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Posted 14 February 2014 - 04:47 AM ( #1 )

Hello! I'm Amethyst and this is my very 1st log! Currently I'm running a Tama-Go and a v5 (I think 0.0). On my Tama-Go I have Necktietchi and on my Music Star I have Mattaritch,Sakuramotchi and Amirukutchi.




Name: Bob

Gender: Boy

Tamagotchi: Tama-Go

Age: 2

Weight: 42 lbs

Gen: 1

Train: 3

Friendship: 3 1/2


Name: Jack

Gender: Boy

Tamagotchi: ???

Age: 0

Gen: 1


Name: Azlea

Gender: Girl

Tamagotchi: ???

Age: 0

Gen: 1


Name: Ben

Gender Boy

Tamagotchi: ???

Age: 0

Gen: 1





So the reason I wrote ??? is because I actually...don't know what one i'm playing because I assumed this one was my lost music star but i'm guessing I found my v5 as this has the tea serving game, though i'm not sure as i can't find a v5 with my design on the internet (i'll upload a pic later, the picture sharing side of the internet is not being kind to me today)


So today on my tamagotchi I got home and saw that my Mattaritchi had now become Necktietchi (whom I remember hating last time I played) I mean, he has a pretty uncreative name and ....look at him....just....look at him


Necktietchi_blue_small.PNG HE LOOKS LIKE A DUCK

but now he just looks silly


And I only started  my tamagotchi whatever today as I didnt have the right battery.I have a blended family by the name of Winte (supposed to be Winter so lets just say it's that) and for some reason every 2 minutes they needed to go to the toilet which was really weird and the their happy and hunger levels go down kinda quickly too.


So hopefully tomorrow I can get  my pictures working and i'll probobly go into more detail about what happened today







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14 Feb 2014

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