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~My Life with Tamagotchis story~

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Posted 15 October 2005 - 07:00 AM ( #21 )

My story...................

I was about 4 when my cousin Britney got a tama and showed it to me. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I asked my mom for one and a few weeks later, she got me a rip-off VP not knowing the difference(neither did I! :wacko: ). I played with it for years, but I was only 4 and got tired of it beeping, so I was stupid and threw it on the floor! Luckily, it didn't break. a while later on Halloween, my mom dropped it by mistake, and it broke. :hitodetchi: Years went by, and I eventually got over losing my pet. When I was 11 there was a Ad on TV about the connections and I asked for one and got it on Christmas!!! :wacko: Here I am now, 13 yrs. old and a super Tama guy! :gozarutchi:


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Posted 15 October 2005 - 10:24 AM ( #22 )

You can find those in thrift stores for 20 cents! :o

Really? What is a thrift store?



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Posted 19 October 2005 - 06:40 PM ( #23 )

My friend got a tama like a week after tama connections came out and eventually she got sick of it so she gave it to me I loved it. After a while she said she wante'd to borrow it and she never gave it back, I was heart brocken ;) . So my parrents thought that was pretty mean of her, so they got me this really nice realy cool tama :D and the girl that gave me her tama and took it back, stole it from me :blink: , I saw it in her hands and she still denied it :blink: . So then I got another one and absolutly adored it :D .


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Posted 19 October 2005 - 07:30 PM ( #24 )

I saw my friend, tama_angel_lover, at school with her tama that her friend gave her. It was purple with sticker. She said that she'd like me to get one too, so I did. It was so fun! :P The first week or so, all I wanted to do was connect. :blink: That was before v2 came out. Tama_angel_lover and I both got the exact same type the exact same day :D . All we did was connect, earn gotchi points, and buy stuff. But then t.m.l saw an angelgotchi :blink: on ebay. She got it a couple weeks later. Now she has it and loves it. ;) Now I'm waiting for this weekend to get my morino on ebay! It'll be so cool!! I can't wait! :D :P :P :D :D


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Posted 22 October 2005 - 02:08 PM ( #25 )

Really? What is a thrift store?


It's a place where you can buy used items. :o