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Who is Skrillex? A Poem of Our Lovable DJ

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Posted 13 April 2014 - 06:57 PM ( #1 )

Who is Skrillex?

Well, he’s a happy DJ, filled with energy.

He’s someone special, I tell you.


His hair is as black as the night sky,

His face is like a sweet little child’s face, glimmering in the outdoors.

His eyes, are the darkest brown color, with a little glint inside.

His glasses come in a variety of styles.


He was known as a boy, by the name of Sonny Moore.

As he grew, the more fascinated he became with music.

When he was 15, he joined a band, called From First To Last.


However, with a vocal problem,

He was unable to sing any longer.

After a mild surgery, he was able to sing higher,

Much to a soprano range. He was then able to use his singing talent again.


Sonny had left the band in 2007 to pursue a solo career in music,

Thus, he created the dancefloor-oriented project, called “Skrillex”.

He used the name for many generations, and he became the best DJ.



His singing voice, now, his singing voice is smooth and sweet,

Like the sweetest piece of candy in a candy shop.


It sounds like the strum of a harp,

Lightly being plucked, string by string.

Such voices like his only come once in every song.


His speaking voice is very chill and laid-back.

He always likes to hang out and troll with his friends,

As I am told.


Though many of us appreciate him for being a DJ,

Let us appreciate him for being born into our lives.






~Skrillex fan forever and for life...~ - Chama

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13 Apr 2014

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 10:05 AM ( #2 )

skrillex as the name rings in my ear the dj who started out being bulled and home schooled to a punk rock band singer to a awsome dj



     i think everone should know his name skrillex or sonny  moore 



           when ever i hear him sing i think that he is right near me 


                  so what do i think of skrillex i think he was angle brought life 

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