

"I finished my story!" Hayden announced after 5 seconds.

"Can I see?" Jade asked, working on her Animal Crossing: New Leaf poem.

Hayden raised his sheet of paper up for everyone to see. There were two words: "KILL COFFRETCHI!"

Jade rolled her eyes.


Tamafan was writing a poem about peanuts. "EVERYBODY SHOULD WRITE ABOUT PEANUTS!" he shrieked, jumping out of his chair

"No," said Doomer. "I am allergic to peanuts."

"Oh," Tamafan frowned, sitting back down again.

"I am writing a list of Duke quotes," Doomer explained.

"Oh no not Duke quotes!" Rachel gasped in horror. She was still trying to think of what to write about. So far she had written the words, "Once upon a time."


Baloney Pie was writing a story about a giant Melodytchi.

"Why are you writing about a giant Melodytchi?" Tamafan asked. "Why not write about peanuts instead?"

"Because I like giant Melodytchi," Baloney Pie replied.


Katy was writing about Sal, and Sal was writing about Katy. "You should write about Baloney Pie," Katy said to EMF.

"No, I want to write about something creative, just like Ichiro said." EMF replied.

"What is it, exactly?" Sal questioned.

"Find out later," EMF replied mysteriously.


Minutes passed as the class wrote. Suddenly EMF picked up her piece of paper and ran over to Baloney Pie. "LOOKIT WHAT I WROTE!" she squealed. It was a poem about her favorite bra.

"That is...uh...very cute," Baloney Pie told her, not knowing what else to say.

"Everyone, finish your stories quick, because this class is almost over!" Ichiro proclaimed.

"Oh dear!" Rachel said sadly. "I don't know what to write about!"

"Write a story about TamaTalk university," Hayden whispered in her ear.

"Good idea!" Rachel grinned.


So Rachel quickly wrote a nice story about all her friends at TamaTalk university. As soon as she finished writing the last letter, Ichiro clapped his hands together loudly. Dazzmina jumped ten miles into the air.

"All right, time's up! Time to read everyone's work...but uh..." Ichiro scratched his head. "I left the 15th Anniversary iD L at home, so while I get it, your fellow students tamastar, tamacass, and Supahcow will be the judges!


Ichiro walked out of class and tamastar, tamacass, and Supahcow came in, riding camels.

"Why are you riding camels instead of purple dolphins?" Dazz asked.

"Because!" Supahcow answered. "Everyone hand in your papers!"

"Woohoooo, I feel like a teacher!" Tamacass exclaimed as the students began to give the papers to the three people on camels. Jade turned her poem into a paper airplane and threw it at Supahcow. It hit him in the eye. "AAAAAH!" Then the camel ate it.

"Oh no!" Jade cried.

"Aw, don't be sad," said tamastar. "Here, have a cookie." She gave a cookie to Jade, who happily ate it.


The three judges read all the poems and stories. It was time to announce the winner. Just as Ichiro returned, Supahcow said, "The prize goes to...!"


Everyone waited.


"The prize goes toooo...!" Tamacass said.


Everyone waited.


"The prize goes toooooo..!" Tamastar said.


Everyone waited.

"THE PRIZE GOES TO ALL OF YOU!" all three judges exclaimed.


All the students screamed in joy. Except for EMF; she cried in joy instead. "I've always wanted a 15th Anniversary iD L!" she sobbed happily.

"Awww!" Baloney Pie said, giving her a hug. EMF wiped her nose on his shirt.

"OOOH YESSSS!" Hayden shouted. "We ALL get a 15th Anniversary iD L! But I wanted a TamagoChu as well..."

"Actually, there is only one, and you all have to share it," Ichiro explained.

"Oh," said Tamafan. "I guess that's ok!"

Ichiro pulled something out of his pocket and put it on the table. It was a pile of broken plastic and wires.

"What is THAT?!" Rachel asked, staring at it.

"It's a 15th Anniversary iD L," Ichiro replied. "While I was coming home, I was attacked by Vitto and a group of ninjas. They all did the pineapple dance on the 15th Anniversary iD L and broke it to pieces. You all get to have one piece each."


All the students stared at the pieces, silent. Then someone jumped in through the window; it was Vitto! "Sorry I'm late," he apologized. "I was doing the pineapple dance."


Everyone turned and glared at him. Tamafan threw a peanut at him. Dazz said, "Purple dolphins". And Katy and Sal both ate cheese ice cream.


All of a sudden a bunch of ninjas climbed in through the window too. Each one was holding a 15th Anniversary iD L that wasn't smashed! And so everyone at TamaTalk University got a brand new Tamagotchi and watched Vitto and the Ninjas do the pineapple dance.


The end for now! :D

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We need sequels for TT University honestly. :)