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Posted 26 January 2014 - 09:57 AM ( #1 )

If this game were translated in japanese, it would mean "Egg Monster". This is an app for the Android, iPad, and iPod Touch. It's where you get to raise your own monster and make it evolve, and prepare it for battle (in an update they will release in the future). However, the drawback is that you cannot let it die. Letting it die will cause you to lose your pet, but you can resurrect it by using any of these items:


  • Resurrection Dust (Only for Baby monsters)
  • Resurrection Scroll (Only for Teen monsters)
  • Resurrection Stone (Only for Adult monsters)


When you first get the game, you will get an egg. There are only three eggs to choose from, and you can pick only one pet (they will have an update where you can have up to 3 pets at once). There's a pink egg (bunny Tamagomon), a green, spiky egg (dinosaur Tamagomon), and a blue egg (cat Tamagomon). When you select an egg, there will be a name above it, but you can change it when you tap the bar (with its name inside). The tutorial will explain how to care for your pet when you start.






26 Jan 2014