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MajorTama's LOtR Music Star Log

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 02:45 PM ( #1 )

EDIT; I am going to start logging ALL of my tamagotchis that I'm running, not just my Music Star!


I am going to start a Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit naming schemes along with places and objects located in the LOTR universe.
GEN 1: Frodo (no explanation needed!), male, 6 years old

GEN 2: Tauriel (after the female Elf in Desolation of Smaug), female, 1 year old, BAND NAME: MIRKWOOD


Frodo is a Mametchi

Tauriel is currently a Ringotchi (probably from poor care)



GEN 1: Memechi married a Tonotchi

GEN 2: currently Belltchi, Ahirukutchi, Sakuramotchi



GEN 1: currently Watatchi, Uhyotchi, and Potetchi



GEN 1: Svey, male, 1 year old

GEN 1: Uade (was supposed to be WWWWWade blah), male, 6 years old

GEN 1: Andy, male, 2 years old


Svey is a Yakantchi

Uade is a Celebtchi (is it just me, or should they never, ever use a "b" in front of tchi?)

Andy is a Daiyatchi



GEN 1: Kelly, male, 2 years old

GEN 1: BJ, female, 2 years old


Kelly is a Obotchi

BJ is a Ojyatchi



GEN 1: Jake, male, 1 year old

GEN 1: Alice, female, 1 year old

GEN 1: Pres, female, 1 year old

GEN 1: Troy, male, 0 years old


Jake is a Paparatchi (YUCK)

Alice is a piroriroritchi

Pres is a Nikatchi

Troy is still a baby :)

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11 Jun 2014

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11 Jun 2014


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Posted 11 June 2014 - 02:48 PM ( #2 )

TAURIEL created her band. Named the band Mirkwood


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Posted 11 June 2014 - 06:30 PM ( #3 )

Basic Updates:

Tauriel for the life of me cannot connect to other tamas. Despite a guide that says Music Star will/should/might/maybe connect with V5's, it has yet to do so. I am really angry -_-


I have decided that Tauriel's baby's names are going to either be Legolas or Arwen depending upon gender =D


Okay, don't shoot me, but I am not really a fan of V5/V5.5, so I may end up selling them (3 in total) or trade them. I am not sure just yet. I really like the one-on-one perspective that earlier generations (and Music Star) had, especially the naming aspect. I've given my V5/V5.5s all names despite not being able to place them in the actual tamagotchi. Tina. Lydia, and Tom on my Pink Black Flower V5. Donna, Emma, and Harold on my Aquarium V5. Molly, Hannah, and TJ on my V5.5/Celebrity.


Troy, the pesky V3 baby, turned into a Tamatchi today around 7 PM.


I had a tama die today. RIP Alex who was 2 when he passed away. I was asleep during the day...and...well he was neglected to say the least :( So officially I've had 3 tamagotchis die within the past day or two. Don't accuse me of neglect D:


Music Star Updates:

Tauriel (MS) had a Hamburger or two for breakfast.

8 AM mail was delivered. Tauriel received a nice heart. Who's the secret admirer, Taur-taur?

10 AM Tauriel took her cute little butt and poo'd. Cleaned it up.

10.25 AM Tauriel was delivered a crappy gift (literally)

10.49 AM Tauriel was a bit hungry so she had some Tacos along with an Ice Cream.

12.00 PM Tauriel poo'd yet again but this time I managed to take her into the bathroom

12.45 PM Tauriel received an urgent [!] message from the King. He gave Tauriel 2,000 GP.

1.20 PM Tauriel had a nice little snack of Pudding.

1.22 PM Tauriel was getting largely obese so I had her play Sound Block about ten times. Darn childhood obesity epidemic!

2.00 Tauriel's Stress Level was at 88! Yes, 88! She would not respond to praise in the slightest!!!! She wouldn't play with her toy. The only acceptance was from eating a whole bunch of snacks. DARN YOU OBESITY, YOU GOT MY TAMA NOW!!! She ended up weighing 59 lbs o_0 Dafudge?

2:05 Tauriel's obese butt played Sound Block about twenty times before she had a normal weight -_-

2:32 Tauriel poo'd once again. I did not catch it in time :(

5:01 I forgot about Tauriel. She had a skull and FIVE POOS surrounding here. I thought I just lost my 2nd GEN! Luckily I managed to heal her back up and made sure to tend to her. Between you and me, I think she turned into a Ringotchi because of neglect.

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 07:49 PM ( #4 )

This is beautiful I love Lord of the Rings and tamas so this is perfect! Great job!

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