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Purple's 3rd attempt at a log yay

comments ok tamagotchi log

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Posted 06 October 2014 - 06:32 PM ( #21 )


I guess I had some good luck or something because I got Kikitchi on da iD L without really trying lel

I woke up this morning (by my alarm clock, not the tama profy finally lol) and I set the time on the iD L to where Seraphim was awake

aaaaaand suddenly he evolved into Kikitchi lololol


On my tama profy, I left it at my house all day.

When I came home (which I missed band practice. Idk why I'm pointing this out but I hate band so much., I had like 5 letters from Lovelitchi, Meloditchi, Mametchi, and some other tama idk guys i kno u liek me but stahp sendin me fanmail plz

I manage to get the heart that Lovelitchi wanted (I don't remember which one tho lel) and theeeeen I unlocked Chamametchi yeee

I think this would be a good time to point out how cute HER FRIGGIN CLOSE UP SPRITE IS ASADFJKFDJ

Ye. Same with Meloditchi's and Lovelitchi's... and the rest of them... but Chamametchi's is just very very vury cute in my opinion lel

I used up her HP to see what kind of tama hearts she collects i'm not gonna look dat up yo no spoilerz 4 meee but I kept getting the hearts I've already collected.

C'mon. You're not helping chama.


Mmmmmm ye that's about all for todey

now time to sit back n' relax with some Clulululululululululululu tea lellelelel

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