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Haydens Winter Log

comments ok tamagotchi log

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Posted 14 June 2014 - 08:33 PM ( #1 )


So, umm, I'm starting another log for like the 15th time or something, lol. I will try again, as usual to keep this log, for probably the whole of Winter, hopefully, because its Winter now here in Australia, yay :D So I'm running my ID L and TamaGo currently, but I'll log more about my ID L. My ID L is on its 10th generation, but my TamaGO is on my 2nd Generation. BTW the sizes of photos will be small, but sometimes giant, but I prefer them small than large because it doesn't spam the whole entire page XD Anyhow...


ID L- Memetchi



I currently have a Memetchi on my ID L,

which is a bad care character with over 6 care misses,

oops, but Memetchi is cute anyway



So we worked on Memetchi's Happy Symbols

First was the Paint, the Sunflower Cookie from the Cafe, and the Blue Dress

I had most of the items anyway, so I didn't lose much money XD



Just after that, she fell asleep, lel

So I'm just waiting for the last Happy Symbol

Then I'll marry her off, yay


TamaGo- Hoshitchi



Really bad lighting and whatever, but I have a Hoshitchi currently

So we went to the park and played with Kuromametchi

that sounded so wrong


Anyway, I'll update tomorrow or the day after or something when I have time

I still have school and all, but I'll probably stop my TamaGo soon

Anyway, until next time :D



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14 Jun 2014

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17 Jun 2014


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Posted 16 June 2014 - 12:31 AM ( #2 )

Wow, I'm actually posting, this is so amazing :o Anyway, I've had Memetchi on pause for a bit so her growth time and all has slowed down a bit XD. Same with Hoshitchi, she hasn't grown up either, so yeah, oops. The photos will still be tiny, because tiny is better than large so it doesn't take a year to load, OK, lets get on with them;


ID L- Memetchi



So, first in the morning I went to the park, yay

We met Mamametchi and sold her a carrot for 100 GP, overpriced much

Oh, yeah we also got a pet, I think its Doremitchi, or Sopuratchi


Yeah, the attention light was on because she wants attention, lel
She wanted to be dressed up, but we went to Moriritchis House to have a treat
The mystery treat was;
TOAST!!! Wow, so interesting lol
I would expect like a make-up or girly cupcake from Moriritchi, lelz
TamaGo- Hoshitchi
I put my Shimashimtchi figure on and we visited the shop :D
I never use figures that often for some reason
Anyway, we bought a fridge, yay
Yes, that is it for Hoshitchi, I give her so much attention, don't I? :P
That's it for now I guess. Oh, and my TamaGo died and I don't wanna waste my batteries on it, just in case my ID L runs out, so yeah, goodbye to Hoshitchi. I'll be back tomorrow and Memetchi will probably get her last Happy Symbol soon then I will marry her off XD. I still find it creepy how they can have babies when they're 3. OK, until next time :mellow:

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 12:15 AM ( #3 )

Yay, new update, so as I said, Hoshitchi died, and so did her batteries, so yeah :P So, here's Memetchi :D


ID L- Memetchi



So yeah, she got her last Happy Symbol

So I went to marry her off like straight away :P

Yes, Doremetchi came with her, who will disappear when she gets married, oops



So first was Paintotchi, then Mametchi and Kikitchi

Mametchi X Himespetchi, Kikitchi X Chamametchi

So ummm, plus it would be awkward marrying a best friend

So Paintotchi was the one, XD

Plus, Memetchi and Paintotchi's Happy Symbol items are the Paints Set :P



So the usual, smooching, then dating, proposal, then more dating

I love the animations a lot, its pretty cool actually :D



Then they had an egg, which I'm not telling you what gender until he is an adult, mwahaha, ok, he's a boy. So yeah, I won't be posting until he is an adult, or maybe a teenager, Anyway, cya you all later...



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