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The Boy and Girl

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 04:18 PM ( #1 )

Alright, so I've decided to write a short story that I had came up with in a dream last night. I usually don't write a lot of stories, but I really wanted to write this one. It's kinda weird, but I wrote it with a lot of meaning, so I hope you like it!


The Boy and Girl

Very long ago, there was a small village of miners, builders, and explorers. This village used to be allied with several other villages, but they were cut off and shunted. This village had the crazy belief that someday, they would find a gateway to a brilliant, new world full of life and resources. They all had one goal to find this amazing new land the awaited them, and ignored the ridicule from others. Seeking this one goal, every person in the village spent their whole lives digging and exploring, hoping they would one day find their new world.

One day, after years and generations of looking, an old man found a small cave in which a large portal was embedded into the foundation of the rock. He called others, and they investigated. The small village had found their pot of gold, finally. They packed up all their paraphernalia and jumped into the portal, awaiting their new land.

What they found was an island that was hanging over a giant void. The void was endless, a black pit. Wary of this new danger, the villagers built fences over the void to prevent anyone from falling over. The island, other than the void, was very strange, though rewarding. There were odd animals, strange fruits, and alien plants. However, the most puzzling of the items on the island was a set of misshaped trees in the center of the island. These were the only trees on the island, and they could not be cut down, as they were as hard as rock. These trees had dirt and grass growing on them, and they were shaped exactly, down to the last detail, like a girl and a boy.

For years that the village lived on the island, they pondered about the girl and boy. Most villagers strayed from the effigies, for when they approached them, that had felt as if the girl and boy were watching them. As few brave villagers studied these trees that were shaped like a girl and a boy, they noticed that they were missing several body parts. The girl had a missing eye, and part of her nose had fallen off. The boy had missing fingers, and had no left leg from the knee down. This new discovery made others even more disgruntled and appalled by the figurines. Many voted to try to destroy the boy and girl-shaped trees. Everyone agreed: they should try to obstruct the boy and girl.

Finally, a dozen miners used their picks and other tools to chip away at the trees. It was slow work, but they had managed to make a very small mark in the tree-statues. They knew that if they continued to work, they could eventually get rid of the boy and girl that had been haunting the villagers since the day they arrived at the island.

The day following that one, the villagers on the island were attacked by ghostly figures shrouded in cloaks with swords that turned the people into stone. The villagers didn’t know what to do. Their portal back to the mainland was gone. In quick time, the ghastly attackers had managed to turn every single villager to stone. When they did, they all approached the statue of the girl and boy and knelt down. One of the attackers looked at the figures and spoke to them.

“All of them have been turned to stone, they will no longer be trying to destroy you, my King and Queen,” he said politely, still knelt down on the ground with the others. The girl and boy looked at the ghostly soldiers and smiled at them.

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30 Sep 2013