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Itsumo-nana's log! <33

itsumo-nana log

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Posted 21 November 2013 - 06:30 PM ( #1 )

I think I'm more going to hold than have a log, like we hold a journal. A journal all about Tamagotchis, how sweet! <3



This is mainly for record-purpose actually; I never remember much and anyways, who's gonna read this boringess?  B)



So I'm Itsumo-nana... Itsumo is Japanese for Always/forever and Nana's my nickname, and it happens to also be a real Japanese name so I'm happy!! ^^ ((It also means a girl that's what I'm not going to write here in french -/ way less charming indeed.).



I've ordered a pink P's on CDjapan (49.25$ exactly, writing because I wouldn't remember haha) on Saturday night, like 3 hours before leaving to this restaurant/bar to watch GSP's fight again Hendricks (they let me enter the bar area even tho I'm 14 and theres this 18+ rule; I heard some rude men laugh and comment on how I was so young, and yes the fact that I was wearing a ballerina-like pink skirt didn't help-). I was so happy when I succeded in convincing mom and when dad pressed the Buy Now button in Paypal!!!



I've also ordered a white Tama-Go off a seller on Amazon.com, on Sunday night. Costed me 20.44$ and I was reallyreally super happy because the tama was supposed to be PINK but then on Tuesday, the seller emails me telling me they've made a mistake and that they only have white and green Tama-Gos left, that there no longer are pink ones in stock, that they're so sorry and all the usual fake-sorryinglyness. I told them I'd get a white one then and they shipped it Wednesday night, along with a free gift (I think it's going to be a lanyard; and I also think all buyers get a free gift, so that's not a we-are-sorry gift at all).

I'm still really excited to get it tho :wub:  The white one's really cute too. And it has Kuchipatchi, I love Kuchipatchi!!  :lol:



My bro ordered his own green Tama-Go this afternoon, won a bid. He paid 17.45 for his, and it's used... It looks new on the pictures actually, but pictures can lie with the lighting and all. I think he got a good price, but not the best. Will have to log about it when it arrives from GB.



Hmm also... YES I found this cute V5 Cookie Dough design but the seller denies all my best offers without even commenting... Gave him a last and final price, we'll see what happens next!



Will log some more once I receive a Tama :)

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21 Nov 2013

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