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Thoughts on Tamagotchi Friends- Are they worth it?

tamagotchi friends new opinion

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Posted 21 May 2014 - 07:16 PM ( #1 )

I'm not really sure what to expect from the latest Tamagotchi release.


I live in the U.S., so Tamagotchi Friends will soon become available to purchase in stores, and I'm not sure if I want to buy one or not.


I've watched a few video reviews and read about them, and they seem like a gimmicky refresh of the Tama-go, minus the figures.


The only things that seem really different from the Tama-go are the texting feature, "BFF" points, jewelry, and the characters (as well as the adult characters being significantly larger than they are on the Tama-go). 


In my opinion, it seems as though Bandai is trying to make Tamagotchi popular again in Europe and the U.S. by adding silly features which seem more technologically advanced or something. Other than the new features, it seems to operate almost exactly like a Tama-go. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the Tama-go, but I don't want to spend money on something that I already have.


I'm kind of bummed because I was really excited for a new Tamagotchi release in the U.S., but now I'm not so sure.  :( (Although some of the shell designs are very cute and it would be nice to have a smaller Tamagotchi!)


What do you all think? Are you excited for Tamagotchi Friends? Or not?



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21 May 2014

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Posted 21 May 2014 - 07:25 PM ( #2 )

I'm very excited :) The Tamagotchi Friends in US will only cost $20 and they come in gorgeous shell designs.

I have two Tamagotchi Friends, and in my opinion they aren't similar to the Tama-Go at all. I mean, they're both black and white Tamagotchis with a house background but I think the V2 and V3 are more similar to eachother than the TamaFriends and TamaGo. They're both Tamagotchis, of course they're not going to be completely different.


I traded an Umino for one of my Tamagotchi Friends and I paid $40 for the other and I still think they're worth it :)

They're fun, adorable little Tamagotchis with just enough features without being overwhelming. I think all types of Tamagotchi fans could enjoy the TF if they focus on the good for once :D

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Posted 21 May 2014 - 09:16 PM ( #3 )

You know, I'm somewhat interested in TF. But I haven't made the decisive to buy it. However, what I like to say is that I'm glad these countries haven't given up on Tamagotchi yet.

My sister used to play a Tamagotchi when I was in high school. But I don't know what version was that. I wasn't interested in Tamagotchi because I'm a die-hard video gamer. But as I got older, I'm more interested in making my own creations. I drafted stories and original characters. Then a year later after studying into college, I took interest in kawaii. Well, here I am. Me being a Tamagotchi fan because of their whimsical cute character designs and personalities.

Heck, if I were to actually buy TF, that would make it my first ever bought Tamagotchi. But instead, I would start collecting the extra goodies (toys, character figures, etc) just so I can add another kawaii character for my core of inspiration.

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Posted 21 May 2014 - 09:34 PM ( #4 )

If you have never owned a Tamagotchi before, I suggest you buy one soon! :)


I think Tamagotchi Friends would be an easy starting place for you and it is going to have really cute characters.


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Posted 22 May 2014 - 01:57 AM ( #5 )

It certainly doesn't look good that's for sure. I haven't got one and I'm interested in getting one only if they are reasonably priced here in Australia (they will defiantly be more than 20 here) and one for my friend so I can get her into tamagotchi hehehe but in all honesty, I think the TF is a bunch of crap. I mean it's 2014 and we have seen many changes in the Japanese tamagotchi hardware yet we are severely downgraded overseas.

Game freak for an example were trying to bring pokemon back on a larger scale with nostalgia and what did they do? They made sure people remembered every game made and created something people would want. With bandai america's approach though, is to make a copy style Tama-go which we all already know wasn't a success and then add nothing that would really attract a new gen kids market or nostalgic fans.

We've seen evidence in Asia that the colours in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore etc had sold out stocks of the idl. I mean if you were going to make it grey at least make it easy to see, and add features people would have fun with none of this jewellery garbage.

I've had kids I know in my school a HIGH SCHOOL that have seen my colour Tamas and they were so amazed by it being in colour and with the graphics it has I just don't see why they can't make the brand good the figures are even bad quality, it makes me sad.

Please remember this is just my honest opinion and I don't want any fights over my view it's you either agree with me or not It doesn't matter just let it go, let it go turn your back and slam the door!

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 09:53 AM ( #6 )

I agree, furbitchi!


That is exactly how I felt when the Music Star was released in the U.S., and they had released the TMGC+C a week earlier in Japan! And that was in 2009. They have had the technology for color Tamagotchi for almost five years and they won't release them outside of Asia!

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 05:49 AM ( #7 )

They're alright but I'd say that they're definitely aimed for much younger audiences so older fans may not like them so much.
Personally I enjoyed running them and I like the 'bump' feature for connecting but I got bored of them soon after starting them up.
If you're wanting another TMGC to run alongside more complex versions or if you don't have much time they're good though as they aren't needy at all :)
I think it all depends on which types of TMGCs you like more too , I'd say the Friends will be more appealing to those who prefer the vintages.

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 08:29 PM ( #8 )

I think the bump feature is really cool too, PoisonMookie! I also like simplicity, so hopefully it will be a better release than I am expecting  ^_^


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Posted 24 May 2014 - 04:39 AM ( #9 )

I ain't used to virtual pet because all you do is just feed, care, and stuff. Looked kind of boring. But I wasn't really interested in Tamagotchi at all in the past because the graphics were dull. Just only plain black-and-white and stuff and graphics look like they came from the 70s. Plus, I'm a boy. I thought Tamagotchi was for girls. But that's when I was just young, and so into playing video games.


So here I am, trying to think about if it's worth for me to buy the new Tamagotchi device. What I should say is that I'm still disappointed it's still the plain black-and-white. Dull colors. However, the graphics seem to have improved with detailed backgrounds. So I might be able to enjoy the backgrounds for awhile. Also, the Jewelery feature sounds interesting. Collecting. Now that might be an interesting side-feature for this game.


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Posted 02 June 2014 - 10:30 PM ( #10 )

I'm on the fence concerning TF as well.  I just got a Tama Go a few weeks ago, and wasn't impressed at all.  I think having to buy extra toppers for the Tama is not at all good, and will not buy any extra for the one I have.  Here in the States (well, anywhere outside of the Asian continent), we got short-changed with the color Tamas.  I mean the technology is there, so what was so wrong about releasing  color Tamas outside of Asia?  And I would have to buy two TFs, just to connect (bump).  I'll go take a look at them when they are available here in the States, but I don't know if I'll buy them or not.  They should be in color at least, IMHO.

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Posted 03 June 2014 - 05:36 AM ( #11 )

I didn't enjoy my TF that much, but I think my reasons not to like it that much definately won't go for everyone. I like the grayscale, but not the characters. The games are available on other versions, and in my opinion the tama grows up way too quickly. I don't really like how adult-stage-centered the newer tamas have gotten, with as quick as possible growths and very few toddler and teen characters. I rather preferred the growth time on the vintages and early connections, where you spent time with your tama on each stage of growth, and had more unique teen characters.The idea of collecting jewelry seems... Well boring and such a pointless activity... I have the tama-go, and I like it a lot better.
But these are just my opinions; if you like jewelery, quick growth and modern characters, go ahead and buy it!
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Posted 04 June 2014 - 05:18 PM ( #12 )

TBH, idk if I'm going to get the Tamagotchi Friends even though I'm a Tamagotchi lover. I might get bored of it quickly, and it's just too big and OVERRATED! I have a Tama-go with issues, so maybe I'll pass on this one. Sorry Bandai...


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Posted 22 June 2014 - 01:06 PM ( #13 )

Well for some reason they feel cheap, look cheap, and the paint wear off easily, sigh.


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Posted 02 July 2014 - 02:34 AM ( #14 )

i just got my tamagotchi friends in the mail and expecting it to be cheap and rubbish i was surprised how good it actually is. sure its not as "deep" as idl or p's but all in all its pretty good and fun! i can see why they have made it how they have trying to back to the original where it was cheap and basic


and it works


its fun and i like it! i think they are trying to get a broader audience with this so anyone can just pick up and play with it and go and i think it works i think this'll bring back some popularity to tamagotchi. 


i recommend everyone at least gets one just to support bandai in pushing the tamagotchi

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Posted 02 July 2014 - 01:48 PM ( #15 )

I'm very excited :) The Tamagotchi Friends in US will only cost $20 and they come in gorgeous shell designs.

Whoa whoa whoa, $20??? I got mine for 40 euros!! I am a disapointment. -_-  Lol jk :P 


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Posted 02 July 2014 - 07:53 PM ( #16 )

To be honest, I think I'll just buy the TF for collection purposes. I probably will not open it. I've heard many negative reviews on it and I don't really want to waste my time on a poorly made Tamagotchi. I'd rather just keep it new and have it for my collection.


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Posted 14 July 2014 - 08:41 PM ( #17 )

I think I'll get one just to collect it - it's a bit much for a tamagotchi for me, especially since I can get 2-3 other more exciting ones online for about that price if I'm clever on ebay or something, but I want to have at least one. Although I know that just having one won't be much fun, so if I decide to get one I'll see if I can talk my boyfriend into getting one too. Maybe I'll buy him one so I can have someone to connect with. :P The new features seem like fun, kind of, but I'm sure it won't be a tamagotchi I'll totally adore like the v2 or the v4.5.  

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