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Kero's Adventures in Logging!

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Posted 28 October 2013 - 05:37 PM ( #1 )

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new and improved log! ... and yes, I promise to be more loyal to this one :P Well anyways, I'm really happy because today's my one year anniversary (I bet I spelt that wrong) here on TamaTalk! It's been a great year. Ok I'm really exited to start this thing up already, so here we go! I'm running my new v2 I got the other day, my v3, and my v4.5. The best part is... I have pictures! :lol:




Meet Luna the Hinatchi....




Miles the Young Mametchi...




And Berry the Ura Young Violetchi!


Yep! Luna should evolve later tonight or early tomorrow. Berry and Miles just turned into teenagers more recently. I won't be doing the more detailed updates until a few posts in, this was just sort of an intro ^_^ I guess I'll have them say a few words and then wrap up the post.


Luna is this color, Miles is this color, and Berry is this color. Oh, and I'm this color :)


Wait, so... tell me what this is again?

It's a LOG stupid... what's a log again?

Look who's talking!

Could you at least be somewhat polite? Or at least not act like animals?


Then stop acting like one!

Dang... I wanted to see how long they would go without arguing in the post... That escalated quickly... But anyways a log is where I tell other people about your lives.


My life isn't boring!

I never said yours was, I said that-

KERO HE CALLED ME BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love how peaceful you look in the pictures compared to how you usually are... I think it's time to end the post. Before this gets out of hand. Like last time. Well, thanks for reading! More to come! Let's see what adventure's we have on this log!  :lol:  



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28 Oct 2013

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16 Nov 2013


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Posted 29 October 2013 - 06:31 PM ( #2 )

Huge thanks to Peanut05 for liking our last post! :D


Hi TamaTalk! Today I have a few things to report. First off, I got my v3 that I thought was lost in the mail. I'm not running it right away, because these three are already a handful :P Here it is!




Oh, and please excuse the drops of brown-ish paint you may see in my other pictures :) Well anyways, I'm really exited to run this one because I can marry this one and my other v3 later on. Ok, enough of that. Onto the log!


v3 (Luna):




As you can see, she evolved into a Bunbuntchi! I'm happy with what I got. Today she rocked some sunglasses and played sprint as well as other games. And I accidentally discovered her favorite food! It's a sausage. :)


v4.5 (Berry):




Pretty quiet day overall. I got her training bar up to 100% today, but that's about it. She should be evolving tomorrow into Ura Violetchi, I'm guessing.


v2 (Miles):




A pretty quiet day with Miles as well. We did get a shovel at the shop, though- and gained 300 points! :D He should be evolving on Haloween. What are you guys going to be? PM me! I'm going to be Bat Woman :) I don't think I'll have a talking part in this post because posting that many pictures takes soooo looong and I had to rewrite the post because the page decided to refresh and my progress got deleted :o But yeah, that's all for today! Thanks for reading!

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Posted 01 November 2013 - 07:48 PM ( #3 )



Hehe, sorry I didn't log for those two days. I was busy partying my butt off. I have a lot of logging to catch up to though :P I'll start with Berry. I took her battery out when my new v5 came in the mail. but she became an adult before I did: UraVioletchi, as expected.




Luna (v3):


Don't even ask why she hasn't gotten married yet. Oh well. Good things come to those who wait :rolleyes: So basically, she hasn't changed at all. I caught her taking a bath earlier:




v2 (Miles)


He's now a Ginjirotchi or however you spell it! The little flog-looking dude. He's probably one of my favorite characters :)




v5 (Peanut, Butter, and Jelly):



Gosh, my picture are so disorganized :P Here's my new v5! It's my first time owning and running one. Let's see how this goes. I got the blended family, of course, and two daughters and a son were born. I don't really feel like looking up the character names because I'm leaving for a road trip in like 15 minutes. After an hour, they evolved into these three toddlers.


thanks for reading guys, sorry for the short, boring post but I'm really being rushed. I'll post tomorrow. Bye!!


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Posted 10 November 2013 - 06:29 PM ( #4 )

Don't mind me, just walking right into this post like I was never gone. :lol:

But I'll explain what happened to the group. They're all long gone :P I got a ton of pictures while I was inactive but I don't want to post all of them. None of them died, though. Luna ended up getting married and had a baby girl. She left two days later but I didn't feel like running her for the third generation so I took the battery out. Miles also got married, and the Pyon family eventually became Watatchi, Potetchi, and Uhyutchi (don't judge, I never really figured out the bonding thing) and I took their battery out as well. Long story short, all I have running right now is my music star. Before I get on to her, here are the pictures I actually want to share: Luna getting married.




Yay! Better sized pictures. :) So here she is, meeting Hashizoutchi, who later became her husband. And then on the right you can see her with her daughter.

I miss her so much. I shall name this baby Rose and start up my other v3 sometime and name him Jack and get them married. Get it? Jack and Rose? Meh. I'm bad at jokes :P But I'm not doing this whole Jack-and-Rose thing quite yet. But yeah, that was our flashback for this post, now onto the current stuff. ^_^


Let's try that again.


Don't mind me, walking right into this post like I was never gone. :lol:


Hi! Meet Mia, the epicly-fabulous Hitodetchi  :hitodetchi: that is apparently going to be a music star someday.




Look at that smile! She's so cute :D Her instrument is a microphone and she has a bunny thing as a toy. Today her preschool teacher came by and gave her a spaceship as her second toy. So that's about it. I want to run another Tamagotchi, but I don't know which one! No v3's, but should I give my v2 another run, or my v4 or my v4.5's? No one PM's me when I ask for requests, but if you do I'll love you forever. What should I run?


Guess that's it for this post. Thanks for reading, I'm glad to be back! :wub:


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Posted 13 November 2013 - 07:27 PM ( #5 )

Thanks for over 100 views! Already!?  :D


Hi! Sorry I didn't post for a few days. I was being pretty lazy :P But Mia is already an adult, and I've decided which Tamagotchis I'm running along with her! a43kgl.jpg


I found my other v2! (the pink one.) I really miss running it, so I'll start up one or both of my v2's.


Anyways, like I said, Mia is now an adult. I didn't get any pictures of her teenager stage (oops),  but she was a Ringotchi. Her bandmates were Chamametchi and Ichigotchi. Here she is in her adult form:




Yep! A Sebiritchi! I love this character. The band failed Pro Debut, but I've figured out a glitch with the bandmates! I'll post about it on TamaTalk later. I guess that's really it, the two instruments she owns are the microphone and the trombone.


Thanks for reading! Sorry for the short post!


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Posted 16 November 2013 - 12:29 PM ( #6 )

*Hey guys! Its Mia! I've been begging Kero to be able to talk on the log, so here I am! We'd like to give a HUGE shoutout to Bella6328 for her kind words, fanmail, and the request she's given us! ~Thank you~ :D

And, big thanks to our viewers! We ALREADY have a shocking 127 views, and we're just getting started! We love you guys :wub:


Hi everyone! Again, thanks for everything you've done. I really enjoy logging and I couldn't log without YOU PEOPLE! *affectionate virtual hug* So to make up for the time I didn't log, today we're going to have a TWO PART POST! I still have a few Tamas I'm waiting on to evolve, so the second part won't be random boring stuff. Well, anyways, here was my day with the Tamagotchis so far:




So yesterday, I was torn between running my two v2's or my two v4.5's because Bella6328 suggested that I run my v4.5's, but I was already planning to start up my v2's. so, I thought, Hey, why not run one of each? and so I started these two up:




So I'll start with the v2. ^_^


v2 (Star): I missed running this v2 SO much! It was one of my first Tamas. I remember my first adult on it was a Hanatchi! I've secretly wanted that character on this v2 ever since. But anyways, I started her up yesterday, and was greeted by Star the Babytchi when I pressed "Download." but I didn't get a chance to get any pictures of her in the baby stage because she evolved about three minutes after. Ready for a Hitodetchi cuteness overload?








Umm... So yeah. Today she evolved into UFOtchi! I've never gotten this character before :lol:




I think that's the picture limit for TamaTalk now. I'll update on Milo, my v4.5, when he evolves in part 2! Oh, and another full update on Mia. Thanks for reading! :lol:


-To be continued-


Edit: Tyops :P

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