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Posted 15 March 2014 - 08:58 AM ( #1 )

Hello Tamagotchi Planet!

Thanks for sending me a few of your residents for me to care for, for a while. They do a great job of giving me company and I hope that I can do a great job of taking care of them in return!

Right now I have three Tamagotchis running, the first of which is my tamago, the second of which is my music star and the third of which is my new uratama!

On my tamago, for I have had a mametchi for a while, recently my mametchi went to the date place and met a lovely kunoitchi! This is my seventh generation on my tamago and there has only been one girl so far, so I may have a bit of a soft spot for the female characters on the tamago. Excited to get a new generation I eagerly waited for my tamago to wake up, happy to find an egg!


After a few minutes, it hatched! Finally another girl, I am extremely pleased! And very excited to raise her. 


Now with my tamago I shall mainly enjoy my last few days with these guys and wait and look forward to a new tamababy! 

My Music Star hasn't had much going on with it. A few days ago, I stuck a battery in it and downloaded my previous tama. It was a 3 year old Chantotchi named Chibi, she is now 4 and is yet to get her pro debut, I am reacquainting myself with the music star, quite enjoying it, but hopefully i can get a pro debut soon! I'll keep you updated. 


Such a cute character! 

Next up is my new Uratama, so far I am just getting myself aqquainted with it and enjoying the cute blue pixels and the fun games. To be honest I have no idea what I named this one, but I will call him Simon! When i hatched him he was first a Uramemeotchi, a baby from the Urameme group, he then evolved into the toddler Haneotchi. Now I am just waiting for Simon to evolve into a teenager, I am looking forward to it!


Anyway so that's what has been going on with my little guy. Hopefully I will be updating more later when more occurs with these little guys. Thanks for reading!

:lol: Tamagotchis Rock  :lol:  


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15 Mar 2014

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