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Trash Pack Cartoon

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 07:11 PM ( #1 )

I cannot remember if I already made a topic about this but if I did, it's most likely old because nobody replied. eue

The Trash Pack is a kind of toy. They're boring squishy little figures that come in Trash Cans, but there are fun playsets and toy trucks for them as well. I'm not into the toys, but I do like looking at the Trash Pack trading cards. My younger brothers collect Trash Pack and unfortunately, their collection is gigantic.


Here are links to the current episodes:

Episode 1: Fly Poo

Episode 2: Don't Bring it Up

Episode 3: Snot my Problem

Episode 4: Spoiler Alert

Episode 5: Gum and Gummer

Episode 6: Wreck the Halls


I first found the cartoon because I was randomly on YouTube thinking, "I wonder if there's a Trash Pack cartoon." So I searched it and there WAS! I watched the first episode and it weirded me out but I also thought it was kinda cute and funny. The next episode, however, was extremely disturbing and I HATED IT! When episode 3 came out, I almost didn't watch it.... but I did, and YAY IT'S THE BEST EPISODE EVER! It's SO clever and adorable and hilarious, I love it so much! It's the only episode I really, REALLY adore. >w< Scummy Screen is my favorite Trashie because of this episode!


Episode 4 is pretty good, episode 5 isn't special but the ending is still funny, and...episode 6... IS THE WORST! I was horrified when I watched it but  I accidentally burst out laughing when Blowfly burps 10 times to the tune of the song. ouo; But still, it's the worst episode ever and I recommend not watching it. I hope episode 7 comes out soon, and that it's a CUTE FUNNY episode like Episode 3.






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Posted 13 January 2014 - 08:38 PM ( #2 )

I have a high tolerance on the Trash Pack, but the Big Rig Buddies are far better!