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My little bag of Tama Tricks...

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Posted 28 October 2013 - 11:42 PM ( #1 )

Hey everybody!
Hm... I guess I'll get right into it then! I have 5 tamagotchis so far, a V4, V5, V6 and two TamaGos. Currently running are my two TamaGos- Jimmy and Serena!




Yes... and that's them. Jimmy is 1 year old, and is an Ahirukutchi, Serena is  a Hoshitchi and is also 1 year old. (Although Jimmy is slightly older than her, by about an hour or three.)


At the present moment in time I am supposed to be studying for a Chinese Listening Exam tomorrow, but as you can see- I aint doing much study. And the TamaGos are no help! (As they speak in primarily beeps and calls for attention... I mean, I could try that in the exam, but I don't think I would be likely to pass!)


But yes, that is just a little introduction for today- I will check in with you all tomorrow, but in the mean time, see you later! (P.S- if you don't get this before- HAPPY HALLOWEEN!)


Anyways- My awkward moment of the day... (And yes, this will be a tradition ;) )


That awkward moment when you

realise you take better care of

your Tama's health than your own!




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28 Oct 2013

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01 Nov 2013


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Posted 29 October 2013 - 11:13 PM ( #2 )

Bonjour Everyone!
Halloween's tomorrow- and I am so excited! (Planning on dressing up as a zombie and carving out a squash- sad lack of abundance of orange pumpkins in the southern hemisphere)
The TamaGo's are super-excited as well, already decked out with pixel pumpkins!

Yeah, you'll have to excuse Serena- she's just excited she transformed into a Shelltchi today.
Yeah, be quiet Serena! Let me do the talking-
-and that's Jimmy, he thinks just because he's that little bit older than Serena, he is the boss-
And I am!
Hey, no you're not!
Yes I am!
Are not!
Are to!
THAT'S ENOUGH! *Puts Tamas on silent* There we go- I will pacify them later- Geez- I had no idea teenagers were this hard...

Anyways, yes, as you can see... I now have a Shelltchi and a Kilalatchi, both of which are extremely cute!
(Don't tell them this but one day I think they may get together- if they don't kill each other first)
But yes- I took them to school toady and they don't seem to mind it... I think they like a new change of environment, just sitting at home can get quite boring, especially if they're younger Tamas. But yes, they are both super excited for Halloween tomorrow, and I am making some of the paper that goes inside the TamaGo frame, Halloween style!
Anyways, that's it for today, will check in tomorrow!


Awkward moment of the day....
That awkward moment when someone spots you
with your tama, and suddenly everyone's around,
saying "Hey! I used to have one of those, they were

so awesome- when I was FIVE!"


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Posted 01 November 2013 - 03:55 PM ( #3 )

Hi guys! Sorry for not replying sooner- I had Halloween and then exams... NO SLEEP FOR AGES!!!!

Anyways, here are some  important developments (drumroll please!):
They are now adults!
Jimmy transformed into a Kutchipatchi, and Serena into a Makiko! And they look so adorable!
I love my new bow! It looks so pretty and polka-dotty!!!!    
Yeah, well... I'm green!
Oh Jimmy... Don't worry, you look good!
Thanks... Uh, so do you... :wub:
Aw, thanks! 
(Serena and Jimmy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!)
In unison: SHUT UP CHIKA!


Fine, fine! You guys go do something, while I just talk...
Anyways, they had their first kiss yesterday, and then he took her on a date- they ate omelette together, and afterwards looked at the stars (SO ROMANTIC!!!!). Although today I think Serena was a bit cool, she wouldn't kiss him when he tried to kiss her, so maybe she just wanted a little bit of space? But she's warmer now, and they went on another date today~~

But yes, their both five years old, so maybe some wedding bells soon? I don't know, they grow up so fast! And I remember when they used to be like this- Jimmy and Serena sitting in a tree, A-R-G-U-I-N-G- I dunno where the times gone!!!

So yes, that's it for today!

See ya!


Awkward moment of the day...
That awkward moment when you'd rather
Play with your Tamas, then talk to humans...


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