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Way back when I debugged a Tamagotchi for the first time

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Posted 30 November 2013 - 08:02 AM ( #1 )

(More of a happy remembrance.)

I had just purchased a second V4, and it was to become the subject of many of my experiments. I opened it up, connected the all-too-familiar semicircles below "DEBUG" and I was done. Debugged my first Tamagotchi. And, yes, I was well aware of what happens when a V4 is debugged. That's actually the reason I did it--the V3, for example, would stop at every animation and selection of a menu. While this may be desirable for casual play, I was really in the mood for testing theories and maybe being a little sadist in trying to see how long I could keep an Oyajitchi alive in hyperspeed. DDDDIGRESSING *shot*



We stopped progressing and began digressing.



I chose Masktchi

and got crackin'


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30 Nov 2013