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tamagotchi log

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Posted 17 April 2014 - 04:44 PM ( #1 )

...hello folks. I'm looking forward to this log, so I hope you guys enjoy as you follow along.
let's get started:
    I thought about just resuming tamagotchis via download, but I'll just start one for the log. Anyways, as you can see, a female hatched from the egg, and i named her Kid. This was yesterday, hence why she's a teen already. A Ringotchi. Quite aesthetically pleasing, though i wouldn't mind a Ufotchi, or Young mametchi.
And here is Yopoi, she's a Gen. 6 Dorotchi. I personally don't like them, maybe because i always get them (well they are average-care..), plus it's possible to get them on a version 3 as well (the other version i use a lot). I named my last female Dorotchi Diikat. Weird names, i know. I just always try and give my tamas different ones. Dorotchi stand out to me more when they're female.
a random share:
Pipotchi, one of my favorite tamagotchis. I named this one after a favorite artist of mine, Bibio (bee-bee-oh). I was so thrilled when i first received one. I remember for those days i had Bibio in his adult form, i was filling my log with so many photos. I can say i actually sorta miss him which is why i'll probably aim for a Pipotchi the next time i start up a v3. 
Anyways, that's it for now thanks for reading.
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17 Apr 2014

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26 May 2014


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Posted 23 April 2014 - 06:10 PM ( #2 )


    ..yeah definitely time to update. Poor Yopoi died. I went to work without pausing her nor Kid, so somehow Yopoi died, and yet our adolescent survived. I'm pretty sure they both had full hearts before heading to bed the previous night. 

It's funny to think that a week ago I was blabbing off to my friends that i haven't had a tama die in a long time, but here we are.

I love you Yopoi!!  :wub: R.I.P.. n_n (even in real life i don't see death as a bad thing as it's part of the cycle, so no, it's not that i'm happy to see Yopoi go early).



    I immediately restarted the egg and out came another girl! Perhaps it's Yopoi's reincarnation!! awesome, well Yopoi's new name is Hentr. Oh and just randomly, that was 6 generations lost :[[ but we must try harder!! Hentr turned into a marutchi later that night and a Nikatchi the next day. Think it was due to a nap after work, not sure. She actually turned 1 the day i hatched her, interesting glitch. Right now her age reads 3, but she's actually 2. Hentr's battery actually went out not too long ago, so i need to stock up on some more. 

    To the right we have Kid! and she is happy to be alive! Look at that smile X] out of my last 10 runs on the v2, this is probably the 4th Tarakotchi i received but i love them so much!! Aw yiss :tarakotchi: I'm still not tired of them..yet. 


Til next time.


*Edit* Sorry, i was preoccupied with creating Yopoi's section of the post. Thank you Bathory and Tamaninjacat for the support!! It's greatly appreciated. 

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 12:15 AM ( #3 )

Hey everybody, just a small poem I wrote a while ago for the Kuchipatchi lovers:



The green snout beak nuzzles his muzzle.

Ecstatic, i'm paralyzed.

Dino or duck, your form makes me ponder 

as thy mind flutters further over yonder.

Too see such smiles from one simple trial,

Set time, date and egg  to let time turn life's dials.

Take good, not great care as such results are worth while. 


Project #1

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Posted 04 May 2014 - 05:17 AM ( #4 )

**Thank you Tamaninjacat for liking my poem!! n_n**

anim_5faf5038-13f0-b114-1164-57f3806fabd                                          anim_e4ead320-91e3-4104-31eb-e58da570351


Hey peeps, we have A LOT of catching up to do, as quite a few things have happened since the 2nd to last log 10 days ago, and by catching up, i mean pictures really.. Getting started, the matchmaker came for Kid and brought another Tarakotchi, and she had a girl. Considering Tarakotchi are average care on the v2, her daughter is destined to become an average care toddler, meaning either marutchi or Hitodetchi. [according to the care-levels chart on tama-zone]

This brings my v2 to generation 2. 


anim_f7a87553-610c-9114-b529-70e0624ff5c                     anim_3b803119-8bdd-cdf4-1983-d171f4ddf83



I named Kid's daughter Jink. I took her battery out for a while, but just put her battery back in the other day. Jink is now 1 year old. Yesterday she evolved into a Hitodetchi, and today Jink evolved into a Puroperatchi! I love the propeller on their heads. 

To the right, on my tan v2, we have Prism!! Prism is actually Fyord's son. I hatched Fyord in the Easter hatch, he was a Nyorotchi that liked to play the maracas, in case you didn't know.

Prism also evolved into a Puroperatchi from the Hitodetchi form. I'm making sure these two grow into different adults..lol.



Needless to say my heart almost stopped when i looked at my blue v2 and found a Ginjirotchi!! Oh yeah Hentr grew up into a masktchi which i strongly dislike so I restarted and hatched a boy and named the little guy F-zero. F-zero then proceeded to evolve into a marutchi and afterwards a Ufotchi. Last night he evolved into the character i've been aiming for about a year! (raising tamas on-and-off) I'm so thrilled!! Just like Bibio, the Pipotchi, you will be hearing more from F-zero, the Ginjirotchi. I'm just going to pause him a lot so we can be friends forever X] It's cool because in the Easter hatch, LittleChocoWolf got a Ginjirotchi on her p1.

It seems that Ginjirotchi's main feature are their absent-minded appearance and smiles. It's in the same way that Chomametchi have sarcastic eyes and Decotchi have stiff facial expressions.




Look familiar??


anim_11a8eff0-0473-37f4-ed60-09c6cd79802                     anim_1b0ec242-cc59-52d4-f1a4-9479e524dcd

And here we have Toki. This is one of three of my version 3 tamagotchis. Toki is a 1G female mametchi. I of course prefer mametchis original sprite, but this one isn't too bad. Toki grew from a Teletchi into a mizutamatchi. Her teen form was Young mametchi.  I feel as if i get mametchi every time i restart a v3 lol, but it's fine. They're still cute. 

Tokimonsta :wub:


Thanks for reading.

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 11:01 PM ( #5 )

Hey everybody, time for another update. 

Both Jink and Prism ended up evolving into Butterflytchi. Jink evolved about 4 hours ago and is currently 4 [duh]. 

Prism evolved 2 days ago, so she's currently 6.  


F-zero is great, i only unpaused him when i was in my room for prolonged periods of time, so he's only 5 now lol, but i'm going to only pause him when i go to work from now on, since things are seeming stagnant with him. I'm thinking of either keeping him as an oldie, or just keeping him for a few extra days until saying yes to the matchmaker. Or he can have offspring with Jink or Prism, not sure. 


Toki got the matchmaker 4 days ago, and left me with Froth :] 

Froth turned into a Kuchitamatchi and then today she evolved into a Hinatchi, which btw are one of my favorite teens on the v2 and v3! I'm excited to see what adult i'll get.


With that said, I now have 4 tamagotchis running which is too much for me, so i'm taking Jink's battery out for a while.(she'll be back in a week or so)

2 adults and a teen is nothing. 


That's all for updates. 


I wrote a poem for F-Zero and Ginjirotchi in general, just finished it earlier today, hope you enjoy:




Beyond blue, 

his mood matches his hue. 


With a great attitude,

he ascends beyond all altitude. 


Your smirk and your smile 

can shine for millions of miles,

and to measure in light years,

would still take a while. 


Joyous and free,

you dare to waddle and carry along on your careless spree. 



Project #2

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Posted 26 May 2014 - 12:00 AM ( #6 )

**Thank you Hayden, Tamaninjacat and Purplepyonkotchi for the support! it means a lot to me n.n**



Hello folks.. Update time. 

F-zero is doing great, he's currently 10 years old. It's funny to think that i've had him since the 1st. I've had F-zero for more than 3 weeks from pausing. Nice. I can definitely say I've enjoyed having him around. Other than care levels, version 2 and 3 tamagotchis have some randomness to them. I'm so glad I got a Ginjirotchi. 


Anyways, here's a few photos of F-zero showing off his super strength. The weights can also be used as a hat.




I gave him the pencil and he drew a picture of the angler fish.

This drawing brought me back to the first time i caught a football fish in Animal Crossing Wild World, and turned it in to the museum. Blathers went on about how the male actually attatches to the female when they reproduce, and the male becomes a permanent part of the females body :o0o0o

haha that's gross.





The matchmaker came by yesterday and brought by a Furawatchi, which is a great care character, and F-Zero is a good-care character, so I selected yes and behold, he now has a son! Not quite sure what to name him yet. I'm glad he had a son :]] Now I have to give him some weird name as well. 



Seriously one of the cutest things i've seen on any of my tamagotchis. This one's going on the profile for sure..


Since F-Zero got great training and a good mate from the matchmaker, i'm definitely trying for marumimitchi, mimitchi or Chomametchi next generation, which require perfect care. 

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Posted 26 May 2014 - 10:18 AM ( #7 )




Onward to Prism and her son Kelson. About a week ago the matchmaker came for Prism and brought by a Wooltchi. Prism proceeded to have a son I named Kelson who is once again named after a song or artist. Kelson later evolved into a Hitodetchi. 



Kelson turned into an Oniontchi for his adolescent stage, another of my favorite teens, amazingly. This fondness must date back to when the first connections came out since that would be when Oniontchi were still a newly discover tama-species. 




Kusatchi!! The Bellsprout tama!! One of my favorite adults. I was so happy to find that Kelson had evolved into one. Love the vintage characters. Kusatchi always reminded me of venus flytraps, the carnivorous plants, the thing also standing right next to him in the 3rd photo.

Sadly this guy is actually 8 right now and gets the matchmaker today and leaves tomorrow night. I really enjoyed having him and F-Zero around..

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Posted 26 May 2014 - 11:04 AM ( #8 )



Poor Froth died as well. He actually evolved into a Dorotchi, which is weird since my last Dorotchi, Yopoi died. Even weirder since i had no idea ghosts could die. I decided to take the battery out. 



Jink has been back for a few days, she's currently 7 and will see the matchmaker today along with Kelson. Pretty much i've been relaxing with 3 adults for the past few days. Except for when i lost Kelson and he almost died v_v"

Scary 'twas. 



Vivillon Butterfree


Deaths: 2

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