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My first Tamagotchi log...and my first tamagotchi ever :)

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 05:33 AM ( #1 )

Hi everyone! I've recently been gifted by my girlfriend a V4 Connection, my first ever Tama (as you can read in the topic title), and after watching her (painaputchi ^^ ) and many of you keep your logs, I've decided to give it a try and start my own too :) I know that I will probably make a lot of mistakes in taking care of my Tamas (poor them, ending up into my hands xD), so any advice is more than welcome.


Alright, let's get started then! I hope that you'll enjoy this log and that it won't be boring ^^


So, today is the day the Tama arrived (we got it on ebay), it's used but in very good conditions! The screen isn't that much scratched, only thing is, the buttons sometimes fail to work, making me lose at the various games (jumping rope especially, for now xD), but the more I use it, the more the buttons start working fine again...guess it has some rust to shake off :D


I have reset it, and started a brand new Tama family, so I got my egg, and it hatched into...


f9jbps.jpg ...KuroTsubutchi (I think)


Since I didn't really know how to call him, I went for my nickname over here, and I called him Boku. It was the first time I took care of a baby tama, but I've seen my gf do it a lot of times, so I was prepared for it: he really ate a lot, wanted to play, became ill, pooped a few times, he also fell asleep at a certain point! And I even had to scold him once, as he started crying out of nothing (he had 100% food and happiness)...the average newborn children I guess :D


An hour or so later, I heard my Tama beeping, so I halted my studying for a second and I saw that he evolved into...


2ihkrgw.jpg Puchitchi (again, I think xD) :) And he immediately pooped <_<


(As you can see, pics are getting brighter...that's because I was tinkering with the lamp on my desk...like a small film studio xD)


I went eating right after then, and when I got back, he had mail! It was Ms Frill giving him his backpack, so he can now go to Kindergarten


23hp287.jpg And as you can see, he is really enjoying it :) He's also quite good at singing with the teacher, he rarely trips while doing it :)


He also got his first predictions via mail...poor predictions, to be precise...let's hope that neither the Burglar or poo/snake mails will get to him :(


That's it for now, see ya!! :D


EDIT: the Burglar eventually came and stole 100 Gotchi Points...poor Boku, not a good start for his tama-life :(

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06 Jun 2014

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Posted 08 June 2014 - 04:32 PM ( #2 )

Hello again! Thanks to tamaninjacat and painaputchi for the like, I'm happy you're enjoying my tama-adventure so far :) So here we are for a new episode...there is a lot to say, and I really mean a lot :D


So, yesterday I went to see my girlfriend, and we let our V4's connect ^_^ you've probably seen it already in her log, I know, but here it is from my own PoV :)




It was the first time we both connected a Tama (heck, I've owned one for two days xD), and it was really fun! Boku and Bibi got to know each other, at first, she was a bit shy, but then they both became good friends :)




And Bibi is now in Boku's friends list too




Then, they exchanged some gifts with each other...Boku was really nasty towards her new friend, he gave her some kind of creepy carnivore plant that reminded me of those in Crash Bandicoot...that's not how you should behave, Boku! He also got scolded for that :D




Bibi, on the other hand, was really kind to him and gifted him an Ice Cream...that Boku ate immediately...reminds me of his owner to be honest :D Then, they both started playing! They first played a football game, in which Boku prevailed (now he doesn't remind me of his owner anymore :P ), then they had two rounds of Flag...this time, the result was a bit different...




Poor Boku, guess he should stick to football! Anyways, later in the day, as we were watching a movie, we heard some beeping...we thought at first that it was her iD-L, but it turned out eventually that it was my V4...Boku evolved into...


mab0aq.jpg ...Young Androtchi!!!!!


He already left the Kindergarten and is goint to school, under the tutelage of Mr. Turtle :) He loves school, and he also loves to play Shape, in fact he already has 76 "pencil" (which I think is "Intelligence") skill points...however, his bad luck isn't ending anytime soon: he got visited by the Burglar three times in two hours! And last time he managed to steal 500 Gotchi...poor Boku! He really needs a tama-alarm for his house :D He's also receiving a lot of poo via mail...and I think I just know who's to blame!


Anyways, time to sleep for both of us, but first...we have to clean our teeth!




Bye everyone! See you in the next update!

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 02:29 PM ( #3 )

Hello people! And welcome to the 3rd episode of "A TamaN00b's TamaLog"! First of all, thanks a lot to TamaGuyJavy and painaputchi for the likes on my previous post :) Glad you like my log!


So, let's move on with the story: two days ago, as soon as I finished my dinner, I went to check on Boku, and to my surprise, he had evolved! Not only that, but he evolved into...


20140610_194510_zpsc9a03973.jpg Mametchi!!! My favourite character from Tamagotchi :)


He really goes to sleep early and wakes up early too, reminds me a bit of my current exam session lifestyle :D However, he did not receive any job offer, and still kept going to school for a while. And, during said time period, he also went to visit his friend Bibi!


20140610_200910_zpsae2f768d.jpg They really are starting to like each other a lot... :)


They did a lot of things together: they exchanged some presents (and this time, Boku wasn't nasty, he actually gifted his good friend an Ice Cream...he's really grown up now :D ), Bibi was so kind to gift him his first special item: a pencil :) Then, they also played a bit: with the RC Models Boku won, but then when they played with the Lego...


20140610_200728_zpsd35c0523.jpg Guess he will never be an Architect like Seth Rollins :P


After some playing, they went out for a few walks, bought each other some nice gifts (they've also exchanged some flowers, how cute!), played a bit in the park, and then even sang a song together before saying goodbye to each other...




See you soon Bibi! Now, it's time to head back home and start thinking about a job! The problem is, Boku thought so much about it...that he got bored and lost his job opportunity! :( Poor little Boku...luckily, the TamaWorld seems to have no shortage of jobs, and a few hours later Nazotchi came back home with new job offers! So, this time he had his mind already made up: he joined the Mametchi Laborarories, also thanks to a personal recommendation from the original Mametchi I guess :D


So, he is now a fully grown man, and all he thinks about now is...no, not his work, he just wants to meet Bibi again soon!


See you soon guys! :)

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 05:29 PM ( #4 )

I love the pictures! I like to post pics in my thread, too :) That shell is definitely on my "Favorite Shell Designs" list! Can't wait to see Gen 2 of your Tama!

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Posted 14 June 2014 - 06:23 AM ( #5 )

I love the pictures! I like to post pics in my thread, too :) That shell is definitely on my "Favorite Shell Designs" list! Can't wait to see Gen 2 of your Tama!

Thanks, I love that shell too! It was painaputchi who found it, so...credit goes to her! Thank you <3 And thanks to MajorTama and tamaninjacat for the likes, they're always more than welcome ^^


And, MajorTama, your wish will be granted soon...but enough with the spoilers, let's start this webisode of "The adventures of a hard-working Tama-Scientist"!!!


So, we left Boku having fun with his sweet friend, Bibi...in these days, however, he couldn't see her (because his owner was studying), so he decided to use his money to buy himself a cool, huge, Hi-Fi system!




He really enjoyed it! He kept on listening to some music so loudly that his Tama-Neighbours threatened to call the Tama-Police if he didn't stop :D So, considering it was also kinda late, he turned off his superstereo and went to sleep.


And, the next day, he finally could meet his beloved Bibi!! Boku was so happy!!




So as soon as she came to visit him, they played a bit with the building blocks (he lost, again) and with their RC models




And right after that, in the most romantic atmosphere they could imagine, under a sky full of start, with the moon shining...




There came the kiss!! And...well, they went a bit further after that, they love each other so much! The fireworks started to crack in the sky, the happy music started playing, and now...


20140612_221946_zps039c840a.jpg ...Boku is the proud father of two cute TamaGirls!! One stayed with her beloved mum, while another went to live with her father :)


He really loves his daughter, that's why he is trying to teach her everything he knows about science and about the world, until she will know enough to start living on her own.


Seeing his little girl growing up, Boku thought it was almost about time...so, he worked as hard as he could in the Mametchi Lab, obtaining his first "excellent" status! His boss was happy, so he appointed him Research Chief! Now, Boku can take care of himself completely, he doesn't need his owner anymore! So this morning, when I woke up, I found out that he moved to TamaTown, leaving his beloved girl, Mika (I named her after Mika Uehara from Initial D 5th Stage :P ), with his old buddy :)


20140614_113258_zps092a6c7c.jpg Mika was sad to see her daddy gone, but she will learn how to take care of herself :)


So, just like last time, the first hour was hellish: she felt ill, kept pooping, was always hungry, and once she also started crying...she misses her dad, I think :( I cared her a lot, however...


...for 5 minutes, and I really mean it, I forgot to look after her (I was trying to see if I can watch the 24 hours of Le Mans some way) and she lost all her hearts (only one in Hunger was left), and by the time I realized it, she evolved! So she now is...


20140614_135059_zpsb3103aa8.jpg ...Mohitamatchi!


Is it a bad care Tama? I don't know...all I know is, she's not that cute at the moment xD She looks like a little rebellish to me...Mika, didn't you learn anything from your scientist dad? xD


So, this episode ends here, stay tuned for updates in the next days :) Bye bye!!!

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Posted 16 June 2014 - 05:24 AM ( #6 )

Alright, time for a quick update on the adventures of the rebel daughter :D


So, Mika stayed at the child stage a lot more than she should have, mainly because she spent the whole saturday night paused (because I was going out for dinner), and then, on Sunday, as soon as I unpaused her to check how she was doing, she started receiving a LOT of poo mails, so her happiness kept on going straight to zero...and, since I wanted to watch the ending of the 24 hours of Le Mans (Audi won, hell yeah!!!!) I paused her again...poor Mika couldn't really enjoy her childhood :D


That is why I only saw her evolving today, from Mohitamatchi into...


20140616_103925_zps0944eded.jpg ...Ichigotchi!!!


She is a lot cuter than she used to be as a child :D And, she's developing a true passion for music and dancing! That's why, when it was time to leave the kindergarten and move on to school, she chose as a teacher...


20140616_130920_zps86ce6e88.jpg ... Ms Flower! :)


She really enjoys her lessons, but what she loves the most is dancing! I bet that, if I'll ever let her watch wrestling with me, she'll cheer for Fandango :D Anyways, since she really loves music, it was obvious that she would've liked a lot the huge Hi-Fi that her father left her :)


20140616_130957_zpsd46d447a.jpg20140616_131002_zpsf543bf8a.jpg It was love at first sight :D She never stops using it, making her tama-neighbours...well, let's just say they're not really happy about it, especially in the evening :)


That is all for today, see you in the next episode :)

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Posted 21 June 2014 - 04:19 AM ( #7 )

Hi guys! Ready for another episode (or webisode?) of "The adventures of a future tamapop-star"?


So, during last episode, we left Mika going to school with Ms Flower and enjoying her stereo a lot...


20140616_174501_zpsa75dfdbf.jpg ...isn't she cute?


Well, she definetly is, but she is so dang nasty!!! In fact, after quite some time, finally she and her sister Licia met again! Licia was so happy to finally see her sister once again, after they had been separated when they were only baby tamas, and even gifter Mika a ticket for a trip to Canada...how lovely :) Too bad that Mika, in response, gifted her sister...


...a poo <_< and, what's worst, she really enjoyed pranking her lovely sister! In fact...


20140617_143909_zpsd6aba8be.jpg ...she was smirking, plainly satisfied for what she had done...Mika, wtf are you doing? Looks like your father really was too young to have a baby, and didn't teach you anything.


Anyways, after that infamous act, she gave Licia a box of chocolates (she saw her sister being really sad, and tried to make up for it...but you'll have to work harder Mika! You don't treat your sister like that!), and since Licia is even way too polite and lovely, she accepted the apology and they started playing and singing together. And then, they all returned to their respective homes.


In the next days, Mika kept on going to school and started deveolping a real passion for music and dancing: she always goes to the TamaDisco to play Dance (at which she's become pretty skilled!) and she kept on listening at a high volume to her stereo, always to the same radio station: Tama2O (trivia: there's a radio station here in Italy called M2O that only plays hardstyle/dance/dubstep, all those kinds of electronic music) :) I guess she's a fan of Skrillex like many of you here :)


Then, one day, she woke up and...


20140618_141732_zps55886156.jpg ...she evolved into Memetchi!! :)


After evolving she had to leave school...she was really sad, because it's thanks to Ms Flower if she found her passion for music. Anyways, shortly after Nazotchi brought her the [!] letter: it is time to go and find your job, Mika! You're grown up now, you have to take care of yourself. So, she had many choices, but as soon as she saw the one career she was looking for, she immediately went after it. So, she is now...a SINGER!!!


She is already starting to become famous, a lot of tamas go to her concerts, her schedule is already quite busy :) But nonetheless, she always finds time to meet her sister Licia :) She still feels bad for that prank when they were younger, and is still trying to make up for it. Her sister has grown up too, but as always she's really really generous...she even let Mika try out many of her special clothes!!




She really enjoys trying out all those clothes :D The ones she likes the most, however, were the skirt, and the bow (that she bought right after she came back home) :D And of course, they also got to spend some time together playing...they also went for a walk on the seaside once! :)




That's it for now, see you soon! Stay tuned for Mika's upcoming world tour!

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Posted 02 July 2014 - 03:24 PM ( #8 )

Hello tamapeople! Long time since I last posted here...blame it on university! Many, many things happened to my V4, and now...you will see :)


First of all...summer has started! That's why Mika decided to have a nice walk under the sun, she really loves it :)


20140620_135813_zpsbe5e5582.jpg My girlfriend told me this is a special animation related to this particular day, so I guess I was lucky to see it :)


Then, Mika started planning her world tour, since she's becoming a pretty well-known singer in TamaTown, she was even contacted by Lovelin and Meloditchi to make a special version of Happy Harmony ^_^ So, to promote her tour, she decided to go around the Tamagotchi Planet, and she went for a few days trip to (Tama)Canada, where she met a particularly devoted fan: Gozarutchi. They started going out, getting to know each other, and...a new love was born! And, a new baby girl also :)




Mika called her daughter Inori, and decided to take her for a tour of (Tama)Canada, before the final Canadian concert :)


20140622_185923_zps10107117.jpg That's suggestive, isn't it? I'm pretty sure the little girl loved it as well :)


But soon, Mika realized she couldn't be a full-time mother while trying to pursue her dream of becoming a worldwide-affirmed singer, so...she decided to let her daughter live on by herself. After all, if she was as tough as her mother, she wouldn't have had any problems! And, there was a big guy watching over her as well...no, not Ryback, me of course xD


20140624_105337_zpsff9f9081.jpg And so, here starts my V4's 3rd generation! Welcome, Inori, it's time to start living :)


However, it turned out she isn't like her mom: she's a more composed person, much like her grandpa Boku, so she didn't really like being on her own...but, luckily for her, she could also count on her aunt, Licia! They met almost immediately, singed, and played together, Inori was so happy to spend some time with her beloved aunt :)


20140624_111427_zpse6cdb207.jpg Aren't they cute together?


Soon after that, Inori evolved into her child form...


20140624_120850_zps463efd57.jpg ...Mizutamatchi!


She went to kindergarten a lot, and didn't really like to play...she felt that jumping a rope, or just trying to mimic some guy's expressions, was a bit boring...she didn't enjoy the kindergarten a lot to be honest tho, she really doesn't remind me of her mom :-) She was so eager to go to school! Luckily for her, one day later, she evolved again, into...


20140627_183005_zps97ce7f1a.jpg ...Ichigotchi (again) !!


Well, she does look like her mom indeed, but don't be fooled: it's only about the looks! She is a very different person: she likes to play with the building blocks, loves to go to school, where she can learn new things with Mr Turtle, and has finally found a game she likes to play: Shape Shooter! In fact, whenever she's home from school, she always plays that game. Oh, and her tamaneighbours love her, unlike her mom: she never uses her mega-stereo late at night to listen to Skrillex at high volume :-)


Inori really likes to write: it's her passion, she loves writing about everything that happens to her or her friends, in fact she worked for the school journal! And, a few days later, she evolved into...


20140702_231820_zps8f195cb5.jpg ...Ponytchi!!!


She really is a classy girl: always looking perfect, and very professional. She even has a secret admirer, who keeps on sending her love letters! Which is good, since they tend to balance all the snakes she gets by mail (blame it on my girlfriend's evil cat x°D). Soon came time to find a work, and she had no doubts on where to apply: Tamax TV! She sent her application letter to the three Servants, who accepted it immediately. As of now, she is an anchorwoman for Tamax TV's evening TamaNews, and she really loves her job! Rumors are, her boss is really satisfied with her job, and may be planning to promote her and give her an opportunity to go to (Tama)New York to make her own big scoop! Could it be that even TamaMobiles have ignition switch issues?


Stay tuned for the next episode...bye everyone! And thanks for all the likes ^_^

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 05:42 AM ( #9 )

Hello tamapeople, long time no see! Sorry for not updating the log for such a long time, but I was really busy studying and then I went on vacation...but now I'm back, so let's get back down to it :) I will however use a lot less pictures from now on I think, it really becomes time-consuming to snap them with the phone, plug it in the PC, resize them with Photoshop, and so on, so their number will decrease (but I will still use pictures, tamagotchis are too cute xD)


So, in the last episode, Inori had become a very successful TV anchorwoman, people in the streets started approaching her asking for autographs...she really was flattered by so much love from the tamapeople! She also kept on receiving lots of hearts via mail by her secret admirer (no joke, I usually always get poo or snakes, Inori just kept on getting hearts...I guess her secret admirer intercepted all the mails coming from my gf's evil black cat xD). And, one day, after taking part in a talk show, Inori was approached by a very sweet Tosakatchi: he said he was a huge fan of her, he was very gentle, exactly the kind of guy Inori likes, and after some talking, it turned out that...he was the secret admirer! She was so happy to finally meet him, all this time she's been wondering about his identity...so, they started dating, and eventually fell deeply in love :)


They decided to get married, and Inori had a baby girl ^^




They decided to call her Kaori :) And, just a few days later, Inori was contacted by her boss at Tamax TV: the big chance she was promised had finally come, Inori was going to do her own huge scoop in New York! Her boss really liked her, so he offered to pay the ticket not only for her, but for her family as well :) Therefore, both her, Tosakatchi, and the little Kaori set sail for the U.S. of A ^_^




Things in NY went better than expected, Inori's work had a very good reception both in TamaTown and in (tama)New York, that is why, a few days after getting back home, she was asked by her boss to become the director of the brand new Tamax TV office in New York! She immediately accepted, and left Kaori in TamaTown, knowing that she will be able to look after herself and live a happy life (with a little help from her big friend, of course) :)


Many more things have happened already (despite keeping my V4 paused for a long long time), but we will see that in the next episode :) Thanks to everyone who's following and liking my log, see you!!! :)

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(: Coffretickles :)

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Posted 22 August 2014 - 08:53 PM ( #10 )

Greetings. Your log is a delight to read! I love the happy, fun-loving attitude portrayed through your words. It's good to see lots of nice pictures as well! They're so pretty and it's funny to see your Tamagotchis using the items. I just love the item animations on the Version 4, don't you? :furawatchi:


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Posted 01 September 2014 - 11:20 PM ( #11 )

Great log!!  I've enjoyed it entirely, and the pics are fantastic!!! Can't wait to see another one soon.


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Posted 03 September 2014 - 08:23 AM ( #12 )

Wow, thanks to everyone for the kind comments, didn't think someone could like my beginner's log so much...that realy makes me happy :) And yes, Coffretickles, I too love V4 animations, that's why I hardly can resist snapping pics of tamas using the items :)


Soooo...back to our Tama-family's life, shall we? Last time, Kaori's mum left, and her little daughter started her life...she was really a kind baby, not as annoying as her mom used to be :) And quickly, she evolved into...




...Puchitchi! She immediately started going to the kindergarten, she really enjoyed it and was very, very good at singing! In fact, she almost never tripped over while dancing. Ms Frill was really proud of her, and so was I :) But as everyone knows, a Tamagotchi's teen stage doesn't last for long, so, she had to evolve! And she became...




...a beautiful Young Memetchi! Isn't she hyper cute? ^_^ Well, she knew she was cute, that is why, when it came time to go to school, after choosing to go under the tutelage of Mr Canvas, she quickly got bored and started skipping school...could someone really scold her when she looked at you with those cute eyes? :) She really enjoyed spending her time walking in gardens, full of flowers if possible, and when she met her friends she really liked to play Flag...even tho, she really wasn't that good at it xD 


However, her love for flowers just kept on growing and growing, even those rare times she went at school, she kept asking Mr Canvas about all existing flower species. Even Gotchi King came to know about her big passion for nature, and gifted her with not one but two special plants! That day, she put them in a shelf close to her bed, and took a bath before going to bed...




...and when she woke up the next day, she had evolved! Can you guess into what?




That's right, Flowertchi! :) 


Of course, the first thing she did was to take care of those two plants the King gave her...how did they grow? Well, next time, I will tell you :) 


Bye for now, and thanks to everyone who's following my log :) :)

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