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How to make it clear you're not flirting[?] (set topic)

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Posted 14 October 2013 - 05:54 PM ( #1 )

say you got a girl

weirdo girl

complete nerd, but talks a lot


people who know her know she's not the type to hit on anyone; she'd definitely come clean right away instead of flirting ;P

"telling them first, wooing later," she says



she looks like she's trying to get to know a guy better

asking him how his experiences were

another guy, too

she gave that one a good rating, 1 to 10 looks (it was a 7)


obviously, there are many ways to look at this

One might even come to the (correct) conclusion that she's just being that creepy, hilairous tomboy

and that she's GENUINELY curious about what the friend is doing

and she's convinced that, based on everyone else she has ever seen (lol, which is how I think you're supposed to rate people, from my perspective), that the guy is a 7


and has no crush




those guys

wind up seeing it another way

and it's obvious


they don't know her very well, but well enough that they are confident their assumption is correct


sssssssey for a sec that this ain't true

Who does what? What happens next?


more of a fun discussion

possibly with less fun






14 Oct 2013

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14 Oct 2013

Amat Gotchi

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Posted 14 October 2013 - 07:14 PM ( #2 )

Please do not take this advice too seriously or you may will risk your life . . .

But I'd act like a friend to them. Theoretically.

I guess the worst that happens is they like you, and it's better they like you than hate you, right? I mean, crushes like these can blow over eventually. Maybe he'll set his sights on a different girl.

*awkwardly stops giving terrible advice*


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Posted 14 October 2013 - 07:23 PM ( #3 )

*throws some water on coals* lol, one of those guys pretty much has given up any idea that he will marry another woman

so eyes for another woman ain't happening

the other guy is just a kid on the inside and doesn't really have a problem with it ("it" being that which is not true)


there probably isn't much of a problem, tho, as you touched on earlier *picks nose*

though, people feeling stupid is something I'd think most would like to avoid

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Posted 14 October 2013 - 10:06 PM ( #4 )

I'm not entirely sure what this topic is about... o_0


But if you like someone in that way, then tell them.


But if you don't like someone in that way, but still chat/talk to them a lot, then also tell them.


Just tell them if you are "flirting" or not, so that no one will make assumptions.  Simple.



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