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So you went out on me, Pompomtchi?

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Posted 23 November 2013 - 04:32 AM ( #1 )

Although it was likely to top Uwasatchi, with her joy stickers and at age six when she left, Pompomtchi had 3 of her joy stickers and instead of collecting her fourth, she walked out on me. So I couldn't get her to become age 8 and marry,


So that means she won't appear on my list. So that didn't end well.


But yeah, she did send me a letter, but one boundry... I cannot read it because it's in Japanese.


I have restarted it, and now I've got Nittobotchi. I will marry him at 8 (or 9 if he does not evolve before 7PM) and try to have a better 2nd generation.






23 Nov 2013