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Life in a Tamagotchi!

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Posted 15 June 2014 - 04:09 PM ( #1 )

Hi, everybody! This log is going to be a new start, so I will be writing in this size! (Inspiration from tinkeepie11's old log, "The life of a Tamagotchi"). Right now, I'm running my Japanese ID L, but my V2 will arrive in late June/Early July. I can't wait! NO COMMENTS! This is just a classic log...


OK, I've just started my ID L, because my last gen. died. :(

Now we wait...

ID L: Pink


It's a girl! The pink springy one (lol).

im hunge! feeed mie!


Nom Nom Nom!!! MMMM!

heh, delicious, huh? This post won't have any pics...


But hopefully the next post will!

OK, lets play games...

Ohh, im playin asz Mamtchi jumpin ovr thins! Nggg.... eeugghh... woo!

Gotta work on that spelling...

Oops... sorri. I'll get Rewwy good witgh my spellin sooon!

Of course you will. That's all for now!


Biy Biy!


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15 Jun 2014

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17 Jun 2014


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Posted 17 June 2014 - 04:30 AM ( #2 )

Hi, and welcome back to my log! Last night my Tamagotchi evolved into Rolutchi and since I left Mandi (I named her that now) on during school, she evolved into.. uh... this...


I got sick like, a million times today! I was beeping in class!

Well it's not like I could stop class and care for you!

Yeah, I guess :P 

Well, here's some photos. I took them on my 3DS XL so that's why they are fuzzy.


Here is Mandi playing with the makeup bag!

It was wonderful! Having all those happy items float around me!


Ah, I remember that time I got prince Mametchi... good times...

He's soo handsome! :wub:


Then we went to the park and met "The-pet-who's-eyes-completely-freaks-me-out".


I can't wait until my V2 arrives! In the meantime, I might run my V6 or something.

Too bad I won't be able to connect to them... ugh.

Don't worry, I might run a colour one day!


That's all for now!

Bye people who are reading this screen!


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