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Posted 18 February 2014 - 01:12 AM ( #1 )

Hey guys! Today my Mametchi just went to the Matchmaker and he was presented 3 girls. Memetchi, Giragiratchi and Madonnitchi. Mametchi told all girls they were very pretty but he decided he liked Memetchi. They kissed and went to the park but finally they had a cute little egg, Then out popped a little Momoirotchi!

I have just fed her because I am going to school. Well, see you then!

When I got home from school Momoirotchi room and 2 really big poops and 1 mini one. She had a skull so I had to press the clover urgently. She recovered pretty quickly but I still had to clean up her mess. Then I fed her. She was absolutely starving so I gave her 4 cups of rice and heaps of candy. Then she got a Tooth Decay so I put her on a diet!  :blink: Then she started moving a shaking then she turned it Paletchi. I wasnt really excited because I always get Paletchi and she always turn into Furawatchi! 

Well I will be back with more exciting news! Goodbye, from Lillydale56!  :D 


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18 Feb 2014

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18 Feb 2014


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Posted 18 February 2014 - 02:10 PM ( #2 )

Hi there - I see you are new to the site.


Take a few moments to have a look at the different forum areas - there's a place for pretty much everything ;)

We have a Tamagotchi Logs forum where you can blog the day to day activities of your tama (from The TamaTalk Library area ):  http://www.tamatalk....amagotchi-logs/


I'll just close this for now and look out for your blog in the Tamagotchi Logs sub forum :)