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V4.5 Skill Points Guide

v4.5 skill points guide v4.5 guide

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Posted 29 November 2013 - 07:59 PM ( #1 )

What are skill points? 

Skill Points are the points shown in the third screen of the tamagotchi's information (the first choice, represented by a little scale). They directly influence what character your tamagotchi will grow up to be. The three skill points are Social (the first symbol, represented by a little smiley face), Intelligence (the second type of skill, represented by a star/sparkle type thing), and Strength (the last skill, represented by a fist). These points are often called different things depending on where you look, but I will continue to call them the names stated above. 



The games you play give you more skill points in certain areas. The skill points are as followed:

Climb, the game available for a tamagotchi at its baby stage, will give you a random amount of any skill point. Tug-of-War, available to children, will also distribute random points. At the teen stage, three more games are unlocked, named Apples, Shapes, and Man-Hole. Apples will give a set amount of Social skill points, Shapes will give a set amount of Intelligence skill points, and Man-Hole will give a set amount of Strength skill points. There are no more games available past the teen stage. 



Once a tamagotchi reaches the teen stage, three selections of teachers are available. Each teacher gives different skill points when a game is completed. Mr. Turtlepedia, a turtle with a moustache, gives Intelligence points. Mrs. Flower, a potted flower, gives Social points. Mr. Canvas, a canvas with a face on it and a cape, gives Strenght points. 




Hope this helps! 

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Posted 29 November 2013 - 08:27 PM ( #2 )

This is a very helpful guide, thank you. :)

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