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Online Tamagotchi Games (Japanese)

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 11:29 PM ( #1 )

I thought I would share two Tamagotchi online mini-games for you all, and teach you how to play them. :)


Do Your Best, Hapihapitchi! - Click on the orange button on the right to play. Hapihapitchi must cheer up her friends when they are sad! When a character walks underneath Hapihapitchi, press spacebar, enter, or click on Hapihapitchi with the mouse so she can use her special powers to put a smile on their face. Each time she uses the powers, on of her happy hearts will go down. The top right bar shows how many happy hearts Hapihapitchi has; to collect more, she has to absorb happiness from happy Tamagotchis so don' forgot to go down when there are happy Tamagotchis too!


Moriritchi's Tamamori Tower - Click on the green button on top to play. Use the arrow keys to move Moriritchi left and right (or click on the blue arrows at the bottom of the screen) and catch the falling Tamamori accessories. More and more stuff will keep piling on Moriritchi's head, and you have to make the Tamamori tower reach the red line at the top of the screen before the time runs out.


There's a Perotchi cupcake game too but I can't find it at the moment. :c

Anyway, enjoy!

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22 Oct 2013