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How I Got Into Skrillex - A Short Story of Events

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Posted 28 May 2014 - 08:21 PM ( #1 )

LOT of people have been asking, "How did you get into Skrillex?"

That question refers to my origin of finding Skrillex...before I became who I REALLY am.

Let me recall my memories on how I got into the "loverly" DJ.



It all happened when I was about 13.

My Dad happened to listen to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites...

No, it wasn't on an album, it was just a single track.

As I recalled, I happened to ask, "What is this odd-sounding song?"

And my Dad responded, "This is a song from Skrillex."

I happened to look up this "Skrillex" and see what he really is.


He looked like a guy who is a nice person and loves everyone,

Though he tends to his music.



I thought, "This must be him...he looks adorable."

I even saw him when he was about 15 to 20 years old. Much has changed about him, I spoke.

His hair looked shorter than usual, and didn't wear glasses until he wanted to increase his stylish personality.



I decided to listen to more of his music,

With hits such as "Kill EVERYBODY", "Make It Bun Dem", "Rock N' Roll [Will Take You To The Mountain]", and "First of the Year - Equinox".

Everything seemed so clear to me when his music refreshed my feelings towards others.



It's like he's saying, "Follow what you want to do. Think of your future. Think of what lies ahead of you."

I thought about what he and his songs had said, and it lodged straight into my brain.



"Skrillex," I said to myself, "Is this what your songs really tell me?"

I kept listening for 5 hours straight, and I could decipher the lyrics on which sounded muffled.


I listened to the ending of "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites", and it had said,

"Look at this, I'm a coward too...

You don't need to hide, my friend,

For I'm just like you..."


I felt like I wasn't alone when I listen to that song,

As it felt like it told me a story.



I always think of Skrillex as my friend,

No matter what people say or do to push that away.



I would want to say thank you,

But...it will have to wait until our paths cross.





~ Chama~




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28 May 2014