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What, if Anything, Can You Definitively Say You Love?

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Posted 31 December 2013 - 02:38 PM ( #21 )

  • My 3DS xl  :lol:
  • Karate  B)
  • Fighting  :ph34r:
  • My cat  :wub:
  • My bunny  :wub:
  • My laptop  :o
  • My P's  :D
  • My favorite outfit because it's comfortable  :rolleyes: and pretty  :rolleyes: so I can be comfty on New Year's Eve  :P


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 02:46 PM ( #22 )

Really inexplicably awesome days.
Also pondering unanswerable questions and overthinking everything; I couldn't live without that.
My thought of the day: What are protons and electrons made of, what makes up the stuff that makes up protons and electrons, and what makes up the stuff that makes up the stuff that makes up protons and electrons? And at what point does that chain end?

Protons are made out of quarks, I'm not sure about electrons, maybe they are fundamental particles in themselves. We don't yet know what quarks are made of or even if there's anything smaller than them, so I guess that's where the chain ends for now.

Back on topic...I can definitively say I love protons, neutrons and electrons. I wouldn't be alive without them, nothing would. :P
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