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TamaTamatchi's V - Pet Log

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Posted 06 October 2013 - 08:04 PM ( #1 )

Hi everyone! Its been almost a full year since I last updated this log. So I though its been awhile, and I have moderately enough time to update it frequently. But that doesn't mean i'll be everyday, but i'll try! But anyways, throughout the log that I've had before, I've thrown out tamagotchis and bought new ones. I am gonna buy some new ones towards the future for this log! But I don't have my V4.5 Butterflies anymore, but that's ok because I bought a blue V4.5 and a red flames V4.5 (one of them which I am running ^___^). Also, I threw away my V5 and V5C but I got a new one from my lovely girlfriend (Tama-Star_Girl) and i'll get a new V5C towards the future. I am also buying a V3 and a V4, because my V3 and V4 designs are rubbed off and I just want another one of those versions just because, well, its hard to explain but you might get the point. Anyways without further ado, onto the log!


Day One: A Baby is Born!




(sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures) Here is my baby girl, moving from the screen left and right. Isn't she the cutest thing in the world? I love her already. I looked up Arabic names and I found one I liked. Her name is Amaya! Great name, huh? It means "Night Rain".





As you can see, I am raising the 3rd skill the most. Raising for the Ura Kutchi family much? lol.




As a baby, she LOVED LOVED LOVEEEEEED eating Tart. She wanted to eat it everyday, and she even made me eat it! I gained a few pounds off of it, and eventually we both grew sick of it. An hour after she was a baby, she calls me over to see that.....




She grew into a hitodetchi! I mean, before I didn't like her because I always got her on the V2, but now I really like her. She just so cute and when you think about it, YOUR RAISING A STAR FISH! Patrick Starfish, hmmmm maybe I should've named her Patrick XD.


- TamaTamatchi






06 Oct 2013

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