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Posted 12 June 2014 - 01:12 AM ( #1 )

I want to buy from Yahoo Japan but I need to use a middleman / third party service or whatever you call it. So far it looks like Rinkya is the easiest to use and has the best offers but nonetheless, the fees are still high :/


It's $20 fee to buy something that costs over 1,000 yen.

Plus $15 JP seller fee. You don't have to pay the fee again if you buy another item from the same seller within 24 hours of the first.

And that doesn't include the shipping. So if I want to buy something that's $12 the fees would make it $47 excluding shipping!


I'm mainly after cheap merchandise anyway, and there's no $20 fee to buy something 1,000 yen or under. :D But the problem is $15 cursed fee for each tiny little thing I buy that'd normally be a few dollars because everything I want is from different selleerrrsss! It makes me so mad omigosh.


So my questions are:

- Does anyone know a cheaper middleman / third party service than Rinkya that is still reliable?

- Do you know of a seller on Yahoo Japan that sells lots of Tamagotchi stuff so that I don't have to pay $15 for each thing?


Thanks in advannnnce.






12 Jun 2014

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Posted 14 June 2014 - 06:36 PM ( #2 )

I use Jauce.com (Japan Auction Center)


There's plenty of sellers on there that sell Tamagotchis and other virtual pets. If you're lucky you can win items that are cheaper than $15. You just have to keep looking.


They do have service fees though. But you get a 24 hour discount for each won auction. Here's what the website FAQs say:

When you win an auction, the next auction you win within 24 hours of the first one will automatically qualify for a discount.
So as you continue with your auctions, the discount time will extend each time you win a new one.


1st auction  Today at 10:00PM  800yen + 8%  2nd auction  Tomorrow at 9:00PM (23 hours later)  400yen + 8%  3rd auction After tomorrow at 6:00PM (21 hours later)  400yen + 8%


Say you won your first auction today at 10:00PM.
If you win another auction (2nd auction) tomorrow at 9:00PM (23 hours later), the discount applies because you've already won an auction within 24 hours before.
And if you win another one (3rd auction) the day after tomorrow at 6:00PM (21 hours after the second auction), that auction will also qualify for a discount!

So as long as you keep winning auctions within 24 hours of each other, the discount time-frame window will keep on extending.

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