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Shibatchi's Tamagotchi Logs~

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Posted 12 July 2014 - 05:15 AM ( #1 )

I'm relatively new to the new gotchis as the last time I was using one regularly was the first versions when I was in Primary school!
I still have my old original one and some other ones that I had when I was younger, as well as Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. and a new Coffret P's that I'm still learning how to use!  My log will probably be less traditional than the other logs I've seen here, and it a bit more for my own records so I know what characters I got and when ^_^
Currently I am running my P's with the Dream Corrfet pierce.  To date I've had the following characters, all from the same lineage:
Pinkubotchi > Puchihanabotchi > Nokobotchi > Pekopekotchi HbtVWZP.png (I accidentally married her when she was just 4 LOL I thought she was just dating, then all of a sudden my pretty character was gone!!!!!!) 
Aokumotchi > Mitsumarutchi > Cosmotchi > Karakutchi 0pH5R53.png (married at 12 years)
Aokumotchi > Turtletchi > Maimaitchi > Monakatchi CecYgDD.gif (married at 6 years....sorry I just don't like him much ^^' )
Aokumotchi > Turtletchi > Maimaitchi > Kuchipatchi Cecdzt6.png (married at 14 years, I liked having him around because I had him a lot as a kid)
Pinkubotchi > Terubotchi
So Terubotchi is my current character, I will try to log her daily activities a bit more as I go :)  Maybe summarise a few events every couple of days.
I will delve a little into my other characters later on but for now the P's will keep me busy enough :)
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12 Jul 2014

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16 Jul 2014


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 07:40 AM ( #2 )

Terubotchi has grown into Nokobotchi!


I like Nokobotchi because the design is cute, but I'd like to get Neotchi and worked hard to get her on the right path! >_< Alas it didn't work this time but then I got Kiraritchi who is just adorable!!




I think I am getting the hang of good care again, however I'm still hopng I can take the route from Nokobotchi next time....




I made my first outfit and accessories purchases as well!  She even took off her cute hat xD

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