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Posted 18 February 2014 - 11:03 PM ( #1 )

Hi guys! Today my Mametchi went to the Matchmaker. He was really happy because he wanted to get married ever since he was a toddler. He was presented 3 girls. Memetchi, Giragiratchi and Maddonitchi.  He told me it was a really tough choice. He liked Memetchi because of her beautiful curl, he liked Giragiratchi because of her sense of her style and she liked Madonnitchi because of her smile. In the end he chose Memetchi. They kissed and wen to the park then had an egg. 1 minute passed. Out popped a little Momoirotchi. I pressed the button B twice then I got onto the time page,then I pressed the button A and C and let the numbers flicker. That's how you pause. I paused because I was going to school. Well, bye!


I'm back! My little baby turned into a... PALETCHI! Actually, I wasn't that excited because when my Tam (That's what I call it for short) turns into Paletchi it turns into a Sabosabotchi then it turns into Furawatchi! Right now it is 9:00 PM so I'm going to bed.


My Tam woke me up. Wish it was programmed to wake up at 10:00 AM not 8:00AM....Grr. Have to do my homework. Bye!












18 Feb 2014

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