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Posted 07 May 2014 - 08:32 PM ( #1 )

So today I got to add a new tamagotchi to my collection: tamagotchi p's!!! :D

I was almost too happy to have it, but I'll admit, I did have a problem with it, especially since it's in Japanese and I speak English. I couldn't figure out the games at first, I had managed to figure out one game really quick, but I didn't like it all because I couldn't do it right... <_<  But anyway I hated the second game at first, but at the end I loved it. Yew should have seen my frustration, it kept telling me I failed every 5 seconds and I was literally saying out loud to my tamagotchi, "Shut up!!! Stop crying!!! I did amazing!!!" Even doe I barely got any gotchi points... :angry:  But some good news I wanted a baby girl and I got one.  ^_^ She's cute and before she went to bed, she evolved into a Puchihanatchi!!! And no matter how much like a tomboy I may seem, I do have quite the attraction to cute things, so yes, that's my excuse for getting pink!!! Yeah, yeah, laugh all yew want, but it's adorable!!! <_<  :D  Anyway I have 3 others that I plan to do over the next 3 days and since this isn't enough of an update for some people, I suggest yew wait all day at the computer for the next one. Not really, yew should probably eat, drink, sleep and poop until then... Especially poop... Seriously doe, don't hold it in dat's not good. Anyway, goodbyeee!!! :wub:

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07 May 2014

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