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Posted 25 May 2015 - 08:56 PM ( #18 )



Blake turned 5 today, which, from memory, is unusually old for a teenager. Anyway, before school we played with some items such as the Cuckoo Clock which we got from the secret shop codes. Another cool note is that on the hour, the cuckoo makes a small beep for the amount of hours (eg. 1:00 = 1 beep). 


IMAG0285.jpg  IMAG0286.jpg


Then, while I was at school, Blake evolved! A Tsunotchi, which I was really happy about. Even though he is a bad care character (which kind of shocked me, as I took pretty good care of him) I still love him and remember him being one of the first Tamagotchi adults I ever had. Immediately I brought out all the items I had purchased at his earlier stages. Firstly, we played with the royal costume...




...and some darts


aa.jpg  cc.jpg


...and the TV.






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Posted 27 November 2016 - 04:07 AM ( #19 )



Its been awhile.


Last time I was updating this log, I had a lot of free time and ability to care for my tamagotchi's. Now however, I'm probably the busiest I've been in my whole life. So re-starting this log has got to be one of the stupidest ideas yet. 


I have been lazily looking around both Tamatalk and TamaZone recently, and have thought about starting up a 'gotchi again. The old feeling that comes and goes, but never completely disappears. I understand that if I do start this log up again, that I would have to take one day at a time, and balance out all of the things I have to do at the moment. Its going to be difficult. I have a huge test coming up a week from today, which I am in no way ready for. However, Tamagotchi may provide a sort of companion and stress reliever. Which is what tamagotchi's have always provided for me.  


When I do completely restart the log, updates would contain events of each day but not all at once. For example, one post might have 3 days worth of updates on my tamagotchi's growth. I hope that schedule will suit best for my agenda anyway. 


So today, I pulled out all of the Tamagotchi's I currently have in my possession.



Yep, right now I only have these three, a devilgotchi, an EnTama, and a 4U. All of which happen to be Japanese releases. All my other tamagotchi's are in another country and I won't be getting them until next year.  :P


This Devilgotchi I was most leaning towards running, but am not too sure how keen I am on the simplicity of it. However, I haven't given It a proper run yet and am slightly curious.


The other Tama I am leaning towards running is the Entama. I've run it a few times and loved it. Animations as well were fantastic. That version also feature the robot butler, which would allow me to have my tamagotchi cared for whilst at school etc. Lastly I probably wont be running my 4U. I've gotten nearly all the characters on it and have been looking forward to running an original black 'n white release for a change. 


If anyone has any suggestions on what to run, you are most welcome to comment. Otherwise, I'll be back in a day or so with an update on what the log will be featuring in the future. Thanks for reading. 




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Posted 27 November 2016 - 11:13 AM ( #20 )

Hi. I might be a biased vintage lover but I'd really love to see you run the devil! They are too expensive for me to get one so it would be cool to see. Good luck with balancing Tamagotchi and life! It's not too hard :)
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Posted 29 November 2016 - 06:45 AM ( #21 )

Thanks Psychotama, I decided to start up the devilgotchi. I myself know little about it so I guess it'll be a first for both of us.  :D
Today I took my devilgotchi out of its packaging and pulled the tab. The shell itself is in mint condition and still has slight glare. There are no visible scratches either. I found the colours to be perfect also, the white and purple go so well together. When I was opening the packaging also, a pamphlet popped out which turned out to be the instruction manual. It is written in somewhat basic Japanese which I can understand most of. 
 After pulling the tab, I was greeted by a black devil which I assume is the 'egg' stage? Anyway, this thing hung around for about 1 minute, pretty much confirming my suspicions. I wonder if this is similar to the angel version, where you have an angel bobbing around instead of an egg?
After this, he turned into a Deviltchi. I looked up some growth charts, and it seems that nobody has a complete understanding of the growth process. However, i'll be aiming for Futago-Debiru. Which basically looks like a combination of the V3 babies, with devil wings. 
I like the fact that the growth process is still not completely understood. It gives a little randomness to the evolutions and makes it a little more 'real'. I quickly scrolled through the menus and fed him up. I also fed him some chocolate to cure his unhappiness. Shortly afterwards, my new companion fell asleep. It probably wasn't best to start him up at 9 in the evening anyways... :P
So, I'm off to read some logs on the Devilgotchi and to see what else I can learn about this little guy. I'll see you in the next update, thanks for reading.

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Posted 30 November 2016 - 10:31 AM ( #22 )

Those are a great three to have with you! Excited to follow your log as it goes on :)

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Posted Yesterday, 07:20 AM ( #23 )



Thanks Pauly! It worked out well didn't it? One vintage, one normal, and one modern release.




I got the chance to read up a little more on the Devilgotchi. I researched both group hatches and logs, mainly finding out about the very long life span. I believe it was multiple days between each stage and nearly a week before getting a special character. So, I'll have plenty of time to get used to this little guy then.


One of the first events I had with Deviltchi today was his attention call. The screen flashes black, whilst the attention light turns on. I also want to note how loud the sound is, making it almost impossible to miss a call.


IMG_20161130_133604.jpg IMG_20161130_133604_1.jpg


Later that day, I saw a poo on the screen. The cycle must be different from more modern releases because he only went twice from memory. 


IMG_20161130_133520.jpg IMG_20161130_133535.jpg


By the end of the day, I managed to get his DP meter (kind of like a fluctuating training bar) down to 50. This was also achieved by choosing the 'handshake' icon when he calls. This happens every few hours.







Today was the first day of December, and my devilgotchi spent the morning at home with a wound back clock whilst I was at school. He seems to be aging normally so I hope tampering with the clock doesn't stunt his growth. 




I spent the afternoon answering his calls.This allowed me to bring his DP all the way down to 15, which I was quite proud of.




Something I learnt the hard way on the first night however, is that every so often whilst sleeping, the tamagotchi beeps to life and bats fly across the screen. I had never heard of anything like this before with a tamagotchi so it amazed and annoyed me at the same time. He is now sleeping with his sound off.  :D


Thanks for reading, 'till next time.

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