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Lily's P's-Diary

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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 04 January 2014 - 03:38 PM ( #1 )

When I woke up this morning, I looked at the shipment tracking for my Tamagotchi P's on my phone and saw it will be delivered today! And an hour later, the kind mail-man ringed at my door.
I payed the import VAT and then I got my package ^_____^
It just took a week from japan to me via EMS (including the time at the customs office and holidays).
I will always use this shipping method in the future, because the delivery time is so much shorter. I payed the same shipping costs for my iD L and it took 4 weeks via standart shipping -.- never again!
I informed my sister immediately, she came to me and we unboxed them together. Oh yeah, we both of us bought one ;)
Her is the white one and mine is the purple.
It took a little time to type in her user name, because the translated name was weird and then we couldn't find the right hiragana and katakana symbol on the Tamagotchi^^'
But we finally managed it and it could get started ;)
After a minute I got my first baby a little boy named Aokumotchi.
The little guy is so sweet^^ I got them on my Tamagotchi Friends too, but on it, I couldn't see anything, because of the strange screen. But now on the P's, I just see how cute he is ;)
The same hold true for the Turtletchi he evolved into after an hour^^
In the meanwhile the Tamagotchi of my sister evolved as well. She got a Pinkubotchi and later a Puchihanatchi.
We connected the two each other and her Puchihanatchi visited my Turtletchi *-*
2014-01-04165647.jpg  2014-01-04165920.jpg  2014-01-04165757.jpg
They ate together,  went together at the park and wanted to take a bath together, but because they are a boy and a girl, my Turtletchi left the bathroom with blushed cheeks. It is so adorable ♥
After Puchihanatchi went back home, a new menu point flashed and I got a diary entry.
I can't read it, but it is surely written down the things they did together. It's really a nice feature and makes so much fun ^^
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04 Jan 2014

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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 04 January 2014 - 03:40 PM ( #2 )

I bought the Tamagotchi on ebay and the seller sent me a little gift with it – a cute small package of Tamagotchi tissues and little stickers *.*

2014-01-04134910.jpg  2014-01-04134858.jpg  2014-01-04202759.jpg

They are so cute, with the motif and they smell like strawberries ♥♥♥



My P's with it's pouch I made myself and a little Amigurumi I made yesterday evening.


And now, after a great first day, the little boy is sleeping. Good night little Turtletchi :wub:



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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 04:39 PM ( #3 )

I did something bad today :( but more about it later.


First of all, I have to say it was a good choise to change the Tamagotchi Friends for this one.

I thought the screen of the iD L would be fantastic, but the P's one is even greater! So detailed and bright colours and for me, it has a little 3D effect, very cool^^


I tried the cool new pre-school feature and it's so adorable *.*

Turtletchi drew a picture together with a classmate and when he came back home, there flashed a little heart on the book icon, which means we got a new diary entry. This happens everytime when the Gotchi was at the pre-school, day-care or at work.



Turtletchi reached the teen stage after 24 hours and evolved into Cosmotchi. I painted him in a new look ;) and with a little bath, he got his original colour back.


My sister said he looks like wearing a plate around his neck and I just read at tamagotchi.wikia that it's true XD


Sooooo, yesterday then Cosmotchi evolved into Knightchi. He is very cool ^___^ And he immediately got his 1st puzzle piece by eating a hamburger steak from the restaurant.

2014-01-06143801.jpg  2014-01-06144217.jpg


To obtain a job, he had to reach at least one of the following conditions:

  • visit the park 10 times

  • buy 2 things from TamaDepa

  • buy 2 items from KiraMori

  • eat 10 times at MusicCafe

I already done the first one, so Knitghtchi got a job as a policeman at the park. It's such a great feature. You don't have to take care of your Gotchi and additionally could gain money – 250 GotchiPoints per hour. And he looks sooooo cool and strong – a real person in authority ;)


And now the bad thing … I connected my Knightchi with my sister's Kiraritchi a few times, to play and visit each other. We also connected it with my iD L, but sometimes the connection failed. So we tried out every option and Knitghtchi + Kiraritchi married by mistake :(

In itself it's not bad, but I didn't had all of Knightchis puzzle pieces until this moment.

It made me really mad and sad, because I wanted to have every generation with all the 4 puzzle pieces, like at my iD L, to unlock every hidden feature on the P's as fast as it's possible. But now I „wasted“ the first generation and I had Knitghtchi just for one day. I liked him so much and wanted him to stay a little longer, because he was my first P's adult ever … I'm still sad :(


Anyway, my sister and I got little boy twins – Aokumotchis. They evolved into Turtletchi later this day. So I have the same initial situation like 2 days ago. Let's see what character I will get this time.





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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 09 January 2014 - 06:08 AM ( #4 )

I connected my Tamagotchi with my sisters one and look what they did^^

2014-01-07140913.jpg  2014-01-07140350.jpg  2014-01-07140416.jpg 


2014-01-07140543.jpg  2014-01-07_2140913.jpg

The twins ate at the restaurant, used the cable railway, drawed a picture at the pre-schhool and the last picture was at Turtletchis playroom. The two played hide and seek XD It was adorable to see my Turtletchi jumping in the bin in the left corner and my sisters Turtletchi ran around and looked for his twin, but he couldn't find him and starts crying. That wasn't cute, but the whole situation was very sweet ^__^


Since the connection between my P's with my iD L and my sister's P's, my Gotchi gets a lots of letters from them. We get them by going out in the garden and a bird appears.

2014-01-09094655.jpg  2014-01-09094705.jpg  2014-01-09084902.jpg


As you can see, my Turtletchi evolved into a Maimaitchi yesterday^^ I changed his colours at the painting room.



Another funny thing happened when Maimaitchi was at the garden. He jumped in the air and catched a discount coupon. It's for double the prize we win at the game center.


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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 10 January 2014 - 01:06 PM ( #5 )

I got a Rightchi as an adult *.* And we started to collect his puzzle pieces already.

He got the first 3 by

  • wearing a helmet

2014-01-09173018.jpg  2014-01-09173029.jpg  2014-01-09173039.jpg

        he is rolling around – so kawaii^^

  • playing with the pc

2014-01-09172933.jpg  2014-01-09172920.jpg

The PC is for increasing the intelligence and yeah, it worked. He is so intelligent, that he is able to fly to the moon like a Gotchinaut XD

  • and eating space food

2014-01-09172804.jpg  2014-01-09172943.jpg

It's very sweet that the puzzle pieces wearing ribbons XD


He will get his 4th and last puzzle piece tomorrow, when he is 48 hours an adult and that means, he will marry tomorrow ♥


Rightchi played with his „twin“ (my sisters Kuchipatchi) and they cooked together, but failed ^^' Although Kuchipatchi is a big eater and already wear his cooking hat XD



Today it's the 10th of January and we met one of the eco triplets in the park. We helped cleaning up the park and got the eco bag for award.

With this bag, we get a 50 % discount when buying something from TamaDepa. And he can use it as a toy.



Oh and a very cool thing happend today at Rightchis garden. He usually got letters from his friends, but this time, a buyer appeared and wanted to buy stuff from my treasure chest.

I gave him a cup of fruits for 500 GotchiPoints, the same for 2.500 GotchiPoints and a big strawberry cake (which Rightchi cooked together with Kuchipatchi) for 500 Points.

It's a good method to sell things you have twice ;)



Rightchi with his pet – I think it's a Yumekyantchi.


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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 10:04 AM ( #6 )

Like I said, Rightchi will marry when he got his 4th puzzle piece. This happend already last saturday, but it was never the less the cutest wedding I have ever seen ♥

Before the wedding started, he gained a bit money for his future family by working as a policeman at the Tsubomi Park^^



Okay, the possible brides were:

Yumemitchi, Yukinkotchi and Jurietchi.


I chose Yukinkotchi, because I fell in love at the first sight ♥ She looks like a beautiful, but a little creepy ice-princess XD



The ceremony was soooooo cute, with the usual fireworks, the dates like on the iD L and a cool new scene with the wedding-car. It's so sweet with the tins behind the car, like at real wedding *.*

2014-01-111643086-1.jpg  2014-01-11164353.jpg  2014-01-11164405.jpg  2014-01-11164416-1.jpg


The happy couple got a little girl named Pinkubotchi. After one hour full of love and care, she evolved into Puchihanatchi and yesterday evening into Nokobotchi.



Nokobotchi will raise to an adult this evening and I'm very excited to see which character I will get.

It's cool that the Tamagotchi P's has a new growth-system. It not just only depends on the usualy care misses, there are 5 personality elements: intelligence, style, charisma, gourmet and strength.

To get a specified personality, the Gotchi have to play with a special toy, wear special clothes or eat special food.

I hadn't did any special to get a specified character, so let's see which I will get.

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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 11:22 AM ( #7 )

New strangers came at Nokobotchis garden to buy things from her yesterday afternoon. A guy wanted to buy her vacuum cleaner. He bought it for 5.000 GotchiPoints! I couldn't believe it, but it's true.

After I sold mine, I went to TamaDepa to buy a new one and what a suprise – with the eco bag from the Eco Triplets we got a 50 % discount and yay, I just had to pay 500 GP – very cool ;)

2014-01-13115040.jpg  2014-01-13114945.jpg


Later then, Nokobotchi evolved into Kiraritchi.


Oh my god, she is so beautiful and cute and sweet and adorable XD I really like the characters of the P's^^

As you can see, I already started to collect her puzzle pieces. To gain them, she had to

  • eat a shining cake from the Music Cafe


   She met a Rightchi at the Cafe^^

  • wear a princess tiara from Kira Mori


She is so cute without her hat and when you can see her ears ♥

  • and play with the clapperboard from Tama Depa

Th clapperboard is a really cool thing, because when Kiraritchi use it, she shoot a movie.

The story of the movie contains Kiraritchi, which is attacked from enemys. Suddenly a scroll and a light of ray appeared and cut the enemys down. Then Kunoitchi appeared, she pulled her sword, Kiraritchi did it too and they fought. Kiraritchi won of course XD

The last screen announces the upcoming movie – it is soooo cute XD


Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 01:11 PM ( #8 )

Kiraritchi got her last puzzle piece yesterday and was ready to marry.
                                                           This is the way it looks at the status menu, after the Gotchi gained all 4 puzzle pieces.

I decided to not using the matchmaker this time, but having dates in the park to find a possible husband ;)
So Kiraritchi made herself a little pretty and went in the park.
Here you can see her with her pet – a Monatotochi.

Take a look, she met a Kuchipatchi there and they had lunch together^^
After 2 more dates, Kuchipatchi proposed to her and they married.

My 4th generation is starting with a girl again. From the egg hatched a Pinkubotchi, which evolved into Terubotchi after one hour and into Nokobotchi at 7 pm today.

Here are the latest diary entries:

 2014-01-14224515.jpg  2014-01-15170520.jpg

Kiraritchi at the day-care and working at KiraMori ^^


And here is my first summary of the previous generations and characters for the P's so far:



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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 18 January 2014 - 03:08 PM ( #9 )

I fed Nokobotchi with space food and let her play with the computer, for obtaining a charismatic personality to get Himespetchi and it worked ;)


She was working at Tama Mori this morning^^


We got her puzzle pieces by drinking a health drink from the Music Café, wearing a lab coat (I knew she looks like a scientist XD) and using the hand mirror.

2014-01-18090418.jpg - 2014-01-18090447.jpg - 2014-01-18090600.jpg - 2014-01-18090613.jpg - 2014-01-18090640.jpg

She was angry, because when she used the mirror, a duplicate oh herself appeared and abviously she doesn't like that^^'


I bought a dress for her and the suitable ribbon. I know it's really girly, but she is already pink, so the clothes doesn't make it worse XD

2014-01-18203752.jpg - 2014-01-18203853.jpg

Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 07:06 AM ( #10 )

Sorry for not posting over a week, but I had a house guest the whole last week and my parents had their silver wedding yesterday and I had to bake a lots of cupcakes for this ocassion.


But I will catch up the last 2 generations since the last post.


Himespetchi married on the 19.01.2014. The possible grooms were Kochimotchi, Memetchi and Rightchi.


She decided for Rightchi.

2014-01-19192934.jpg - 2014-01-19193009.jpg - 2014-01-19193018.jpg


The sweet couple got a little boy. He grew from a Aokumotchi into Turtletchi, then into Maimaitchi and finally into Atchitchi.



As you can see, Turtletchi went into the park and met one of the eco triplets on the 20.01.2014.

After he helped out cleaning the park, he got the eco car as a gift.


Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 07:07 AM ( #11 )

You can use the car as a toy


or drive to the new travel destination „Eco Town“


We got a tomato from the nice guy and everytime we visit the town, we get some food ;)


Further in the text: To get Atchitchis puzzle pieces he had to wear the cat hat from KiraMori, use the trimmer from TamaDepa and eat the dumplings from the mobile food car, which sometimes appears in your garden.

2014-01-23095136.jpg - 2014-01-23095333.jpg + 2014-01-23095352.jpg - 2014-01-23173046.jpg + 2014-01-23173023.jpg

I had to change the date into summer, because the food car doesn't appear while it snows.


Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 07:08 AM ( #12 )

Some friends of mine and me were ice-skating on sunday. While we sat in the train, I connected my Tamagotchi with my sister's and my Atchitchi married her Memetchi ^__^


I was a bit disappointed, because the ceremony with a second Tamagotchi is so short. No dates, no kisses, no wedding car, no chapel … just the couple with the two eggs :(

But it's cute nevertheless and I love the twins – we got a boy^^



Carol_tama has brought me to the idea for the following picture:


My sister and I changed the hearts ;) It looks pretty nice. Thanks Carol^^


Anyway, Aokumotchi evolved into a Turtletchi and then into Maimaitchi.



I decided to keep his personality a charismatic one to get a Spacytchi. I hope I will get enough care misses, I need at least 8, otherwise I will get a Monakatchi.

Let's see which one will work ;)

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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 10:47 AM ( #13 )

Unfortunately I didn't make it to get a Spacytchi. I needed a charismatic personality and 8 care misses, but I only had 7, so Maimaitchi evolved into Monakatchi.


I don't know what he is supposed to represent, but he's kinda cute in my opinion^^


I gave him a random toy to play and find accidently out, that the Patchi stuffed toy is his favourite one and we got our first puzzle piece ^__^



His second piece was gained by wearing the Nekotchi hat from KiraMori.



And for the last piece so far, we needed the mobile food cart. I had to change the date again, because it's snowing a lot and at this „bad“ weather, the food cart doesn't appear.

2014-01-29151637.jpg - 2014-01-29151614.jpg

His favourite food are the doughnuts.


Monakatchi was working at TamaDepa from 7am until 2pm.



He went in the park after work and met one of the eco triplets, because today is the 30th of the month. After helping the little green guy, we got an eco-car again :( I was hoping for the scoop so much >.<

2014-01-30134221.jpg - 2014-01-30134234.jpg - 2014-01-30134309.jpg


Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 10:48 AM ( #14 )

After Monakatchi got his last puzzle piece today, he went to the matchmaker ;)

He chose his wife out of these 3 girls:


Kiramotchi, Julietchi and Furifuritchi.


And his choise fell on Furifuritchi.


She really looks interesting. She has really cool eyes – my mum would say „bedroom-view“ with her half closed eyes^^'


It's everytime beautiful again to see the wedding ceremony^^

2014-01-30151558.jpg - 2014-01-30151633.jpg - 2014-01-30151645.jpg


And what a suprise – I got a boy again.

2014-01-30151658.jpg - 2014-01-30151711.jpg

I only had 2 girls so far, out of 7 generations.


Little Aokumotchi evolved, like always, into Turtletchi after one hour^^


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Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 04 February 2014 - 11:00 AM ( #15 )

Turtletchi grew to a teen after one day and evolved into Cosmotchi.



We decided for some outdoor activity and went to the recently unlocked amusement park.

There are really nice attractions, including two different caroussels, a ghost house and a giant wheel.

2014-02-01105358.jpg - 2014-02-01105614.jpg - 2014-02-01105542.jpg - 2014-02-01105644.jpg


After the exciting visit at the amusement park, Cosmotchi went to the pre-school and took a little nap^^



After he came home, he evolved and I finally got my Spacytchi! ^____^

We immediately start to gain his puzzle pieces and to do that, he had to wear a jewel crown, use the sewing kit and eat the luxury curry.

2014-02-02140106.jpg - 2014-02-02140341.jpg - 2014-02-02140231.jpg

Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 04 February 2014 - 11:05 AM ( #16 )

We visited eco town a few times and got nice gifts:

2014-02-02200837.jpg - 2014-02-02200938.jpg - 2014-02-02201009.jpg


My sister and I were for dinner at my parent's on sunday and we connected our Tamagotchis together.

Her Chokomakatchi visited my Spacytchi and they did a lot of nice things together:

cooking together, build a sandcastle at the park, learning at the day-care, using the railway and dancing together.

2014-02-03135620.jpg - 2014-02-03140832.jpg - 2014-02-03140931.jpg - 2014-02-03141018.jpg - 2014-02-03141206.jpg


I had to change the batteries and after I downloaded my Spacytchi, the time setting started a day before at 9 pm, so it will be take one day longer to recieve the last puzzle piece..


Lily Lapislazuli

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Posted 08 February 2014 - 04:56 AM ( #17 )

Oh my, sorry for not posting, but I'm really „busy“ at the moment. I crocheted a lot, many gifts for a whole bunch of people and birthdays, I'm obsessed with a new series and have to work more than usually and I want to play the drums more often. So much to do and so little time :(


anyway, I have to catch up a bit, beginning with the marriage of Spacytchi. It was at the 04.02.2014.

He took his bride out of Kiramotchi, Furifuritchi and Yumemitchi ...


and he chose Kiramotchi and they got a little girl, yay^^



Pinkubotchi evolved into Puchihanatchi, then into Neotchi [for the first time ;)] and finally into Kiramotchi. I think she looks like a teen as well, so cute and innocent. Maybe because she is the little sister of Kiraritchi??? Who knows.



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