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Tamalover1918's Summer Log!

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Posted 11 June 2014 - 09:05 PM ( #1 )

I've decided to keep a log of my Tamagotchi P's, and hopefully I can keep this going! I don't have a lot of time,so all I'll say is that she is the pink character baby.






11 Jun 2014

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11 Jul 2014


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Posted 12 June 2014 - 01:42 AM ( #2 )

Hi guys, I'm back with some updates. Pinkubotchi (I read a growth chart) has evolved into Terubotchi! I painted her the colors of the French flag (Blue, white, and red, not sure if it's in that order). I have decided to name her Madeline, and she is currently sleeping. I want to get Neotchi next, so I'm going to have to raise her Charismatic points. If anyone could tell me what items give these points?

In other news, my dad's 2nd restaurant is opening tomorrow, and it's kinda exciting!

Another bit of news, I posted a photo of my collection (before the P's) on Instagram, and the tamagotchi_friends liked it! Yay~

That's all I have to say for now, Madeline and I will be back tomorrow for more (hopefully she'll be awake).



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Posted 12 June 2014 - 12:26 PM ( #3 )

Hi, we're back! And Madeline is awake, at last. And color is not working. Blagh.

Madeline: "Blagh" is not a word Tamalover, and yes people of Tamatalk, color words don't work.

Blagh is an onomanapua

Madeline: Don't you mean onomatopoeia?

Yes, I mean onomatopoeia.

Madeline: Anyways, today I ate some weird thing at the Chinese Restraunt for 200 Gotchi Points. Then I played a ton of games until I got like 3,000 Gotchi points, and spent 1,000 on a clapboard that does nothing but freak me out.

It's to raise your Charismatic personality! So you can become a Neotchi, and then a Kiramotchi.

Madeline: Good point.

You know, I thought you would be more...serious. Madeline sounds so...proper.

Madeline: I am proper. Just not frowning-all-the-time-proper. At least I'm not looking at the clock every five seconds.

I'm waiting for it to be 2pm!

Madeline: It's 8 in the morning! Your boyfriend's not going to suddenly quit swimming, so don't worry.


Madeline: How about you call your friend at 12?

Too early. She might forget the note at home.

Madeline: 1?


Madeline: Shouldn't you explain to Tamatalk what this is about?

Bleh. Fine. *Ahem* I got asked out on the last day of school by my crush, I kinda said yes, and gave him my phone number, but he hasn't called. Then my friend said he goes to the local swimming club with her, and said he has been asking for my email. So I'm going to call my friend later and ask her to write a note for me. We argued a lot over the school year and got into a lot of fights (I actually got sent to the counselor's office) but we kinda made up, but he probably asked me out just so he could dump me later and watch me cry.

Madeline: I doubt that's it...


Madeline: Oh come ON Tamalover. I'm sure even HE wouldn't sink that low. Common sense!


Madeline: Sigh...well until 1, just go talk to people on Tamatalk! That always cheers you up.

Alright. You know, you're pretty smart for a toddler.

Madeline: Well, I wasn't born yesterday you know.

Technically you were born yesterday.


Well I'm going to take Madeline's advice, and roam Tamatalk for a while. So we'll be back later, but until then,

Madeline: Hasta la Pasta~


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Posted 14 June 2014 - 01:32 PM ( #4 )

Sorry we didn't log yesterday!

Madeline: But I evolved twice!

Neotchi, and then into Kiramotchi!

Madeline:It's fun being an adult. I get to wear clothes and stuff.

And date! Ahonhonhonhon~

Madeline: Shut up.

What? First Gozarutchi, then Kutchipatchi, you and Spaceytchi even KISSED!

Madeline: I see Gozarutchi only as a friend, and the Kutchipatchi dates were friend dates.

What about Spaceytchi?



Madeline: Quit it!

Alright, alright, sheesh. Well, Madeline got her 3 puzzle pieces, now waiting for the fourth, but it won't appear until tomorrow.

Madeline: THEN I can marry and stuff, okay?

You know, on my ID L, half the girl tamas were begging me to go to the matchmaker as soon as they turned 4. Before that too.

Madeline: I have dignity.

Oh yeah, I heard of this glitch that when you turn down a character's marriage proposal in the park, the words become the icon background for a split second. Well Kutchipatchi proposed twice, but we had to say no, and the glitch appeared! Maybe Madeline was cussing him out or something.

Madeline: I WAS NOT! Pay attention to your own boy problems.\

BLEH. You know I gave up.

Madeline: Did you? REALLY?

...we will continue this conversation later.

So in case anyone was wondering what Kiramotchi's puzzle items are:

Roseship Tea (I think Music Café)

Princess Tiara(Tamamori)

Madeline: I call it Ravenclaw's Diadem.

You know the diadem was destroyed.And the final item is the Clapperboard from Tamadepa.

Madeline: That's all we have to say.



Question of the Day: How was Ravenclaw's Diadem destroyed? Madeline will give a treat to the person with the correct answer.

Madeline: Feel free to comment below!


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 12:46 PM ( #5 )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAMATALK!!! And 65 views! Yaaaaaaayyy.
Madeline: But no one commented.D:
Oh well. Would you care to share what you did today with Tamatalk?
Madeline: Today I woke up.
Fascinating! What else did you do?
Madeline: Well, I ate breakfast and got a job. At Tamamori, then Tamadepa.
Oh yeah, she's working there right now, but she's on her break and decided to call me.
Also, her house was absolutely filthy so I blew 3,000 gotchi points on cleaning supplies.
Madeline: At least my house is clean!
Madeline: I can't believe it's STILL raining.
Haha, it's nice and sunny out here~
Madeline: Shut up.
;w;. But since it is Tamatalk's birthday...
Madeline: I made the viewers a cake!
It's in the fridge, right?
Madeline: Yup.
Got it!
**gives humongous slice of cake to viewers.**
Madeline: It magically becomes whatever flavor you want it to be.
Chocolate. Yum.
Madeline: Whoops, break is over, so bye! **hangs up**
On that note I'm going to end this post. Feel free to comment below!
Hasta la pasta ~♡♡


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Posted 16 June 2014 - 12:34 PM ( #6 )

Madeline is getting married today, as she has all her Tamatomo stamps in order. We will be bringing you live coverage from Music Café to the Date Place.

Madeline: But before that, let me enjoy this cup of tea. *sips*

Alright, by the way there will be no pictures because I'm awesome I don't know how to do that stuff.

Now that Madeline is done with her tea (tamatomo one) we can get her dressed.

*time skip brought to you by flying mint bunny*

Madeline: Okay, what do you think?


Madeline: Are you going to record it?

Yes, I will.

Madeline: Well, come on, Rightchi said he would meet us in front.

You just randomly mentioned that.

Madeline: Yup. Now come ON!

*time skip brought to you by Gilbird*

Okay...we're in the date place, and Rightchi has just come out.

*basic conversation between the two that I'm too lazy to post lol*

Madeline: Well, the wedding is about to start!

**starts crying**

Now comes that scene. We wait back home while their on their honeymoon.


It's a boy!

Madeline: Tamalover, take care of him, okay?

You can be sure of that!

Madeline: Bye!

Bye Madeline!

August: I'm hungry! And where's my mom!?

*gives him rice and candy*

August: Yum~

Now we must take you to the arcade so you can loose weight.

*2 games later*

August: Who are you?

**slams head against wall* I'm Tamalover, the person who will take care of you until you get married.

August: Oh. And I'm hungry again!

*feeds* I'll take you to the arcade later.

I'll update later, but I'm going to get to know August a bit more

August: What's this?

Tamatalk. Now say bye.

August: Bye~


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Posted 19 June 2014 - 01:49 AM ( #7 )

Sorry we haven't posted recently!
August: We had a bunch of stuff to do. Like rant about pit bulls and be awesome.
I swear to drunk this guy is like, totally in tune with me.
August: Thanks.
Today, August evolved from a Cosmotchi into a Knightchi! If I spelled that correctly. We ate a bunch of rice
August: I hate rice.
Sorry dude, but we were in a super awesome game.
August: Meh. Anything for video games~
August: wat.
Anyways, we watched YouTube videos, including Go Go Tamagotchi episode 1.
August: And we got 2 of my Tamatomo items!
Yes, Knightchi takes after his mother Madeline and loves the Clapper board. As a reward for being awesome, we went to Tamamori and git him the Star Outfit.
August: I love that thing.
He loves it so much he got another Tamatomo puzzle piece!
August: Yup...now tomorrow, you said you would get me Hamburger Steak as a treat
I did say that, didn't I? We shall depart tomorrow. But now...we must log off.
August: Don't forget to comment below!
If you "send" us something via PM or comments, we'll be sure to use it!


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Posted 19 June 2014 - 04:31 PM ( #8 )


Hooray!! It's been raining in Dream Town for the past week. (Ever since I got the P's)

August: **enjoys outside air**

Today for breakfast we got his 3rd puzzle piece. the hamburger steak.

August: It was delicious!

And he almost ran away on me. D;

August: I had to get your attention somehow!

Luckily I convinced him to come back in, and here we are.

August: That's pretty much all we did today

Yeah...so boring.

August: That's because no one your age lives near you, and your friends who live kinda close to you went off to summer school.\

**sigh** yeah...and we decided to go on TamaCHAT at night and got stuck in the chat room while Tamatalk was offline.

August: At least you weren't alone.

Oh yeah, Doomer was in there too.

August: Then we fell asleep.


August: Sorry for the short post, but we really have nothing to do.

Yeah, plus it's time for my workout...

August: By "workout" you mean trying to do push ups and jumping all over the room while listening to Hetalia music?


August: Well don't forget to comment below...

And send us all the stuff!

August: Ciao~


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Posted 20 June 2014 - 02:36 PM ( #9 )

Luciano: Hi.

Luciano, shouldn't you say hi a bit more enthusiastically?

Luciano: I was born 5 minutes ago. What is there to be happy about.

Flavio: The fact that you were born! Life is a wonderful, happy thing.

Luciano: Shut up.

**facepalm** Today August got married to my ID L and they had twins. Flavio on the P's is the cheerful one, and Luciano on the ID L is...

Flavio: Mean? Grumpy? Acting like 2p Italy?

Luciano: **words have been edited out because if I put them here the mods would kill me**

Well I did name you after 2p!Italy and 2p!Romano.

Flavio: So naturally we act like them.

Luciano: Oh joy. I have a hyper ball of fluff for a brother.


Flavio: It's ok Tamalover~

**bangs head against wall**

Flavio: Hey, is she okay?

Luciano: Hopefully not.

I heard that. Anyways, I decided to log both my ID L and P's this time.

Luciano: What a honor.


Flavio: So what do you want us to become?

Hmm...I'm thinking Nandetchi for you, and for Luciano-

Luciano: Kuromametchi.

0_o Okay then...

Flavio: Is that all we have to say?

Yup, think so. Luciano, have anything to say?

Luciano: Nope.

Alright. Don't forget to comment below!

Flavio: And send us ALL the stuff!

Luciano: **multiple swear words have been cut out because I don't want Admin banning me**

Flavio: Ciao~


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Posted 21 June 2014 - 02:28 PM ( #10 )

Flavio: Hello everyone!
Welcome back to another log entry!
Luciano: Why do you guys always have to be so cheerful?
Flavio: Why do you always have to be so grumpy?
Luciano: Why you-
Flavio: He started it!
**sigh** Luciano, all I ask of you is that you log. Not kill your brother.
Luciano: Fine. Today I woke up, and Tamalover was still asleep, and she stayed asleep until 10 am. In the meantime Flavio and I got hungry and unhappy, and my weak fratello got sick.
Flavio: You got sick too!
Luciano: You got sick earlier.
Yeah, I woke up super late...
Luciano: Hmph.
Yesterday Luciano and Flavio connected, and Luciano gave his brother a skull!
Luciano: He gave me a skull too!
Flavio: I didn't like your gift so I jist gave it back!
Guys quit it! Anyways let's end the post.
Luciano: Finally.
Flavio: Don't forget to comment below!
And send us ALL the stuff!
Luciano: Ciao.


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Posted 07 July 2014 - 05:29 PM ( #11 )

Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time. There's a lot of things going on in my life right now. It's not all bad, there are actually a lot of positive things! However like I said before, I was extremely busy. From now on I'll try to post more often. I stopped running my ID L, but on my P's several generations have passed, and now I have a Rightchi named Hal. Say hi Hal.

Hal: Hello!

I actually woke up an hour ago so I unfortunately neglected Hal. It's a wonder the poor thing didn't run away.

Hal: To me it's a wonder how you can stay up until 3 am chatting with EMF and Doomer yet wake up at 7 in the morning, but go to sleep early for once and wake up at 12 in the afternoon.

I'm sorry, but I after HetaOni making me stay up for countless nights I needed to get some rest.

Hal: It's ok.

We actually don't have much to log, because as I said, I just woke up.

Hal: But I just went to the restaurant and it turns out it's Kiraratchi's birthday! So I wished her a happy birthday and we ate lunch together.

You better write her a card later.

Hal: I will!

Well that's all we have to say for now, and I'm sorry once again for not posting.

Hal: Don't forget to comment below!

And send us all the stuff!
Hal: Ciao~


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Posted 11 July 2014 - 03:15 AM ( #12 )

Thank you for 200 views!!

I again, haven't updated in a few days, and I'm really sorry. School is starting soon, and I have to sort out my life a bit. I'll try to update on a daily basis.

Hal got married a while back, and now we have a daughter, 'Iolani! She's a Yumemitchi and right now she's asleep. We got 2 of her happy symbols today and just hung around the house. I tried 5000000 times to make a P's review channel but kept failing. Hopefully tomorrow I will succeed.


My to-do list tomorrow:

-Get her 'Iolani's 3rd puzzle piece

-Successfully make a P's review video

-Clean the shell

-Hopefully get another tama running!

-take a few more tama pictures and upload to Instagram



Which tamagotchi should I run with my P's>?

-Tamagotchi v4.5

-Tamago(1 or 2?)

-Tamagotchi iD L


Comment below on which one I should run!


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Posted 11 July 2014 - 03:24 AM ( #13 )

Hey, I love your log! My suggestion would be ID L. :)


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Posted 11 July 2014 - 06:40 PM ( #14 )

Thank you AwesomeGotchi for commenting! I guess I'll start up my iD L next post.

 'Iolani: Another color yay!

Today we got her 3rd puzzle piece, that weird pudding thing at the Music Café. That's pretty much the only thing we accomplished today.

'iolani: It's boring being stuck in a egg.

But you get to see the world around you.

'Iolani: True. I got to see the floor up close when you almost dropped me.


'Iolani: But I did get to go outside and stuff.

And I think I'll keep you for a extra day.

'Iolani: I want to explore a bit more so that's fine with me.

I noticed my posts have been getting shorter, and I apologize. There's just not much to log about.

'Iolani: We'll try harder!

So next post I'll re-introduce my iD L, and maybe I can finally make a review video! But now we have to go

'Iolani: Don't forget to comment below

And send us all the stuff!

'Iolani: Aloha a hui hou


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Posted 11 July 2014 - 08:37 PM ( #15 )

I am still looking forward for more updates. Tamalover, I believe your log is awesome and it also help new tamagotchi owners and old tamagotchi owners. For old tamagotchi owners (they bought an new P's and looking for help) Hopefully you could help them if they ask questions, so everyone is happy. I really like Ichiro's log 

http://www.the13thge...-ps-guides.html and forgot what link but posted on tamatalk somewhere.

Ichiro's log (guide) helped me to navigate through my p's, it is very useful, everyone should go on that log now if they have a p's

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: COMMENTS OK, comments ok, tamagotchi log