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Posted 25 March 2014 - 09:27 AM ( #1 )

Sadly there's no Italian Bandai, most Bandai products get Italian releases by Giochi Preziosi and Gig.
Giochi Preziosi released some older Tamagotchis in Italy (except P2, Ocean, Angel, V6 and Tama-Go)
The last Tamagotchi released in Italy was the V5, in January 2009!
Tamagotchi had a big success in Italy, especially in the 90's, but also a lot if controversies by adults, mostly because Tamagotchi was too expensive, so parents preferred to buy clones, thinking they are the same as an original Tamagotchi.
Most clones have a bad animation for the pet's dead, kids were scared for those animations, a guy even attempted to ban Tamagotchis in Italy, while the fault was because of its clones.
The connection series wasn't successful like the original one in Italy, so, probably, this is why GP stopped with the V5.
While in most countries the Connection was intended more for a girls audience, GP preferred to target the Connection series for both sexes, just like the original Tamagotchi.
There's an fb petition to get the new Tama Friends in Italy, and also its gadgets (GP never released any Tamagotchi gadgets, no plushes, no neck straps, no gotchi gear stuff, nothing)
We want...
1)Tamagotchi Friends in Italy
2)Tamagotchi Friends gadgets
3)Unisex target
GP and Gig are masters about making new commercials for Italy, just like they did with the P1 and V1, and many other products, so they can make a new commercial for Italy, of course, GP should make a new logo for the box and change Yumemitchi, Kiraritchi and Himespetchi with other Tamagotchis.
Why a unisex target?
Tamagotchis were created for a gender neutral audience, just like Aki Maita (their creator) said.
Peppa Pig is for girls, but it's unisex in Italy and boys love it too, so why not a Tamagotchi for everyone?There's a comment on the Italian Amazon made by a mom who bought for her son a V3, and her son loves it!So Tamagotchis can be loved by everyone.And if little boys love Peppa Pig and My Little Pony (girls) they can love Tamagotchis too (gender neutral).
If anyone here is Italian, please search Petizione vogliamo il Tamagotchi Friends in Italia on Facebook!
I don't want to spam, this is just a petition so Italian fans can have fun with this new Tamagotchi too.
I hope Discovery Italia will buy the anime for Italian audience, because GP is not going to dub Tamagotchi Friends shorts, just like Spanish Bandai did.
I hope a good companies will buy Tamagotchi movies for an Italian theatrical release, since Italy is getting a lot of East Asian animated movies, especially Japanese anime movies.Surely, if the new Tamagotchi will be popular between kids some company will buy Tamagotchi movies and anime series.
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25 Mar 2014

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10 May 2014


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Posted 10 May 2014 - 09:36 AM ( #2 )

Hi!! Good to see another Italian Tamagotchi fan!! ;)

I really like what you said, because here in Italy many good Japanese brands (from food to toys to videogames) are completely ignored by the ones who could import them. I'm sick and tired to see worldwide releases that won't ever come out in Italy, or even in Europe!! Ok, Japanese people tend to be quite sceptical about western market but... come on!! This is a behaviour I've seen expecially by Bandai: many of their games and videogames (see Digimon as well) are not being sold anymore, even if many fans are asking for them. And why the heck should I pay for an ID-L MORE THAN TWICE ITS PRICE just because it's in English???? I think Bandai is keeping a bad marketing policy: a good half of their products will never see the western market.

About Tamagotchi Friends... I personally don't like it (because it's B&W and because I don't like new girlish characters), but I can understand some fan or collectionist would want to buy it. But the thing that really made me angry about TMGC Friends is the concept itself: you're making a new TMGC release for poor European fans, always ignored and mistreated by your marketing line... this product is your chance to promote TMGC in Europe and WHAT DO YOU DO??? Black and white screen???? At the same price of a color ID-L??? I don't even know if it has the same functions: to me it's a sort of "Tamagotchi Connection" just with grey scale and new case. Let's be honest, at first sight it seems a fake-ID-L.

I'm really disappointed by this, I think Petitions are the only way left to EU fans to be heard by Bandai (so I think I'll support you even if I don't like TMGC Friends). There should be a more general Petition addressed to the whole Bandai Company, to convince them that EU can be a good market, if just they treated us properly and not with high prices for less good things (look at the difference between EU and USA in this page)

Bye bye and good luck for your Petition!! Ciao! :wub:  

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