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BEST Tamagotchi Experience

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Posted 18 January 2015 - 09:50 AM ( #21 )

Well I got started with a girl in 1st grade who had a v1 and pretty much abused it but I loved the concept. My best friend got a friendship pack of 2 and I was so jealous. For my birthday that year my aunt bought me a metallic purple v1 and I was ecstatic! My sister had a pale violet v1 as well and we spent hours and hours playing with them trying to get them to get married lol. Favorite version by far if v4!! Haven't had one in years tho...

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Posted 19 January 2015 - 10:20 AM ( #22 )

I remember getting my first. Remembered (at the time) all the lack of color choice I had for my first. I settled on my Black/Grey p2. It was so much better then not having one. I love that thing and its been with me over the years.

When they vanished. Then years later came back and I would just love all tthe color choices with the connection release. I got my trouble making buzzers (squeelers at times) which made school great. I was just so happy I had color on the shells/designs too.

One of the best feelings remembering when you could go to a store and see them on the shelfs everytime. Not drooped over, placed with care, not still in the shipping box as a display on sales floor. They don't get much attention now when you do see them.


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Posted Yesterday, 11:52 PM ( #23 )

I've never connected two tamas since I always bought gens that were too far appart and never had a friend that had a tama. I remember not getting cute characters on my V2 due to unsufficient care I guess. I loved them back then but my fondest memory is a recent one.


I've only had black and white tamas and I bought a P recently. I am completely and undoubtably in love with it. I love everything about it. It felt nostalgic yet different, exiting.


I'm currently trying to get all tama tomos and I am running two tamas at once for the first time. Then, I will try to keep a tama alive for at least 99 days. 


So many possibilities <3