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Tamagotchi Tamagooo!

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 08:23 PM ( #1 )

Yo yo yo, tama fans!!! Time to talk about my tamagotchi tamago!!! :D  Yeah!!! I was considering canceling my other non-color tamas, but then I was like I CANNOT do this to myself, the tamagotchis, and to yew tama fans!!! So anyways, I'll just have to make time for them all. *sighs* That just means a lot more work for me...  :P So continuing on a happier note, let's start with the exterior!!! It's purple with the tiniest sparkles imaginable so cute right? 

???: That's still girly, Pashmeana. <_<

Me: Shut up, Zeus, this is not yewr version conversation!!! :angry:

Zeus: The next one is mine, but I can't wait... People need to see this face!!! :rolleyes:

Me: Zeus, people come here to see me talk, not yew!!! :angry: Don't make me reset yew!!!

Zeus: No, no, no please!!! :o

Me: Then go away!!! Thank goodness he's gone! So anyway I have a boy on my tamago, he's really kawaii!!! He's a monpatchi... Ya I know he's a bad character to get, but I still love all my tamas and don't yew dare think it isn't true. I think they're all beautiful in their own ways, unless of course they're not mine, in that case they're pretty ugly. Just kidding!!! LOL!!! :lol: I honestly think all tamas are beautiful!!! :D Anyway, gotta cut it short, my tamas are calling and practically begging for attention. Byeee!!! :wub:

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08 May 2014

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