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Confused Poetry

poem sorta ok uh yeah rly

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Posted 25 June 2014 - 10:16 PM ( #1 )

Ehhh I wouldn't consider this a poem... more like a compilation of sentences that occasionally rhyme

ah I don't care, read if you want, it's probably dumb anyway so uh yeah


I am lost 

I'm confused

I don't know anymore

What has taken my mind away?

Why can't my imagination soar?

I've been pulled out of happiness

I've been braindead

My rainbow has dulled

Static fills my head

I have no inspiration or motivation

I've lost the desire to inspire

My beliefs are gone

My train of thought is gone

Is this depression?

Maybe suppression?

Will it go back to how it was?

Will the knives in my head dull down to fuzz?

What is this emotion possessing me?

Whatever it is...

It's not happiness

It's not friendship

It's not how it used to be

This is not me

It's blank

It's strange

It's dull

And I'm confused



... Basically describing my life at the moment. Idk... I feel so dull lately, and mostly confused. I think it's the time in life I've realized what's so wrong with me, but I can't fix any of it. I feel like a jerk that can't do anything right or something ...And by posting this I feel like a self-centered attention-seeker... -_- Whatevs, I'll probably get over it soon, so no worries (maybe one of you had felt this way as well?)

Just think of this as another somewhat-deep-but-not-really poem yeeey :D

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25 Jun 2014