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Tamagotchi Friends

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:20 PM ( #21 )


What should I do? Please ignore this. It's really, really offensive and unacceptable. And here we go again, to drown out that negativity we've just seen. What horrible things to say. TF FANS, KEEP YOUR GUARDS UP, WE'VE GOT OUR FIRST NEGATIVE EXPRRESSION!

Right on, lets see we won't have any more of that.


Let's not have comments like this. It's not necessary.

Yeah. Not necessary.

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:25 PM ( #22 )

How young is Kaya?

Seems like you don't know how the real world works. Please don't bash on people like that.
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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:32 PM ( #23 )

Guys, seriously, STOP SAYING OFFENSIVE STUFF ABOUT THE TAMAGOTCHI FRIENDS! It's so wrong! Tamagotchi Friends is the BEST TAMAGOTCHI MADE SINCE 1997 SO I DO NOT LIKE IT WHEN YOU SAY THESE HORRIBLE THINGS! Two VERY good examples are in this topic: http://www.tamatalk....h/#entry3256883. It's making me REALLY REALLY MAD! And it's discriminatory to all us fans of the TF so SERIOUSLY, STOP IT!

If you want to know my opinion:

Tamagotchi Friends is too amazing to be even a dream. It's so awesome that every time I even look at it, I feel like I went up to heaven. It's a really amazing Tamagotchi that would get a feedback score of 100% from me!

When I bought mine, it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Tamagotchi Friends is so amazing, that even the Tamagotchi P's (which was given a feedback score of 99%) would eventually have to make way for it.

So, changing my slogan a bit... IF YOU LOVE TAMAGOTCHI FRIENDS, I LOVE YOU!

It's amazing. Anyone would love it. No Tamagotchi made since 1997 would be good enough to top it. Not even a colour one.


What I wanted to do was start a topic that showed what we thought of the new Tamagotchi Friends together as a community. There was no need for comments such as "It's all about immature and offensive behaviour. Not tmgc friends." or "That was the most immature reaction I have seen in a very long time. I am not going to argue about such ridiculous thing.
I have the right to say what I think because I did have this Tamagotchi. And in my opinion it could have been a lot better. And many users should know that I was trying to be positive about it for a veeery long time. So get off my back. Ok? Ok, thx.". I reported these posts because they weren't appropriate for the intended atmosphere. So to prevent this from getting any further out of order, I have asked for this topic to be closed for a short time while things get sorted out.


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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:35 PM ( #24 )

How young is Kaya?

On my profile, in my Community stats:

14 years old
October 16, 1999

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:47 PM ( #25 )

Listen, the whole point of this topic is because you want to convince everyone that Tamagotchi Friends is the best thing in the world. You cannot just force your opinion upon us and expect us to listen to you. Its like turning a gay man into a heterosexual by forcing upon your opinion on what they think its right. It makes people uncomfortable and it isnt right either. I think this topic was absolutely pointless and childish of you. How old are you, 5? And last time I checked, I remember there was a rule on TamaTalk called "freedom of speech". Everyone is allowed to state their opinions on whatever they would like without having any discrimination in it.


I seriously dont know what your trying to get out of this because nothing is going to change what we think.


- TamaTamatchi 

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:47 PM ( #26 )

I have the right to say what I think 


What we are trying to get across to you is that everyone has a right to say what they think

Carol's comments were completely called for. Yours, however, were not.

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 08:08 AM ( #27 )

It would be nice if EVERYONE observed the rules of this site and kept their comments polite and respectful towards each other  :rolleyes:
Everyone is entitled to express their opinion on TamaTalk - as long as they do so within the site rules regarding language and behaviour.
If you feel passionate about something please make sure you express yourself within the site rules. 
If you see a post or topic that you think is a problem or breaks the rules, please report it for the TamaTalk Guides to deal with, but don't pitch with comments that break our site rules (even if you think they are justified..)
There is no site rule that says it's OK to ignore the rules if you see another member did it first.