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Purple's 3rd attempt at a log yay

comments ok tamagotchi log

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Posted 27 September 2014 - 02:16 PM ( #18 )

You're gonna Kikitchi aren't you and Hapihapitchi as a tama-pet lol


How did you know

are you a mind reader XDD

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Posted 04 October 2014 - 07:20 AM ( #19 )

Hmmmm weeeelll

I had to leave my iD L paused at home over the weekend because I'm at my dad's 

And the only way to get it here is to sneak it through school

And my backpack is always crammed so it would've probably ended with it unpausing itself and suffering for 8 hours in my locker.

Aaaaaand I don't want that

(well either way it's not going to be a good care character it's already a Happabouyatchi uuhhhh)


But besides that, I got my profy yesterday, when it said it was going to come in November so that's good

When I stared it up, I was greeted by a japanese... quiiiizzzzzz......... yeeeeey.........

On Tamazone I had to look up the translation for it (I know absolutely no japanese lol)

After the quiz itself, there were some quick-time questions idk 

They didn't have the translation for them so I just guessed at them lol

The first time I got Violetchi/Flowertchi/Whatever, but then the profy went into sleep mode and I had to do the quiz ALL OVER AGAIN

And trust me, it's hard to get used to those touch-screen controls at first (I had so much trouble getting the date set to 10/2)

It's not because the controls are too sensitive, half of the time they wouldn't pick it up at all.

But now the couch screen stuff it fine, but I have use it with the side of my thumb most of the time lol


The second time I managed through the quiz I got Memetchi, idk why it changed but ok lol

Aaaaaaand I collected some Tama Hearts ad played some of the mini-games

I got most of the cake/food-based hearts and for some reason I kept getting the pumpkin-looking heart over and over and ooover

The mini games were pretty fun as well, my favorite is the one with Lovelitchi and the jems or something lol

The Kuchipatchi game I believe I unlocked later is also pretty fun, but I can't jump over the tree stump for the life of me XD


And my favorite part about one of my favorite Tamagotchis, Kizunatchi

...Yeah there's a whole icon with Kizunatchi all in it lol

The 3rd icon lets you put Tamamori (well what it looks like) on her once you unlocked it lol

The last one lets you see some animation of her one you unlock one as well 

There's one with her wearing makeup that I keep cracking up at (hhmmm it reminds me of ikemen Mametchi... Someone make Ikemen Kizunatchi noooow XD)

Well Kizunatchi really just appears everywhere you look on the profy, which I like since she's one of my favorites :D


And the mail.... well uh I never really know what it says

I just skip to the end and see whichever heart they want and press the button if I do and I guess it works

It got Mametchi unlocked for me yesterday

Although I don't read japanese, I just memorize the names of the hearts and other things lol

Last night I got 3 letters from a tama I didn't know, but then I found out it was Meloditchi 

Buuuuut I never figured out what she wanted, only weird Tama Hearts that I don't have lol

(even when I did get one, it did NOTHING when I gave it to her whyyyy)


Now let me start with the ACTUAL logging lol


I woke up literally an hour ago by my profy making the "you have mail wake up" noise.

It went off twice before I actually got up and checked it (bad idea, It's freezing over here lol)

They (which I soon found out was Meloditchi) wanted some Tama Heart that I didn't think I had (I double checked, and I didn't)

Soooo I refilled Mametchi's energy and got a few Tama Hearts, which one happened to actually be the one she wanted

I gave her the Tama Heart through the mail and of course it did nothing again lol

But then Lovelitchi (who's name I actually recognize) asked for some weird Tama heart (which luckly I had lol)

Aaaaand then Kizunatchi came up to the screen saying something in japanese, but the only thing I recognized out of that was Moriritchi

Aaaaaand what turns out is that I got Moriritchi unlocked (YESSSS another one of my faves lol)


And that's about all I did today 

And that's about all I can do today since I have a 5 year only cat laying on my lap who reeeeeallly wants me to pet her instead of type lol

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Posted 05 October 2014 - 06:46 AM ( #20 )

Eh well today I woke up again to my darn profy

It was freaking 7:30 in the morning, Lovelitchi why are you sending mail this earlyyyyy

But yeah it was from her, and she wanted a Tama Heart which I guess I had

Aaaaaand now I have Kuchipatchi yaaaay


Also there's this one letter from Meloditchi just siting in my inbox.

It's just sitting there cuz I can't get whatever tama heart she wants


Ok I'll probably update tonight or tommorow, because I'll have the iD L then and we can go back to real logging yaaaay

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Posted 06 October 2014 - 06:32 PM ( #21 )


I guess I had some good luck or something because I got Kikitchi on da iD L without really trying lel

I woke up this morning (by my alarm clock, not the tama profy finally lol) and I set the time on the iD L to where Seraphim was awake

aaaaaand suddenly he evolved into Kikitchi lololol


On my tama profy, I left it at my house all day.

When I came home (which I missed band practice. Idk why I'm pointing this out but I hate band so much., I had like 5 letters from Lovelitchi, Meloditchi, Mametchi, and some other tama idk guys i kno u liek me but stahp sendin me fanmail plz

I manage to get the heart that Lovelitchi wanted (I don't remember which one tho lel) and theeeeen I unlocked Chamametchi yeee

I think this would be a good time to point out how cute HER FRIGGIN CLOSE UP SPRITE IS ASADFJKFDJ

Ye. Same with Meloditchi's and Lovelitchi's... and the rest of them... but Chamametchi's is just very very vury cute in my opinion lel

I used up her HP to see what kind of tama hearts she collects i'm not gonna look dat up yo no spoilerz 4 meee but I kept getting the hearts I've already collected.

C'mon. You're not helping chama.


Mmmmmm ye that's about all for todey

now time to sit back n' relax with some Clulululululululululululu tea lellelelel

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