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ICHIROID: The Third +Chapter (Season 3)

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 10:28 PM ( #1 )

Hello everyone and welcome to the third season of ICHIROiD!!
Just like what I'm doing before, I'm running a specific version for the entire run with additional guests on the side for some surprises.
For Season 3 I've decided to run my navy blue +Color. Without further ado, let's get the season rolling in!
Let's hatch the first egg!
A few minutes later, we have a healthy Nokotchi for our first generation!
Interestingly, babies are always needy regardless of versions... but this one's Happy Meter despite being very short is a little more manageable than that of the iD and iD L. In no time at all the little one grew into Sakuramotchi.
To get a sense of comfort with the new house and surroundings, we took her for a short trip to the park.
Since there's nothing much to do in the new house for our first day, we decided to go shopping for a bit at the TamaTama Market.
Oh look, for each purchase comes a free lottery ticket. Might as well try our luck with this one later on.
We bought green tea from the store and have the little one give it a taste...
Did you like it?
Apparently she did. It gave her our very first Happy symbol! Oh right, happy symbols work differently for this version. This is going to be challenging! :D
I wonder if we'd be able to complete all seven of them for this generation? We'll keep our fingers crossed.
** To be continued **

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28 Jan 2014

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22 Feb 2014


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Posted 30 January 2014 - 05:49 PM ( #2 )

Second Episode!!
Wow we already have 7 followers... this is going to be one long shout-out!
Cheers for GO-GOZARUTCHI1, tamastar133, EMF, Hayden, Musicstartama, Tamacass and tamatown123! It's been a very long time since Season 2 yet you stayed up and waited. ;)
* * *
Right up the very next day... Sakuramotchi has grown into...
Since she's old enough to brave the cold outside, we then decided to plant the Hapihapi seeds.
IMG_0119_zps631d1b5a.jpg IMG_0120_zps985f5c92.jpg
According to the guides, once the tree bears fruit you'll get a visit from Hapihapitchi and activating one of the Happy symbols. And now we wait...
Another item that gives off Happy symbols is the ice candy. It usually takes a while, so let's just say we spent her teenage years munching on this thing...
IMG_0122_zps9ed07f60.jpg IMG_0123_zps03c4aa30.jpg
...until we eventually managed to get the Happy symbol (but not after getting toothaches three times)!
The very next day, she has grown into...
IMG_0124_zpsd5514ca3.jpg IMG_0125_zps46b3e0a1.jpg
Interesting... is it just me or she reminds me of a female Humpty Dumpty?  :P
Going back outside there was a downpour, but we were overjoyed to see that the plant has finally grown into a tree!
We then opened one of the fruits and guess who stopped by...
...and gave us a Happy symbol  :D
** To be continued **

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Posted 04 February 2014 - 05:11 PM ( #3 )

Two new followers, YAY! Hello and welcome aboard, CheesyNoodleTama and Poketama856! :D
Big shoutouts to tamatown123 and Hayden for bugging our producers for the latest episodes every now and then! These kinds of feedback help us boost the quality of the log and inspires us daily to bring more happy (if not crazy) stories :)
Remember the lottery tickets we got from shopping at TamaTama Market a few days back? We took Marotchi to try her luck with one of them today.
Oh man... the black ball is the lowest prize. Not much of a good day today, but we made the most out of the prize, of course.
Anyhoo, it's been snowing all the time and based on our luck with the lottery it looks like we're not getting all of them 7 Happy symbols... so why not proceed to the next generation then?
I took Marotchi to the Matchmaker's place shortly.
Upon arriving, we were greeted by Granny the Matchmaker! Oh, this looks different from the previous seasons!
"I'll leave you and your partner shortly."
Okay, that's pretty straightforward. :P
Nemutchi was presented... and then there's love. :D
A few interesting things to note --- the Matchmaker only presents one candidate, so if you didn't like them you can just cancel and return again for Granny to present another one. No dating scene, either...
And soon enough...
It's a baby boy!
She played with her newborn and sent him to Dreamland... hoping that he'll be ready to face the world growing up once he wakes up. :)
** To be continued **

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Posted 22 February 2014 - 10:24 PM ( #4 )

Big shoutout goes to tamatown123 for the support!
And of course we will welcome our returnee from Season 2 -- hey Amarisje! Glad to have you back... and we give waves and claps to daniinthetardis and Lily Lapislazuli for hopping aboard the Season 3 fan club! :D
Okay, so we have a baby boy for our second generation, a little Kinotchi.
Hey, why don't you come up close and personal with your adoring fans on the camera?
There we go! Now off you go to do your first task, which is of course, gardening.
...so grow up, maybe?
He had a pretty quiet time being a toddler, but even though we tried in vain to get another Happy Symbol by spamming the magnifying glass, he seemed to have fun wobbling the thing all over the place.
Teen years are where the fun begins...
That's right! He became a Kikitchi! Okay, coming from the iD series; it does feel weird seeing him as a teen, but appearance-wise he does look like one. He feels confident enough to go out on his own, so later during the day he set out for Tama Tama Market.
Something on the counter caught his eye, what could it be?
Oh, a yellow train pass? That looks pretty expensive, but our curiosity took over... so we took the yellow train and at the very next stop...
Wow, is that Tama-Depa? Cool! That means there are more interesting stuff we can see and buy! He set his eyes on this curious little bottle standing in one of the shelves by the entrance.
Is that a... fertilizer? Well, we'll never know until we try.
Oh look, we were handed 3 pieces of lottery tickets! Unlike Tama Tama Market which only gives out one! That means we could go back to the lottery place and get more chances of winning!
Upon going home, we excitedly went out to the garden and started pouring out the said fertilizer...
Then the ground started shaking... uh oh...
** To be continued **

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