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Posted 14 May 2014 - 04:56 PM ( #1 )

Hello. Today I will be starting another attempt at a Tamagotchi Log. If you don't know, it's comments OK, so don't send feedback in PM's.  We have Lil' Buck, but we'll also be running my Music Star soon.  Today we had an average day... Sometimes his hearts went down to zero, but I dealt with it. We didn't have much time, as my mom wanted to do some stuff with me. I will be back tommorow, maybe the day after. 






14 May 2014

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Posted 15 May 2014 - 11:12 AM ( #2 )

Hello.  Sorry yesterday's post was boring. Today, Lil' Buck evolved into Kikitchi in his sleep. Also, Phil let me keep his Tama-Go. It's a Shelltchi right now, and I have decided to nickname her Shelly. So, their statuses:
Lil' Buck:
5 Hungry Hearts,

5 Happy Hearts,

9 Training Bars,

65 pounds,

3 years old,

5 Friendship Hearts


5 Hungry Hearts,

5 Happy Hearts, 

3 Training Bars,

64 pounds, 

1 year old,

1 Friendship Heart

Apparently, Shelly glitched as a toddler and evolved... I might as well let them talk for now.

Lil' Buck: Hey, Shelly! You don't mind connecting again, do ya?

Shelly: Guess so.

(Meanwhile, they eat Pork and Beans. They're done now. Seriously...? They gain weight when they eat when visiting?)

OK, gotta go... Gotta de-plump these two before people use destructive criticism to make this log fail before they die and I have to use shock therapy the A+C soft reset method to revive them...

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Posted 15 May 2014 - 12:36 PM ( #3 )

Good news! Shelly evolved into a Marotchi and I renewed my copy of Tamagotchi Simulator! I will nickname the new baby Terrence.

The Team's current status: 

Lil' Buck has 5 Hungry Hearts, 5 Happy Hearts, 9 Dicispline, 6 full Friendship Hearts, 64 pounds, and 3 years old.

Shelly has 5 Hungry Hearts, 5 Happy Hearts, 3 Discipline, 1 full friendship heart and one clear friendship heart, 63 pounds, and one year old.

Terrence has 4 Hungry Hearts, 4 Happy Hearts, 0 Discipline, no Friendship Hearts (It doesn't support it), 5 ounces (Less than a pound) and not even a year old. I will introduce colors in this one: Lil' Buck is Yellow, Shelly is Plum, and Terrence is Pale Turquoise. I'll be Red.

Hey, anyone seen the new baby?

1. His name is Terrence. 2. He is on my computer, looking for his bread and candy as we speak. 

Daddy, gimme food and snacks! I don't have a fridge, and even if I did, I don't have arms to open it! *Hurls*

OK, that was gross. 

Don't worry, he ain't sick anymore... Or dead, for that matter. 

I need to take care of one for my finals. Can you let me do so? 

He's already taken a nap and gotten sick once... I think he's close to evolving. 

More toddlers... *Goes to room, falls asleep*

Plum, you don't mind waking him, do ya?

Me wake him up! *Starts crying in his room*

Terrence, shut up... ZZZZZ

Waaaaaa! He tell me shut up!

Shut up, Terrence.... 

He's an adult, he has a right to tell noisy or talkative friends to shut up. 

Why you no discipline him?

I wouldn't do it to you for the wrong reason. 

*Baby-like rage comic-style yell*

*Wakes up* Terrence, I was having a good dream! Why did you wake me up? 

Because daddy told me to!

*Actual rage comic-style yell*

Can you guys stop? I think you guys are flat out crazy these times. 

Dad, most of us aren't kids anymore, and in 3-4 Tama-years, either he gets married to me or he marries some random chick. Why can't we be crazy while we still live with you?

Wait... Broda leaving? *Starts crying* 

I'm ending this log... Gotta calm down Terrence.

Wait... Introducing Sena! Her color will be: Purple.

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 09:56 AM ( #4 )

Welcome to the log! Today, we'll be introducing a new V6. Hello, Percy Jr! Also, Sena and Terrence died...  :( 

Anyways, to the antics!
Finally! I got the date place!

I thought you 'sposed to be marrying me.

You guys never got past the 4 static face stage. 

Wait, wut...? 

*Toddler rage*


Percy, you aren't part of this log.

Can't I at least help out?

Fine... *Rage*

What do I start with?

Bury the Tamagotchis. 


Yes. I killed off Sena and Terrence by accident.

Anyways, it's time to go.


*Mouse click, Percy rages*


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Posted 23 May 2014 - 12:42 PM ( #5 )

Hello. I started up my V4.5 again. I am also going to be logging my PC Tamagotchi, "MyTamaRanch: Tamagotchi Ranch" in the future - If SupahCow090 and *Hayden* will accept my deal to make it, and I can also make random jokes at it's expense.

No time to chat, Buck left with his wife, Dazzle the Ringotchi. So now, experience Buck's life on Tamagotchi Planet like if it was on this log!
Actually, it is on this log. 

Shut up, Mario!

OK, now to begin: As usual, Buck is Yellow, Dazzle is Fire Brick, Sonic the Manaphy (One of the local gangsters and also Buck and Dazzle's neighbor) is Blue, and Son Jack (The local gang leader and also a famous criminal known for being able to run away from the cops on foot) is Dark Slate Grey. Minor characters are: Shelly II (Who, just like her older sister), is Plum, I'm Red, Aqua the Phione (Is Sonic the Manaphy's wife, and also a reluctant gang member) is Teal. 

Now let's begin!

Chapter 1, Episodes 1-4: The Farm, Alkaseltzer Man, Annoying Neighbor's Dog, The Harikura Gang (Tamagotchi Planet section)

UFO Voice: You have arrived.


Sonic, get the Alkaseltzer. We're gonna need to do something horrible to Buck's chicken, Sonic. 

According to the Internet, if we kill their chickens, they can still sue us for killing their chickens if they find out.

I don't know what suing is, but it seems fun.

It's a lawsuit. 

*Jamaican accent* Ribet, ribet, I can't hold it.

Just get the Alkaseltzer anyways! Feed it to the chickens and inject it into the eggs! 

*Normal voice* OK, whatever you say. 

"For sale"... Should we buy it?

 Sure. It's only 1200 Gotchi. I got way more than that in the bank. Checks are just what we need. *Whips out checkbook*

Honey, a potential buyer is outside! Go meet 'em, will 'ya?

*Sneaks into chicken coop*

*Walks out* Howdy. How are you two? 

We're looking to buy.

OK. Gimme the check. 


*Gives the farmer the check*

*Feeds chickens broken up Alkaseltzer, injects Alkaseltzer mixed with water into eggs* 

Yeehaw! We're rich!

*Whips out AK-47. gun magically changes to Henry* Now, get off our land. 

(Episode 2: Alkaseltzer Man)

*Sneaks out* Woah! My new neighbors are here!

*On walkie talkie* We got a code 202. Caught by owners. Repeat, caught by owners.

You don't think he's gangster, do ya?

I do. Sonic, you don't mind showing us the chicken coop, do you?

*Jamaican accent* Ribet ribet, I can't hold it. 

*Enters chicken coop with Dazzle*

*Poisoned, some dead, eggs have a hole in them*

He's gangster alright. Probably fed them Alkaseltzer. 

You learn something new every day.

Mission complete. Now get out off of their lawn. They will probably blow your head off if you don't. 

Yes, sir. 

No lawsuit yet. 

(Episode 3: Annoying Neighbor's Dog)

Bark, bark!

ZZZ... Dog won't shut up... Dazzle, get the gun... ZZZ

ZZZ... Don't know if legal or not... Will probably get executed if we do...

ZZZ... In country, it is legal to kill annoying dogs... I'll get up... *Gets up, gets out Henry, sneaks onto neighbor's lawn*

ZZZ... Buck, where are you... It's midnight... ZZZ...

Bark, bark! 


ZZZ... Well, crap... ZZZ... Buck shot dog... ZZZ... Neighbor be hating...

Why you shoot my dog! Daddy, dog dead! 

*Play random DKC final boss theme* 

OK, why did you shoot my daughter's dog!? 

You costed me my sleep! So, fight like a man, baby!

Bullhockey, sick 'em!
(BATTLE: Buck vs. Bullhockey the Bull)
My homies told me to fight you, sooo... *One-Bull Stampede*

*Shoots Bullhockey*

ZZZ... Man, I am still tired after hearing 2 gunshots... ZZZ...

*Gets back in bed*

ZZZ.... Finally peaceful.... ZZZ...

(The next day)...

Two funerals, one day... Son Jack's gonna hang us...

(Episode 4: The Harikura Gang ~Tamagotchi Planet Section~)

What's up, Seph?

Perfectly fine. Couldn't sleep due to those two darn gunshots... 

*Rages for a moment*

Man, maybe we should prank the noobs again!

Let's boast really loud... He's still asleep. He should wake up.

ZZZ... I foresee boasting and me having some fun *swear* with Dazzle...




ZZZ... The gang's boasting bad stuff about you, Buck.. Should one of us deal with him...? ZZZ...

*Wakes up* 

(Two minutes later)...

*Wakes up*

ZZZ... Good 'ol days when we woke up together... 

(Two hours later)...

*Wakes up* 

*BAM!* *BAM!* *BAM!* *Reloads* 

He's heeeereeeeeee!!! 

*Everyone dies*
(Chapter End)


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Posted 01 June 2014 - 04:15 PM ( #6 )

Sorry for the long wait without logging! All I have to say is, Percy Jr. died, and I hatched Sonya. Anyways, pause chat!



Today I learned that Tamagotchis can't talk when paused. *Facepalm* 

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